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Over the past week there have been many exciting and rewarding new discoveries, like the replanting of Jan van Riebeeck's food gardens, known as the Company's Gardens, in Cape Town. Now we are deep into the food revolution! In the City open spaces are turned into food gardens. Township folk are taking their own power back to nourish their families.  The Oranjezicht food gardens are inspiring, teaching and setting such a cool and healing trend. Ultimately the Company's Gardens will have their own farmers' market to sell fresh foods to city dwellers. Dropping food miles, eating fresh and seasonally,  getting the fingers into the soil, interfacing with the weather - tracking the best sunny spots, conserving water supplies -  connect our needs with the earth's natural tendency to supply us with nourishment. Now we are in our element again.

Aristotle said in his Nicomachean Ethics that the greatest pleasure comes from "eudaimonia," or the pleasure of doing what you are meant to do. I would add here the pleasure of doing the right thing. This contrasts with the other main philosophy at the time – also a driving factor in our capitalist system - that one should pursue "hedonia." This is the direct pleasures derived from things such as good food, sexual gratification, or just relaxing in a nice place. Aristotle reckoned it is eudaimonia that makes the good life. I believe that following your bliss, living a deeply meaningful life, and allowing intuition to lead, we naturally evolve into the healing agents we are meant to be.

Don't miss exciting green events on our CALENDAR here.  Just to wet your appetite here are some highlights happening across the country:  World Student Environmental Network's Global Summit, Annual Biodynamic Farmers Conference, the Science, Consciousness and Ancient Civilisations Conference, the Organics and Compost Making Workshop and the Grow Your Own Food course. See you there?

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Biodynamic Farmers Conference returns to Camphill

Camphill organic farmers market biodynamicThe second Annual Biodynamic Farmers Conference will be held at Camphill Farm, Hermanus from 2 – 6 July. This is a civil society, farmer-led initiative aimed at a two year apprenticeship training on biodynamic farms that is accompanied by the internationally accredited Crossfields Institute. Biodynamic farming is practiced throughout the world and is particularly strong […]
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Design thinking for water conservation

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Senwarbarwana Recycling Project2Most rural and semi urban areas in South Africa face challenges when it comes to implementing waste management and recycling strategies. These challenges include: Inadequate waste volumes generated to sustain recycling initiatives in small rural villages A lack of accessible markets for rural areas to sell their waste Poor municipal service delivery leading to waste […]
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Jan van Riebeeck’s vegetable garden to thrive again

veg_garden_cape_town_relaunchThe original purpose of Cape Town, as a stop-over for fresh produce, was restored when the Company’s Garden was unveiled with a ceremonial planting of fruit trees. ‘This showcases the historical origins of the Company’s Garden as a food-producing garden which supplied produce to the ships and sailors who travelled the spice trade route from […]
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