Mid-Week update

The committees are beginning to move a little quicker during the fourth week of the session as the turn around is in sight (4 weeks). There are a number of bills that effect education being discussed in different committees.

The House K-12 Education Budget Committee continues to hear reports on items that potentially effect a school budget, and today will hear testimony on HB 2143.  This bill was part of the A&M recommendations from last year regarding purchasing procurements utilizing a state-organized central purchasing center.

In the Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs G.A. Buie will be testifying on SB 76, a bill that would allow any Kansas resident to bring in a certification or license from another state and the appropriate Kansas agency would have 30 days to honor that state's license.  This would include a teaching license!

Yesterday six school districts shared with the Senate Education Committee the importance of student count dates.  The district leaders shared how the September count is supported and verified through a state audit process. They also discussed how a second count day could be implemented along with explaining the USA-Kansas recommendation of using a prior year count. Geary County shared the importance of a second count day as it effects school districts who support the state's military bases.

Yesterday in the House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee they began reviewing last years Juvenile Justice Bill, SB 367. Areas of the bill that schools are still interested in are the changes they made to the truancy reporting requirement, and the school safety and security reporting requirement to report felonies, misdemeanors, and weapons possession. Under prior laws these were reports that districts had to make to law enforcement, but now it is permissive and can be changed in the local MOU’s between school districts, local law enforcement, and the courts. 

Today, the House Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee will hear amendments to the bill along with hearing testimony for those amendments. Thursday, G. A. will provide neutral testimony in this committee on Erin's Law, HB 2048, a bill that would require all school districts to provide sexual abuse training.


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