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Just when you think we’re beginning to clear the woods, and there’s a bigger take-up of environmental responsibility, news breaks about the sneaky Russian nuclear agreement. No less than 8 new reactors planned – to facilitate the 9600 gigawatts of nuclear energy provided for in the IRP 2010 provisions for 2030.

Yet according to the latest calculations we will only need 6600 megawatts. And at the current rate of implementation of alternative energy it may be as little as 1860MW. And, says David Lipschitz, with that planned spend of R1 trillion we could take the country’s entire homeowner load off the grid by means of distributed embedded solar generation – think photo voltaic panels on every roof. This way we would have much more money in the system, and less in the centre, where the powers that be are trying to keep it. Cheap power to the people. Isn't that what the nation wants?

Ok, they will take their waste back, it is said. So in view of the stacked nuclear waste at Koeberg, we should not feel concerned about this aspect of the deal? This, it seems is the least of our worries. We bring you varied opinions on the risky and needless nature of the new wild horse the president has saddled up.

But all is not lost. The approach in international climate negotiations is shifting away from doing what’s best for the globe as a whole – which did not work as governments are focused on their local interests – towards the economic benefits of low carbon economies. The penny is dropping that low carbon economies save huge costs, and in fact feeds positively into growing GDP. Self-interest, it seems, might be the golden key to save our climate dilemma.

In New York major corporations trading in agricultural commodities grown on former rainforest land joined with governments in signing a Declaration on Forests promising to halve net deforestation by 2020 and end it by 2030. This is a huge step forward!

We drink a toast to our own organic wines winning excellent international accolades –showing again that responsible is not only healthier, tastier and innovative, but also provides world leadership. Lots more inspiration – well done to the Eco-Logic Awards winners.

We are proud of every innovation, every step in the right direction. Do now miss out on green inspiration for your week.

Today we take leave of one of our stalwarts, Dylan Barby, after years of dedication to the Green Times and full time forging partnerships with the green industry. Thank you Dylan - we wish you success, happiness and magic green spaces to thrive in.

Dylan hands over to Robyn Morris, who is there to help green business share our almost 7 years of hard work by joining our platform. Working together is the only way we will move this planet fast enough. And yes, of course it makes economic sense. Any responsible business can join our collaboration by contacting Robyn at

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Green growth fitfully turning into reality


Ahead of the climate conference in Paris, there is increasing discussion of a new way forward that does not depend on international agreements.


Platinum medal a first for organic wine


When a local organic wine shows the world stage what we are capable of, there is every reason to raise a glass in a special toast.

Ice melt dilutes Arctic Sea’s CO2 cleanup role


New scientific research confirms that global warming is melting increasingly larger areas of Arctic sea ice − and reducing its vital function of removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Awards honour courageous & effective human rights work


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger have been jointly given the 2014 Right Livelihood honorary award.

Russian nuclear deal the beginning of a downward spiral?


The shock announcement of an underhandedly-signed nuclear deal with Russia (where it was first announced) is of deep concern.

R1 trillion can take all homeowners off the grid


I think one would need a referendum to spend R1,000,000,000,000. But my calculations show that for about R1 trillion one can take the entire homeowner load off the grid between 6am and 10pm.

Dirty coal shown red card by India’s Supreme Court


Green activists on Wednesday cheered the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel 214 coal blocks across many states in India and urged the government to spare forest areas from mining while auctioning new blocks in future.

Changing lives one planet friendly bag at a time


Can you imagine a bag created from recycled seatbelts, reused car/homestead upholstery and rejected fabric sample books? This is exactly what planet friendly bag company I Scream & Red has done.

Disquiet continues over nuclear ‘deal’


A flurry of meetings between President Jacob Zuma and Russian President Vladimir Putin have contributed to growing unease over a nuclear co-operation pact.

KZN farmers still desperate for rain


Farmers around KwaZulu-Natal are hoping fervently that the rain that has fallen in parts of the province since Saturday night will spell the end of a period of drought that is threatening to ruin many of them.

Calling for exciting environmental project ideas!


“Cape Flats Nature Partners’ Fund” offers small grants for projects that spark community nature conservation action on the Cape Flats.

Winners for the 2014 Eco-Logic Awards announced


After a nail biting month of anticipation, the winners of the 2014 Eco-Logic Awards were announced at The Cradle of Humankind, Maropeng.

SA, Russia nuclear agreement not a ‘done deal’


A bilateral agreement between South Africa and Russia on the procurement of nuclear reactors is not a “done deal”, according to an industry source.

The biggest climate march ever!


Months ago, the Avaaz community decided on a crazy goal - the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. Last week, they blew past their wildest expectations, with a climate march 6 times the size of anything before it!

Sparring with fishermen over world’s largest marine reserve


President Obama’s proposal in June to expand a marine sanctuary around seven U.S.-controlled islands and atolls in the central Pacific Ocean drew immediate praise from scientists and conservationists, but has since sparked opposition from representatives of the tuna industry.

A Cape Town story of 21st September


Cape Town's Climate Change gathering was rallied together in two weeks and the fact that 200 people turned up on a beautiful Sunday at such short notice confirms Cape Town’s conscience about doing what is good and right.

Eco music festival doubles down for green artist action


Rocking the Daisies is stepping up the game this year with a focus on social, as well as eco-friendly objectives.

City concludes embedded electricity generation contract


The City of Cape Town has signed the first small-scale embedded electricity generation contract with Black River Park Investments, an office block in Observatory.

New tree addict will return to reforest fest


Forests cover a third of our planet’s land. They provide raw materials, maintain biodiversity, protect land and water resources, and play a crucial role in climate change mitigation.
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