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Breathing during times of challenge becomes a lifeline. In the seventies world renowned Czech psychiatrist Stanislav Grof discovered that pure oxygen, without the use of any drugs, can transport you into altered states and heal emotional trauma and pain which would usually take years of therapy.

So we are happy to bring out two Swiss facilitators trained by Grof himself to conduct a workshop on a working biodynamic farm, Jakkalsdraai, near  Swellendam.

How precious oxygen is becoming with the Escom and Sasol air pollution in certain areas reaching levels higher than in China, where citizens are actively objecting. And now they want to stop legislation targeting the improvement of our air quality, due to costs! Time for civil society to put down our unified foot against breathing toxic brews containing cadmium, chromium, lead, barium and mercury.

Even if we don’t live in Witbank, can we utilize our power of compassion and project ourselves into those areas. And join the poor and vulnerable folk whose lives are threatened. Distance and time spans are two factors keeping some people back from solidarity with the current and looming suffering on this planet. So from practicing compassion.

Retired NASA professor Robert Bindschadler, glaciologist over the past  35 years with 18 field expeditions to Antarctice under his belt,  warns about ever faster melting ice -  sea levels rising by 3 to 4 meters by 2200. “It would be irresponsible of the scientific community to give false hope that we won’t see a one-meter rise by 2100. So you’d better plan for that, and it might even be worse.”  

Our family will inherit this problem, after all the interim consequences which we write about repeatedly. “But we found places where the speed of the ice was changing in less than a decade.”

Problem is the media is failing to report solid science. Enter the raison d'être for the Green Times. Even when 90% of scientists agreed that the ice caps were melting due to human caused emissions, the media persisted in reporting this as an equal debate with the denialists. Of course this created a skewed perception. When there’s a drop of doubt, people hang onto that like a lifebuoy. Human nature hangs onto hope.

What is needed now is courage, compassion, communication to facilitate fast and furious change. There are 3 types of empathy – cognitive, emotional and compassionate – this moves us to help, to change, to stand up and refuse to support that which is not honouring life.

When we allow suffering to touch our heart, it allows creativity to come forward and new answers emerge. It is time for global compassion.

Don't miss the book give-away and super Madiba inspiration. Just what we need now.

Join the conversation and education at important green events – check out or calendar here. Remember Arbor week and the crucial role of trees in providing our air and mitigating climate change.
Enjoy, integrate, share and respond, with love

Elma and the team

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Transcending fragmentation through holotropic breathwork


Are you interested in healing through altered states? Then you should join us for a Holotropic Breathwork weekend in the countryside, led by 2 Swiss facilitators trained and certified by the creator of this modality, Stanislav Grof himself!

NASA scientist warns of 3-4 meter sea level rise by 2200


A world-renowned scientist has warned that there could be a catastrophic two to three-meter sea level rise by 2200, and worsening increases thereafter.

‘Knowing Mandela’ to inspire the nation


I have never felt the need to read a book about Mandela, though I have always adored him. But by grace a little book came across my path … Knowing Mandela by John Carlin.

Green up communities with trees this Arbor Week


National Arbor Week is an opportune time to call on all South Africans to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture of sustainable environmental management.

Stop Eskom’s mega pollution application!


Right now Eskom is attempting to bypass pollution laws designed to protect our health. At some coal plants, Eskom is hoping to pump out eight times more pollution than the legal limit.

Climate change & Ebola outbreak: are we responsible?


Pop culture characterizations of Ebola-like viruses place the blame for the spread of the disease squarely on the shoulders of globalization and man’s careless spoiling of the environment. It’s not just Hollywood that believe that we are the cause of our own potential demise.

Eskom and Sasol use us as pollution filters


How much is a human life worth? How much is our future and that of our children worth? Well, the answer to both is “not too much,” if Eskom and Sasol’s pollution-friendly tactics are anything to go by.

No more barefoot walks in Roundup-riddled Kirstenbosch


Kirstenbosch was a place where children could run barefoot as toddlers. For Nirmala Nair and thousands of other Capetonians, this majestic  botanical garden was a breath of fresh air. But their use of toxic pesticides is threatening to mutate that image.

Pesticides linked to drug-resistant fungal infections


A recent rise in drug resistant human pathogenic fungi may be fueled by the use of fungicides (pesticides that kill fungi) on agricultural fields, according to research led by Manchester University in the United Kingdom.

Directors become personally liable for environmental care


Directors of companies will soon be personally liable for any negative impact, damage, degradation or pollution of  the environment, with fines of up to R10 million or up to 10 years in prison.

Youth take the floor to revolutionise climate debate


Young people are often the most passionate voices on climate change, and with reason – as the planet warms over the coming century, it is the future of the youngest at stake.

SA prepares for world's largest hydropower project


The Cabinet has approved the treaty on the Grand Inga hydropower project between South Africa and the DRC, paving the way for what could become the largest hydroelectric project in the world, with the potential to power half the continent.

City to offset small-scale electricity generation


Small scale alternative energy generators - yes that includes you and I with solar PV on the roof - will finally be able to feed our excess energy back into the grid and get paid for it by the City of Cape Town!

Green goes platinum for cool hotel


When a local green hotel receives the honour of becoming the first Elite Platinum building on the African continent, there is cause for celebration.

Solar PV training coming to North West


Next month beginners and those who want to explore PV technology in the North West can join introductory training at the University of Pothefstroom.

Monitoring energy consumption leads to savings


Business can use the National Energy Barometer Survey as an opportunity to calculate their energy consumption to make improvements.

City requests declaration of the Cape Town Bioregion


The City’s Council has recognised the City’s efforts to create a balance between urban development and environmental protection by recommending that  Cape Town be declared a bioregion.

Renewable energy training going carbon neutral


Green business is converging when renewable energy training happens at the Cape’s iconic landmark in October.

Food waste composting curbs climate change


When are we going to stop sending our food waste to landfills, where it emits dangerous methane gas contributing to climate change?

Women in waste making the difference


Waste no longer needs to be a dirty word. Women are showing the way and Women’s Day is a good time to tell some of their stories.

Painting a colourful picture of our energy future


The discussion around the future of Eskom has reached a new high with the parastatal reporting on its dire situation culminating in a R225bn shortfall.

Dancing between desire and wisdom


The environmental movement is made up of millions of people who dedicate their lives to caring for every conceivable facet of life on Earth. In responding to the ‘call of the world’, we envisage a better future, characterised by values of sustainability, wholeness, beauty, peace and respect.
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