The new year's first two-day Whole Leadership Workshop, Jan. 29 - 30, 2013. Space is extremely limited. Sign up early for a 30% discount!

The Next Step:
Whole Leadership

Leadership. Ambition. Drive.

They are the reasons for your success, and yet... you have a nagging feeling something is missing. It seems like the higher up you climb the more isolated you feel and the more off-balance.
Whole leadership means finding a balance that is right for you as a person and for your role. Learn to broaden your spectrum of responses to stop being in reactive mode.  

Join us for our first two-day Whole Leadership workshop of the new year in Zurich, Switzerland on:
  • Tuesday, January 29 through Wednesday, January 30, 2013
  • Space is limited to ensure personal attention for each participant.
  • Please register as soon as possible. (Booking before Dec. 31, 2012? Early Bird Registration provides a 30% discount!)
Take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of a workshop usually available exclusively to some of the world's top global organizations!

Arzum Akduran Koseoglu
PCC, CPCC, ORSCC Leadership and Relationship Systems Coach, Facilitator, Trainer
Faculty member and international course leader with CRRGlobal and CTI

About Margo McClimans
Certified Executive Coach (CPCC), Leadership Development Facilitator, Intercultural Trainer and Founder of Coaching Without Borders

Top-level executives have told us that:
  • They need to be tough, take charge, and place more importance on tasks and goals than on relationships---even if this goes against their natural style of dealing with people.
  • The greater their reputation, the higher the pressure to be strong all the time.
  • The higher up the corporate ladder they climbed, the more difficult it was to experience authentic relationships with personnel, family and others.
These are just a few signs and symptoms of leadership imbalance.
Whole Leadership helps men and women develop skills that address the problems resulting in imbalance.
A new leadership paradigm, “transformative/feminine”, is replacing the old, "status first, power over and top down,” leadership model.
“People will have to focus on being people,” asserts British Telecom’s futurologist, Ian Pearson. “After years of so-called ‘soft-skills’ being sidelined, skills like communication will now play center stage.”
In our three-day Whole Leadership workshop, we will explore, what exactly do we mean by masculine and feminine leadership?
  • How can I be powerful without being aggressive?
  • How can I inspire others?
  • How can I lead without commanding?
Whole Leadership focuses on building up skill strengths in the Transformative Paradigm of Leadership (the so-called feminine model), such as communication, promoting the value of relationships, inclusivity, generosity, self-understanding, care, and more...

Join in the experience of understanding what impact you have on others as a leader and how to develop your whole spectrum of leadership behavior.

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Two-day Workshop!
Jan. 29
Jan. 30, 2013
Zurich, Switzerland
Volkshaus Zurich

Value: CHF 1,250
Early Bird Registration: 30% Discount!
CHF 875.00!
Register Now! Download Registration Form Here!
“This is a new approach. It is unorthodox. Regardless of any training one has had, everybody can benefit from it immediately.” – A. Akin, Managing Director, Leo Burnett, Istanbul
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“Whole Leadership expanded my understanding of leadership and encouraged me to embrace the various masculine and feminine leadership styles” – A. Hamakawa, Siemens Switzerland Ltd.
No need for loneliness! Experience Whole Leadership!
Two-day Workshop!
Jan. 29
Jan. 30, 2013
Zurich, Switzerland
Volkshaus Zurich

Value: CHF 1,250
Early Bird Registration: 30% Discount!
CHF 875.00!
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