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Upright men
For the memory and the dignity of the victims of crimes against humanity and genocide
in the 20th commemoration of the genocide of Rwandan Tutsis, April 2014

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Dear Friends

The Upright Men were present in numerous commemorative ceremonies of the 20th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide across the world. The Collective for Upright Men and Bruce Clarke  gave presence to the victims whilst symbolizing the dignity of human beings faced with the deshumanisation of genocide.

The evening of April 7, 2014

The cities of Ouidah, Lille, Montreal, Luxemburg and Lausanne simultaneously projected Upright Men on symbolic buildings for the memory and dignity of the genocide victims. They were fleeting, solemn moments when the music of Mitch Gasser, Bruce Clarke's images and the artistic light of Sebastien Baudet was brought to the hundreds of people in the different audiences. A sublime moment of contemplation and solemnity, emotion and of life. Signs of shared humanity.

Lausanne cathedral, from March 5 to April 30



15 exhibitions

Citizens in the towns of Brussels, Bègles, Genoa, Geneva, Lausanne, Lille, Limoges, Liège, Luxembourg, Kigali, Mons, Ivry sur Seine, Montreal, Ouidah, Paris and Rome, discovered the majestic reproductions of Bruce Clarke's paintings. And the message will continue to travel. In September, São Paolo will host the Upright Men.

This project created a bridge of solidarity between the views and the survivors. The images of these men, women, and children became and will remain symbols of dignity, of the fight against large scale crimes and the power of resilience of individuals and groups.

Below, the exhibition at  Kigali Library Services, Rwanda : Upright men 8 metres tall on the outside of the building as well as an exhibition in the inside.



Rwanda Library Services

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The official ceremony for the commemoration in France organised by the Rwandan Embassy the 7th April 2014 with IBUKA took place at UNESCO with the Upright Men.

photo below © F. Goudier.



CCR Neumünster

A light projection took place on the 7th April 2014 at the Neumünster Abbey, Luxemburg and was followed from May 20th by an exhibition of the oringinal art work and large scale reproductions.

The outside exhibition below is lit up for the 100 days of mourning.

Geneva, Switzerland


Place des Nations

On 7th April 2014 a silent march took place in front of the Upright Men, exhibited on the Place des Nations for 2 months.

Ivry Sur Seine, France


Carte Blanche to Gaël Faye

The town of Ivry sur Seine hosted a concert on April 11  2014, co-organized by
Appui Rwanda, the Collective for Upright Men and IBUKA. The town of Ivry hung 14 Upright Men along its main avenue during April.



Grand Place, Brussels

Thanks to the untiring support of the Groupov, theatre, Upright Men were present in Brussels, Liege, Mons, St Gilles in Belgium.


Paris, Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. April 27, 2014.

VAN Collective  (Armenian Vigilance against genocide denial) put the 20th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide at the centre of its open air exhibition.



Projection à Ouidah

On 7th April 2014, the  Zinsou Foundation organised a light projection of the Upright Men in memory of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. "Silence fell, and then an enchanting music took hold and the procession of men, women, and children began on the wall. Fragile silhouettes, but symbols too of life, of struggle and resistance [...]  We felt that something was happening, not quite definable, nor really perceptible, but fully present… An angel passed by. No, an upright man... "




In Lille, homage was paid to the victims of the genocide on the evening of the 7th April with a light and sound performance on the Beaux-Arts building. And then for 100 days an outside exhibition of giant canvases was hung on the Jean-Baptiste Lebas public park, and will be present until mid-July at the entrance to the Saint-Sauveur railway station.


The Foundation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris
(with the Cedrate)

Limoges University
(Law Department)
hosted exhibitions and commemorative ceremonies in March and April 2014.



And of course we don't forget our Canadian friends who took the initiative of organising a light and sound performance of the Upright Men in a cinema in sync with the other worldwide projections.


And it's not finished....

The Upright Men will be visible at the Museu Afro-Brasil in São Paolo, Brazil between September 2014 and January 2015 and at the Fête de l'Humanité near Paris in Septembre 2014, as well as in Choisy le Roi.

A huge Thank You to all for your support and your interest.

Thanks to Gaël Faye, Sonia Rolland and Lilian Thuram;
Thanks to Ibuka Memory and Justice in Switzerland, France and Belgium;
Thanks to the CNLG and to the Ministry of Culture and Sports in Rwanda;
Thanks to Rwandan embassies in France, Belgium and Switzerland;
Thanks to the Groupov and to the cities of  Brussels, Liège et Mons in Belgium;
Thanks to the Zinsou Foundation and to the UNESCO Slave Route program;
Thanks to Kigali Library Services and their staff, Rwanda ;
Thanks to the CCRN at Neumünster Abbey, Luxemburg;
Thanks to the town of Ivry sur Seine and to
Appui Rwanda;
Thanks to Krysalide Diffusion, to the city of Lille, to the Communauté des Rwandais du Nord Pas de Calais and to the Rwandan Community in France, to the association of Rwandan students at Lille University and to the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille ;
Thanks to Noël Mamère, to the town of Bègles and to the association Cauri and Adélaïde;
Thanks to the Collectif VAN ;
Thanks to the association RWA ;
Thanks to Lausanne Cathedral, to the State of Geneva, the Bureau of Solidarity in Geneva, and to the towns of Lausanne, Geneva, Confignon, Onex and Coppet;
Thanks to Esther Mujawao, Souad Belhaddad and Marine Pédeboscq;
Thanks to the festival Cinemas of Afrique, to the Sociocultural Centre, Pôle Sud in Lausanne ;
Thanks to the FIFDH in Geneva;
Thanks to the Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Cedrate, Resymbolisation clinics in Paris;
Thanks to Coopération Education Culture (CEC), Belgium ;
Thanks to Centre Communautaire Laïc Juif David Susskind, Belgium;
Thanks to Territoires de la mémoire, Belgium
Thanks to the association Bene Rwanda in Italy;
Thanks to Myriam and Sandra, the Rwandan diaspora in Montreal, and CARY.
Thanks to the Law Department University of Limoges.
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