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  • What is the best way to do low cost drought adaptation in your home?
  • What bird is providing the best example for generating efficient wind energy?
  • Who is the most vulnerable in the face of drought, floods and rising ocean levels?
  • Why are hot nights dangerous to human health?
  • What is the best plant to offset your home’s carbon footprint with?
  • What is the main cause of the fires in the Western Cape?

Drought adaptation DIY style: steps to save water

January was not for chickens in the Cape – extreme drought and fires saw the gardens shrivel up and die.

Eco-friendly wind turbine flaps it’s giant wings like a bird

A Tunisian startup has pulled inspiration from hummingbird wings for an energy-efficient new wind turbine design.

Coming together for water crisis awareness and solutions

Water is essential to sustaining all forms of life on Earth. Yet, driven most critically by climate change, access to clean water is becoming increasingly problematic.

Kabega Primary wins clean-up and recycling competition

Kabega Primary School in Port Elizabeth has once again proven their mettle as a group of learners committed to sustainability and cleaning up their environment.

Keeping cool during those hot and sweaty nights

One of the worst aspects of summer heat is when there is no respite during the night. This is also when high temperatures can become dangerous to the young and elderly – as they battle to sleep and then succumb to exhaustion.

Plastics industry supporting young recycling entrepreneurs

The National Recycling Forum (NRF) focus their efforts on supporting young recycling entrepreneurs with their growing businesses. One such company is Songimvelo led by Irvin Khumalo and Hugo Ngcobo.

Offsetting SA carbon emissions with indigenous spekboom

Portulacaria afra is a South African succulent that is widespread across the country, growing in most gardens and urban areas.

Local musicians work together to create environmental awareness

The preservation of the environment is a matter which Jean Marais, a Stellenbosch-based musician, has held dear since an early age.

Global plastics industry combats marine litter

Seven new signatories were added to The Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for Solutions on Marine Litter, also informally known as the “Joint Declaration” in 2016.

More fires expected in Western Cape as drought worsens

The Western Cape can expect more wildfires, while drought conditions are set to worsen as the province feels the impact of climate change.

Significant dates of the year for the earth

For many of us our environmental passion emanates from a deep reverence for Creation, based on our faith or spiritual conviction. Hence we are happy to support our fellow green tribe at the South African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute.

Palm oil plantations wreaking havoc on Africa’s forests

Its lower cost has made it popular in commercial food production, but after being blamed for deforestation in Asia, palm oil plantations are now getting a similar rap in Africa.

Response to climate change critical as risk of disease outbreaks grows

Climate change threatens to significantly increase the health risk of people living in the East African Highlands. In addition, droughts have intensified.

‘Unprecedented’ polar melting unfolds amid climate change denial

There was a moment in early January when it was colder in Seattle (27F) than it was on the North Slope of Alaska in the Arctic town of Barrow (30F).

Today all Dutch trains are powered 100% by wind energy

Travelling by train has been the most environmentally friendly way of transportation for a long time already. In the Netherlands they have now taken it to the next level using wind turbines to power all of its electric trains.

Lack of invasive plant management compounds Somerset West fires

“Landowners who have not managed invasive alien plants on their properties must be held accountable for that impact on the fires that have ravaged areas around Somerset West.”

Nuclear energy becoming a dirty word in SA

The nuclear reactors are still a plan on paper. But already the noxious debate over their future has made nuclear energy a dirty word in South Africa.

In 2017, disruptive forces will shape climate action

In 2016, exciting new developments unleashed a visionary sense of where renewables can take us, with solar breaking new ground.

Northern Cape municipality may soon run out of water

Residents of the Northern Cape’s Hantam Municipality may soon have no water, after the municipal dam ran dry recently.

Solar power helps raise income levels in Kenya

Solar powered lights are changing the way people do business in Kenya.
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