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Who we are?

ACO-Engineering is a specialized Danish Company in manufacturing of pillow plates (Thermo Plates) which can be used in thermal process. Since 1974, we have been a frontrunner within the design and manufacturing of pillow plates and customized process equipment by using our advanced heat transfer technology.  

What you can get from us?

Engineering+Design +

ACO has the highly skilled and responsible Engineering and Service team. We not only provide advanced heat transfer products, but also customized service package, from professional Engineering to final Installation. All our heat exchangers are tailor made.

Our highly transfer coefficiency on thermal operationn can save and utilize up to 25% of your uncontrollable waste energy. 

Complies with industry-recognised codes:
  • ASME U Stamp  
  • ASME R Stamp
  • PED
  • AD Merkblätter
  • EN 3834
  • China Stamp (SELO)

Worldwide partners benefits from our products: 


If you want to know more deatil about our specific products, please check out our website:

Or contact us: 

Kristian Iversen (Sales Manager)         
Tel: +45 7633 3552

Sebuh Kassaye (Tenical consulting&sales)
Tel: +45 7633 3554

Willy Van well (Application Engineer)
Tel: +45 7632 5581

Why we are here ?

This is our first updated newsletter we designed for <<Company Name>>. The purpose of sending out this newsletter is to keep our customers updated, knowing the latest news about ACO. Let's unite together, utilizing heat recovery and energy to create a greener tomorrow.

Why Thermo Plates ?

The pillow-shaped design of thermo plates allows for optimum flow and turbulence, thus providing excellent   conditions for efficient heat transfer. This special design creates excellent turbulence and provides a self-supporting construction. 

The welded  plates are hydraulically expanded by either water or gas until the required gap is reached. The gap instance has great influence on the level of both heat transfer and pressure drop. 

Besides, our thermo plates do not transfers any forces outwards onto the next plate. The easily self-cleaning process and an absolute minimum fouling tendency guarantee you the durable and high efficiency product. 

What Industries we Serve:

As we are often called upon to address unusual and challenging designs, we have
become one of the leading specialists within thermal designing and manufacturing
of plates for heat exchangers. 

During 30 years of business, we have built up a unique expertise within the following industries: 
  • Food and Dairy        
  • Textile 
  • Chemical 
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Sewage Water
  • Power Drying 
  • Flue Gas
Fabriksvej 12-14                    
DK-6000 Kolding                    

Tel.: +45 76 333 555
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