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Travelling green on this earth requires investigating with a magnifying glass not only the energy and water you consume and the waste you generate – and how to ensure that remains in the loop – but what you purchase. I always say you vote with your purse. In business we talk about green procurement. If you run a green business, let your procurement needs to be met from sources with the highest ethical and environmental consciousness too.

The dissonance battle

Of course there are so many cases of dissonance in the greening of the world. It’s one of the battles we confront daily. Like all those who provide renewable energy, water saving devices, recycling services, eco consulting, etc. but then spend big money advertising in regular, careless newspapers instead of supporting the green media. How obvious is this disconnect. If they enjoy a green image and use it to their own benefit, why don’t they have proper procurement principles in place? Meantime they could be helping us spread the news that matters to our civilisation.

In our lives we are all procurers of goods and services. I so often hear people say it’s impossible to find this and that in a harmless or beneficial format. Not so. I think it’s fun to dig around and find green comrades in all spheres of our world, offering services with a conscience. I see it as a game, indeed an upgrade of the game of life. How to ensure your existence actually benefits this planet, and helps to ensure a future for your children?

Some years ago we naturally looked for a green server to host our news platform. And found them around the corner.

Martin Gluckman, who grew up in Muizenberg, started Kalk Bay Interactive some 16 years ago in the picturesque village to provide world class web hosting services with a social and ethical vision to use the Internet as a tool for global transformation.

They began hosting sites for small businesses, community projects, musicians and NGO's mostly from Cape Town and the surrounding areas. A strong emphasis was put on sponsoring and aiding causes. Get more details about those on their website.


What makes them ethical?

They will not host any sites that supports any harm to the planet, animals or human beings. If you produce any product that has a negative impact on the environment or human health, or gambling, you are not welcome there.

In Kalk Bay’s simple screening process they ask one question: Does this site or project help or heal the world or does it harm or hurt the world?

Actually, if we all asked this simple question in our everyday life with all our activities people would move faster towards a better world. It is their vision that the Internet can be used to raise world awareness, world peace and happiness for all!

What makes them green?

Since 1 January 2008 their server network is running on 100% sustainably produced electricity from renewable sources. They are committed to caring for our Mother planet and providing a service that does no harm to Mother nature. By hosting on renewable energy their sites do no harm to the environment and atmosphere.

They are committed to ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of their work and encourage organic farming, recycling and renewable energy. A number of web sites they have developed over the past years have been designed and programmed on 100% renewable energy.

And so we are blessed to enjoy the peace of mind for our generation and the next that the Green Times is running on a 100% green powered server. As of 2011 they are certified carbon neutral.

Green banking comes on board

We are also very happy to announce that South Africa’s green bank, Nedbank, has again proven their commitment to the cause by partnering with us. Thank you. Without their support over the years we could not have kept going. We continue to enjoy an escalation of impact across the English speaking world thanks to YOU our readers, brave enough to embrace the latest news and share it with your circle of influence.

This is a communal effort. We are each in our own way crafting a new world. In spite of dire facts and events, let us never give up. Crises bring out the best in humans, and so we experience the unfolding of a transformation of spirit.
With love


Elma and Ruben

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‘Normal Is Over’ premiere at Labia Theatre

How does one keep strong despite knowing so much about the decline of our planet?

We’re not lovin’ it, activists tell McDonald’s

An online petition supported by thousands and additional pressure from four local animal protection groups might just get McDonald’s SA  to finally source eggs from cage-free hens.

Sodexo’s 100% cage-free commitment a victory for SA hens

Sodexo has announced that it will source only cage free eggs (both shell and liquid) worldwide by 2025.

The search for a toddler-friendly floor cleaner

I was really looking forward to our toddler being out of nappies. Now I am not sure which is worse, changing nappies or cleaning up after missed toilet opportunities.

Kaldi’s goats discover coffee in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. It was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi in the 11th century.

More water bottles recycled than landfilled

For the 12 past years PET bottles are being recycled in South Africa and these numbers have climbed to include now more than those landfilled. An important milestone indeed.

Earth on track for hottest year ever as warming speeds up

The earth is on track for its hottest year on record and warming at a faster rate than expected, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Thursday.

Automation to cut 20 million vehicles from roads by 2025

New digital concepts in personal transport could reduce the amount of cars needed on urban roads globally by 2025, offering huge sustainability benefits and an improved experience for travellers.

Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can

As important as clean energy might be, the science is clear: it won’t save us from climate change.

Award-winning soil documentary to have gala screening at Labia

An exclusive gala screening of award-winning documentary Symphony of the Soil is being hosted by the Labia Theatre, Cape Town on 14 August to raise funds for Soil for Life.

Is your school Waste Wise?

What is your school, or your child’s school, doing about their waste footprint? Do not throw your hands up in despair if you are not personally involved in making school waste awareness happen.

Hong Kong beaches so full of trash it can be seen from space

An enormous—and unprecedented—amount of plastic waste and other marine debris has been washing up on Hong Kong’s southern beaches in recent weeks.

Institutions of higher learning should churn out green activists

University campuses should address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and integrating sustainability into their curricula to benefit students.

Eskom’s anti renewable energy campaign puts profits before people

Eskom will not sign any power purchase agreements with private producers after the current round is finalized without further discussion.

Food Gardening part 3: Planning a food garden

The key to having a successful food garden lies in being realistic about what you hope to achieve, given the resources you have available.

Teen scientist plans to solve SA crop woes with orange peels

A 16-year-old South African is the regional winner for Middle East and Africa in the Google Science Fair’s Community Impact Award, with a revolutionary new approach to crop hydration.

Ulovane Reserve seeks aspiring nature guides

Course intakes for the New Year at Ulovane Environmental Training (UET), are now open!


Paris pledges will have us frying

National promises made late last year to contain carbon dioxide emissions will not be nearly enough to meet the global warming target agreed last December by 195 nations, according to a new assessment.

Poor management of fisheries is not a local problem

The high seas are a lawless place, and regulating fishing has always been a challenge.

Europe: Stop the elephant slaughter!

Momentum is growing for a complete global ban on ivory — but the European Commission has just come out against it!

Milk bottles into walkways to protect crucial KZN mangrove beaches

The walkways at the Beachwood Mangroves in Durban were upgraded for World Oceans Day recently by means of recycled plastic, including thousands of milk bottles and plastic bags. 

Climate change warning signs on North America’s highest mountain

Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America, seems to be suffering from the impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD), according to an avid mountaineer.

Grabbing the roots: legalising biopiracy in South Africa


When the plot by big pharmaceuticals to restrict access to essential medicine was first exposed, Health Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi declared it “genocidal” and a “conspiracy of satanic magnitude”, which all South Africans must fight “to the last drop of their blood.”

Growing food more impactful than voting


The most effective change-makers in our society are planting seeds, quite literally, and rebuilding their communities while growing their own independence.

Renewables vs Nuclear – choose a legacy!


Deciding between nuclear and renewables is a choice between two divergent socio-economic opportunities and the consequent legacies. 

Eco-friendly extension to Menlyn Park shopping centre a first


Four green stars for a shopping mall. Hats off!

Time for the UK to ban residential spraying of poisonous pesticides


Here is an important UK petition which we need to support, as well as duplicate in SA.
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