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December 2018

Dear <<First Name>>

Thank you for bearing with the changes we’ve made at the Green Times this year. Take note that our newsfeed now only contains original content focusing mostly, but not exclusively, on the work of the non-profit sector in South Africa. For that is where our shared values are carried and where the real work is happening.

We celebrate the hard-working and devoted sailors who roll up their sleeves and help change the course of this ship. And those who no longer talk about the problems, but integrate their awareness into every aspect of their lives. Questioning the status quo every step of the way – mobilizing change. Especially how you work, shop, consume, move and holiday.

World news is still shared via our Facebook page, which contains heaps of very important stories.

What happened at COP24? It seems at Katowice, Poland the new Rules for the implementation of the Paris Agreement were finally agreed upon. This is an impressive 133 pages Rule Book. These will now define exactly what every country must do and will hold them accountable to action also. It will surely go down as the most ambitious global deal ever.

Despite the recent report compiled by 6000 scientists from across the world, that proves that at the current national pledges the world will heat by 3-4 degrees, COP24 failed to agree on faster emission cuts. Despite the Report also warning that even 0.5 degree warming would cause widespread havoc across the planet.

Obviously the already severely impacted and other vulnerable nations were not happy. Read more here.

If you are a business owner find some inspiration also on how big leaders are changing.

If, despite all of this, you are still tempted to deepen your footprint and amass more stuff due to Christmas, please check out The Story of Stuff and understand the cost to the Earth – and yourself. Going forward this should be embedded knowledge for all ‘modern’ humans on this planet. Take in the whole series and show the kids.

Thank you to Mother Earth for tolerating us slow-learning inhabitants for another year – for her patience and her grace.

Thank you for spreading the knowledge – only together can we do this.

Warm greetings

The Green Times team

Goodbye and thank you 2018

Personally, socially, environmentally, globally humanity is being put to the test – necessitating urgent change. This is our chance to discover the gift in the crisis. Perhaps this is what evolution and mastery is all about?

Now your yoghurt cups will be recycled too

There is pressure on all polystyrene producers to ensure their polymers remain in a resource loop and are recycled into new functional products.

Diverting organic waste from landfills to produce green energy

The improper disposal of waste is one of the fastest growing risks to our planet and way of life. Rotting food leads to increases in methane gasses as the food decomposes in landfills. To address this, the City of Cape Town plans to start banning wet waste from its landfills from 2022.

School receives solar power unit thanks to Khayelitsha ‘eco warriors’

The 3.96kWp solar system will save the school thousands on its annual electricity bill. It will also help the school cut back 5 tons on its yearly carbon emissions.

Pretoria sweeps clean in record-breaking school recycling programme

Pretoria claimed top spot at the Coca-Cola Beverages SA Schools Recycling Awards on Thursday, with schools from the capital city winning the coveted prize in both the high school and primary school categories.

Christmas windows: from waste to wow

A local empowerment project hopes to raise awareness of the importance of re-using, re-purposing and recycling plastics.

PET recycling champions lauded for inspirational efforts

Job creation, innovation and poverty alleviation are just some of the major achievements by several recycling initiatives that are currently taking place in South Africa – these initiatives are making a tangible difference at grassroots level in communities.
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