Splitting America Redux:
Implications for Keeping our Kids Safe


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In 2012, just before the presidential election, my colleague Bill Eddy and I published a book titled, “Splitting America: How Politicians, Super PACs and the News Media Mirror High Conflict Divorce.” In that book, we drew parallels between the polarizations in politics that were rampant prior to and throughout that election cycle, and high conflict divorce. We presciently predicted. ...Continue Reading
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Splitting America:

How Politicians, Super PACs and the News Media
Mirror High Conflict Divorce.

America is divided

Maybe even more now than when the book was originally published.
Splitting America is a warning to voters and politicians that the current polarization risks long-term harm to our nation. 
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"Terrific book that explains modern, high-conflict political misbehavior.

Eddy and Saposnek explain modern politics with their polarizing or "splitting" behavior from the background as mediators in divorce and child custody. As anyone knows, these are the ultimate in high-conflict, and major parallels can be drawn in the political arena with narcissistic politicians and a news media that thrives and profits off of conflict."
"I just finished your book "It's All Your Fault!" and found it an enthralling read. While winding through the pages, I couldn't help reflecting on my own recent experience with an HCP as well as thinking about how applicable your book is to our current political climate. After finishing your book, I went to your organization's website and saw your book "Splitting America". I will make that my next read. ...Thank you again for such an eye-opening (and emotionally liberating) book!" 
"Calling for a Return to Civility:  ...War-like language permeates every aspect of our lives and raises the anxiety level of the whole populace. It is no wonder that there are more handguns in the US than there are people! ....While one can justifiably point a finger at the other side, irrespective of one's politics, that's not going to help turn the situation around. What will help is discernment. ...The authors offer some suggestions on how to re-frame the debate using EAR - statements that reflect Empathy, Attention and Respect - and BIFF - responses that are Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm. They call on politicians and media to return to self-imposed limits on high conflict rhetoric, and for a return of campaign disclosure laws."
"I heard Megan Hunter, CEO, speak a few years back and it was powerful information that helped me transform my life by transforming my relationships. Understanding high conflict people is critical to a happy life! The resources the HCI offers are valuable and my favorite books are It's All Your Fault by Bill Eddy and Dating Radar by Megan Hunter."
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Bill Eddy adds his touch to a recent Press-Enterprise article that takes a look at how our political beliefs are shaping our dating choices. "Many singles with strong feelings on politics are up front about it on their online profiles," says author, Jeff Horseman, "There are even dating sites catering to Trump supporters or haters."  ...Continue Reading.

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High conflict personalities create chaos, target you, disrupt family and worse. Bill Eddy explains narcissists, sociopaths and other HCP’s to help you navigate your relationships.

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