On october 24th, you're invited to:
PostgreSQL Graphic Tools Developer Meeting, right before PostgreSQL Conference Europe, in Warsaw, Poland.

Dear PostgreSQL community members and advocates,

We're sending you this message because we have identified you as a developer of a PostgreSQL GUI tool or as a key member of the PostgreSQL community in this domain. We'd like to invite you to a meeting in Warsaw, Poland this autumn to discuss the following subject:

How can we improve the PostgreSQL users experience?
The idea here, is to get some of the most qualified members of our community together, and figure out different ways we could produce better graphic tools for PostgreSQL and how to implement these improvements.

As you may know, there are numerous graphic tools inside the PostgreSQL community. While we believe that diversity is a key point in this area, we also feel the need for more interoperability between the tools provided by the community.

What if pgAdmin could load and display a pgBadger report?
What if pgWatch and pgHero authors could share their experience?
What if several monitoring tools could collect data from the same remote agent?
What if pgweb could interact with different backup tools like barman or pgbackrest?

This is a complex subject and to address it we need to gather developers from different tools, companies and countries at the same place during one day and PG Conference Europe 2017 in Warsaw is a great place for that ! If you're interested by this proposal, please fill the register form below:
Please fill this form to register:

If you think this invitation should be addressed ​to someone else in your project or your company, let us know and we will contact this person and remove you from this mailing list.

The meeting is planed as follows:
we will start the day with a quick presentation of each project, to explain the purpose of your tool(s), the problems you face, your roadmap and the topics you'd like to work on.

The rest of the day would be organized has workshops in small groups around subjects like:

Charting Librairies
Relations with the PostgreSQL core developpers
Interaction Design and UX/UI
Cloud and SAAS

The room and lunch breaks are sponsored by PostgreSQL Europe. This meeting is completely free but by invitation only. If you think we should invite someone who's not on the list, please let us know!

This meeting is scheduled right before PostgreSQL Europe Conference on October 24th 2017 in Warsaw. More about the event here:
As a reminder the CFP for PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2017 is also open:

We hope this meeting will benefit all PostgreSQL Graphic Tools and have an impact on the PostgreSQL user experience! Please don't forget to register for the meeting:

See you in Warsaw!

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us:

The PostgreSQL Graphic Tools Developer Meeting organizers

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