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Short and sweet, we’re in trouble. Something needs to be done. This Sunday, 21 September, the largest climate mobilisation in history will see millions marching and meeting to draw attention to this crisis and encourage world leaders meeting at the Climate Summit in New York next week to be brave and bold. The planet deserves nothing less. It is a meeting beyond us earth keepers - the wake up is calling everyone to do something now. Hope to see you all there!

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Elma and the team


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Activists promise biggest climate march in history


Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of major cities in the world this Sunday, 21 September, to pressure world leaders to take action on global warming.


Food forests could bring healthy organic food to everyone


Unlike much of the modern industrial agricultural system, which relies heavily of inputs such as fossil fuels and artificial herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, a food forest once established is self-regulating and highly abundant in yield.

Tyre recycling sets off on road to environmental sustainability


A five-year initiative to create a sustainable industry to recycle millions of scrapped tyres every year, is making progress and attracting international interest.

Groups seek glyphosate limits to protect butterflies


Monarch butterflies are declining in number due to herbicide spraying related to biotech crops, according to environmental groups in the US.

Liberal Democrats seek to ban ‘unabated’ coal power


Electricity generated from coal in old power plants without carbon capture in the US would be banned in a proposal that will form the centrepiece of the Liberal Democrats’ commitment on the environment in its general election manifesto.

Dark day for democracy but petition signed by laureates


The Mandela, De Klerk, Tutu and Luthuli foundations will be writing to President Zuma appealing to him to intervene in order for the Dalai Lama to get a visa to attend the World Peace Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates next month.

The unforgettable cry of a wounded rhino


We must ask: why is the relentless massacre of our rhino being allowed to increase?

Police pitching in to prevent rhino poaching


Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu told Parliament a dedicated special investigation unit under the command of the SA Police Service’s Detective Services is now concentrating on rhino poaching.

Irreversible damage seen from climate change in UN Leak


Humans risk causing irreversible and widespread damage to the planet unless there’s faster action to limit the fossil fuel emissions blamed for climate change, according to a leaked draft United Nations report.

India ozone pollution kills enough crops to feed millions


Millions of tons of India’s major crops get damaged yearly due to air pollution – leaving a third of the country’s impoverished people short on nutrition, a joint US-India study reveals.

Image series shows ozone hole development since 1979


The stratospheric ozone layer protects life on Earth by absorbing ultraviolet light, which damages DNA in plants and animals (including humans) and leads to skin cancer.

Dutch grant helps combat rhino poaching


Will the complementary medicines which practitioners currently use for their patients continue to be available after the new government regulations have become law? This is an issue which many are wrestling with, as we are all likely to be affected.

3 Litres of burned oil for one printer cartridge


Did you know that the manufacturing process involved in producing new printer cartridges requires the burning of fossil fuel, specifically oil or natural gas?

Four easy ways to preserve herbs


Farmers’ markets and gardens are bursting with tasty fresh herbs this time of the year, so it is a perfect time not only to enjoy them fresh but also to try preserving them for use.

Rocking The Daisies 2014 is almost upon us


South Africa's premier eco-friendly music festival, Rocking the Daisies is two weeks away and we’re sure you’re chomping at the bit for a four-day weekend full of good vibes, good people and even better music!

New partnership to encourage Southern Cape recycling


The Eden district is on board for serious recycling and waste minimisation, setting a cool example of the way forward for the Southern Cape area.

Join Clean-Up and Recycle Week SA this month


September is traditionally the month in which South Africans from all walks of life are encouraged to “spring clean” the environment in celebration of the arrival of spring.

ICLEI at the Climate Summit 2014


The UN Climate Summit this month marks another important milestone in ICLEI's journey, which begun in 2007 in Bali. ICLEI will feed its rich experience, expertise and vision to the success of the Summit.

Wired for waste at WasteCon 2014


Are South African businesses and municipalities ready to make sustainable waste management decisions?
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