Changing name – keeping our values & quality level  

Official announcment - ACO-Engineering A/S becomes ATHCO-Engineering A/S

First of all, we sincerely hope that you and your close ones have had a pleasant summer. 

We are writing this newsletter, so that we can officially inform our existing as well as potential customers and various relations about our name change. As you might have noticed from our new logo, we have changed our initials from ACO to ATHCO. In the future, we will therefore be known as ATHCO-Engineering A/S. Furthermore, It is important to emphasize, that this change does not relate to ACO-Holding A/S and it's subsidiary ACO-Service A/S.

We encourage you to read the full newsletter, as it will explain the reasons behind the name change, as well as the opportunities and benefits derived from it - both internally in ATHCO-Engineering A/S and from a customer perspective. Furthermore, in approximately 1-2 months we will be sending out an additional newsletter, which will explain the ATHCO-Engineering partnership and its products and services in a more detailed manner.

Creating a partnership

Here at ATHCO-Engineering A/S we are always looking for new ways to optimize our setup, thus helping our customers and ourselves to become more competitive. Therefore, we have been exploring the option of finding a suitable partner for further developing our business based on our Pillow Plate technology expertise. 

In the process of finding the right partner, we had some initial criteria’s which was essential for a successful cooperation. With clear ambitions of expansion, we made a fully analyze of various market potentials and identified the Chinese chemical and petrochemical industry as one in rapid growth. Simultaneously, we actively made the choice of increasing the company’s focus on our unique Thermo Plates Products, where we continue to have significant competitive advantages due to our in-house knowledge and knowhow.

In THP-Engineering GmbH, we found just the right profile to match our requirements. Moreover, we are reassured by the fact, that we have a long history of successful collaboration together. Therefore, we know they are highly competent and with plenty of experience, skillful knowhow and a direct access to the Chinese market. As a result, we are extremely confident that this is the right match. 

Therefore, we have now decided to join forces and adopt a shared name. Hence, ACO-Engineering A/S has therefore become ATHCO-Engineering A/S. We are really looking forward to being a part of this partnership and are extremely confident that this is the right match.

OBS. The name has effectively been in use for approximately two months. We sincerely apologize for any misconceptions or inconveniences this may have led to.

Exploiting the synergies - keeping the values

Having daily access to a competent sparring partner, will undoubtedly strengthen our current business in Europe, as we will be able to utilize each other’s knowhow. Hence, creating a strong foundation for building new and more competences within ATHCO-Engineering A/S as well as optimizing our existing processes. In addition, our cooperation will most definitely enable us to ensure further developments of pillow plate components and technology.

Consequently, the cooperation will therefore be facilitating the opportunity for creating valuable and useful synergies between both parties, which we are certin will result in a noticeable increase of our international visibility. Not only in China, but worldwide.
Meanwhile, by keeping our old values firmly in place and combining them with the synergistic effects from the collaboration, we are steadfast in our belief that this partnership will be an utter success. Simultaneously, we are looking forward to continue to provide our customers with customized products and solutions, which quality and capability are unmatched in our industry.

Why we are here 

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is on a mission – we want to contribute to greener tomorrow. Therefore, from now on we will be sending out a newsletter once every 3-4 month to keep our customers and relations updated with the newest technologies and opportunities within heat recovery and heat transfer solutions.

Let us unite together, utilizing our capabilities within heat recovery and energy saving to create a greener tomorrow.


What industries do we serve

As we are often contracted to address unusual and challenging designs, we have
become one of the leading specialists within thermal designing and manufacturing
of plates for heat exchangers. 

During more than 60 years of business, we have gathered a unique expertise within the following industries: 

  • Food and Dairy        
  • Textile 
  • Chemical 
  • Petrochemical
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Sewage Water
  • Power Drying 
  • Flue Gas

Worldwide partners benefits from our products

If you want to know more, please check out our website at:
(Here you will find many other relevant information's, as well as our exciting company presentation video)

We are here to serve you, so please feel free to contact us directly at: 

Sebuh Kassaye (Tenical consulting & sales) 
Tel: +45 7633 3554

Willy Van Well (Application Engineer)
Tel: +45 7632 5581

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