Big plans for 2016
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Happy 2016!

New Year's Resolution:
Send out an issue of Nicki's News EVERY month!
Sorry for my long absence from your inbox. I got sorta swept away in a rewrite of my first novel, Three Daves (more on that further down). That revised manuscript has been sent off to my publisher and I've sent a polished manuscript of my new novel to the copy editor, so I feel like I can breathe a little and get back to paying attention to other aspects of my witing life.

Liiiiike - designing a fresh new website! The image above is just a teaser. Click on it to visit the new & improved I was able to update the site in just a few hours using a pre-made Wordpress theme and Microsoft Publisher. Man, I love technology. (Please do remind me I said this next time you see me shouting at my phone.) 
Thank you, Focus Group

I appreciate all the feedback you sent regarding the potential cover images I forwarded in September. Your input was very helpful. I've sent notes to my cover designer who's currently putting together some options for me. I hope to have something fun to share with you next month.

One thing I can share with you now is that I've made a final decision on title. When It Hooks You will be the title of Book One in *dun* *dun* *dun* *duuuun* The It Series.  Book Two will be titled When It Holds You, and whenever I get the rights back to Vibrizzio, it'll be renamed When It Hits You. 
So, yeah, about Three Daves...

Last summer, I approached my publisher with the idea of giving Three Daves another hard edit and splitting it into three novellas, one for each Dave. I was sincerely shocked---in a good way---when they said yes. It's nice to know they think the story is worthy of the additional effort.

My request was initially made because #1 - I wanted a new cover more consistent with the current New Adult (i.e. college age) romance market, and #2 - I'm curious to try out the idea of shorter, bite-sized novellas, and this story split very easily into 3 parts.  Plus there was this---every time I pulled out an excerpt from Three Daves for promotional purposes, I ended up tweaking it before sharing. So, if the outside of the book was getting a makeover, I wanted the inside to get one, too.

Oh, boy, did I have fun slicing and dicing the Daves. The writing’s been purged of unnecessary verbiage and passive phrasing. Scenes have been reworked to “show” more and “tell” less. The narrative is less judgmental. It's the same story, but told in a more engaging, active way. 

And then there's the minor detail of changing decades...

I’ve always said Three Daves could be told in any modern era. For me, the 80s are an appealing hook, but I’ve learned that’s not so for many readers of the New Adult romance genre. Since the 80s thing was only ever a lark and not important to the story, I became curious to see what Three Daves would look like in a current setting. It was shocking how simple it was to time-travel Jen and all her Daves to the new millennium. But don’t worry, fellow 80s lovers—that most awesome of eras still gets a nod through David’s retro playlists.

Some of you will also notice the psalms have been removed from the end of each chapter. Adding them in the original version was a personal exercise for me, and I can see now that it should’ve stayed that way. Including them in the book led some to expect a Christian fiction, which this story is most definitely not. It's true that God's Word is for sinners and that He belongs everywhere, but He can be there in not-so-blatant ways, perhaps even more effectively in this case.

Now I await word from the publisher on a re-release date. I honestly have no idea when that will be; it all depends on the rest of their publishing schedule. I'm hoping it happens in 2016. You can be sure I'll keep you posted. 
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