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Southwest U.S. Heatwave Cancelled. Reason? Too much Water Vapor

Good news! The 2013 Southwestern US heat wave has been cancelled because a deluge of water vapor has moved into the region and cooled everything down.

Just two weeks ago we saw these dire warnings in the media:

Dangerous heat wave forecast in Southwest”

- USA TODAY Cancelled

Scorching Southwest heat wave could challenge all-time records

- Washington Post Cancelled

Weekend heat wave to bake western US; temps in southwestern cities to near 120

- StarTribune Cancelled

Why? The Southwestern USA has been inundated with water vapor, which doused the heat wave.

Here is the satellite photo of the water vapor distribution over North America June 27th, 2013, just two weeks ago when dire predictions of an unprecedented Southwestern heat wave scorched the media. 

Satellite Photo Indicating water vapor

Here is the satellite photo of the water vapor distribution over North America July 11th, 2013, just yesterday and all warnings of an eminent Southwestern heat wave have vanished from the media. 

GOES satellite photo two weeks later

What happened? Water vapor messed up the heat wave!

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Sign of the Times? Peak Oil Website Shuts Down

For years, we've been pointing out that Peak Oil is a dominant social theme, a scarcity meme used by the powers-that-be to reinforce the US petrodollar and generally to control economic and sociopolitical elements of society.

Anthony Wile

And now comes word via various news reports including a story at MarketWatch that a main Internet proponent of the Peak Oil myth – The Oil Drum – is shutting its doors.

Here's how MarketWatch describes it:

... A website created and frequented by advocates of "peak oil," is closing its doors July 31 after an eight-year run. The site will be kept as a repository of old articles, but will no longer offer new ones, according to a post on the site dated July 3.

The decision was reached thanks to "scarcity of new content caused by a dwindling number of contributors" and the cost of running the site, the post said. The post garnered more than 700 comments from readers mourning the site's virtual death. Commenters suggested "donate" buttons and other ideas to raise money.

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Greenhouse Gas Theory is False

Pierre R Latour, PE, PhD Chemical Engineer, July 11, 2013

I wish to provide you with sound scientific and chemical engineering analysis of the faults with the Greenhouse Gas Theory, GHGT, proposed to drive Anthropogenic Global Warming and Climate Change, AGW & CC, especially as it pertains to CO2. I want to arm you for this huge, ongoing debate. I seek and receive no financial support from any government, business or organization; I finance my own work in retirement.

For the life of me I cannot get a solid, consistent grip on the underlying physics supporting the notion first proclaimed by James Hansen, Science, 1981, atmospheric CO2 has any quantitatively verified effect on Earth’s temperature. It is the duty of AGW & CC promoters to provide it, not skeptics like me. So I claim political leaders promoting GHGT have not explained the physics and quantified the effect to my satisfaction. They make claims and charges with little or no relevant evidence to back it up. In American law courts these are called frivolous claims and dismissed (thrown out). When their expensive schemes collapse due to foreseeable engineering consequences, their claim they are unintended consequences rings hollow.

While it is not my job as skeptic, I will offer eight objections to their GHG Theory, each of which falsify it. It is their job to prove me wrong. I will present my assertions in simple terms with justifications; I have detailed chemical engineering mathematical analysis verified by experiment to support them.

  1. GHGT science is settled, consensus is established, skeptics and deniers are crackpots. Wrong.

  2. GHGT effect 15C – (-18C) = 33C is wrong.

  3. GHGT says atmosphere acts like a blanket. False.

  4. CO2 is green plant food.

  5. GHGT neglects the effect of absorbing CO2 on incoming solar irradiance.

  6. Kiehl-Trenberth Energy Budget back radiation is false.

  7. Thermostat adjusting fossil fuel combustion will never work.

  8. Modeling temperature data is worthless.

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    The Relentless Pseudo-science of WUWT

    The Steel Greenhouse as proposed by Willis Eschenbach and published twice on the “Watts Up With That” website is a misinterpretation of the fundamental rules of physics governing the radiative transfer of energy.

    steel greenhouse

    Below are 2 statements of this fundamental principle from 2 modern physics references.

    It is trivial to use this fundamental principle to prove the “Steel Greenhouse” proposition as proposed and its ability to double the energy flux is a complete fallacy.

    The energy an object absorbs comes from its environment, which consists of other bodies that radiate energy. If an object is at a temperature T, and its surroundings are at a temperature T0, the net energy gained or lost each second by the object as a result of radiation is -

    Pnet = A ξ σ (T4 - T04).”

    College Physics 7th Edition

    While a body at absolute temperature is radiating, its surroundings at temperature Ts are also radiating, and the body absorbs some of this radiation.

    If it is in equilibrium with its surroundings, T = Ts and the rates of radiation and absorption must be equal.

    For this to be true, the rate of absorption must be given in general by H = A ξ σ Ts 4. Then the net rate of radiation from a body at temperature T with its surroundings at temperature Ts is:-

    Hnet = A ξ σ (T4 - Ts4).”

    Sears and Zemansky’s - University Physics With Modern Physics – Young and Freedman.

    The “Steel Greenhouse” proposal is a sphere with an internal source of energy capable of causing it to radiate at 235 Watts per square metre.

    A steel shell is then closely “fitted” and it is claimed this action causes the sphere to increase in temperature until it emits double the original flux at a temperature that is approximately 1.1892 (the fourth root of 2) times its original temperature.

    It is assumed ξ is unity.

    Let’s analyse this proposal from first principles.

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    Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Causing Desert ‘Greening’

    Rise in the level of carbon dioxide in the air is causing desert "greening" and has increased foliage cover by 11 percent reports Sam Lehman in (July 9, 2013)

    Increased CO2 causing desert greening

    Up until now the negative aspects of rising levels of carbon dioxide have been highlighted in almost all studies conducted on this matter. A new study, based on satellite observations, CSIRO, in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU) reported that the rising levels of carbon dioxide have caused deserts to start greening and  increased foliage cover by 11 percent from 1982-2010 across parts of the arid areas studied in Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa.

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    Two Alarmist Professors Suspects in Climate Fraud

    Professor Will Steffen, Executive Director of ANU Climate Change Institute College of Asia and the Pacific and The Australian National University and Professor Lesley Hughes Head of the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University are named and shamed for alleged fraudulent public presentations last month.

    In a damning open letter (July 9, 2013) by Australian scientists, Dr Judy Ryan and Dr Marjorie Curtis, professors Steffen and Hughes are being called out for their biased and unscientific presentations given at the Canberra Community Forum on June 17th 2013. The professors are accused of not only making “misleading” and “false” statements but it is being suggested their bogus climate claims may rise to the level of actual fraud.

    Drs Ryan and Curtis have now made their letter open to the wider scientific community and the public so they may judge for themselves how egregious are the cherry picked claims of professors Steffen and Hughes.

    Below we publish the full Ryan/Curtis letter so our readers can get the full picture of this sorry tale:

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    Beware of Gasoline Phase Separation!

    Phase separation of gasoline -- avoid it if you can! I’ll tell you why and have a simple experiment that lets you measure the ethanol content in your gasoline too.

    Phase separation (PS) is what you can get from the ethanol content in your gasoline. It can damage your engine and possibly get you stranded at an out of way place. It is more likely to occur with lubricant-added gasoline used for two-cycle engines commonly found in ATVs, outboard motors, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other equipment with small engines, but can also happen with regular gasoline.


    New” Gasoline

    Gasoline without any ethanol used to be what you got when filling up your gas tank a decade ago or so, but the wannabe-savers-of-the-world had a “better” idea. Why not dilute the gasoline with ethanol. At first your “new” fuel was limited to an ethanol content of 5% (E5). Then the US Environmental Agency (EPA) mandated up to 10% ethanol content (E10) and as of late EPA is talking about a 15% ethanol (E15) mandate.

    If you have experienced problems with E5 or E10 gasoline, E15 could just about be disastrous. The main reason is that the likelihood of PS occurring increases exponentially with the ethanol content in the gasoline.

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    Scientist Fired by University for Exposing Truth on Climate Fraud

    Highly qualified and well-respected professor, academic teacher and climate scientist, Murry Salby has been performing important and groundbreaking research exposing myths about the so-called "settled science" around greenhouse gases and their impact on climate. Uniquely, his work is based solely on empirical evidence rather the dubious ideological whims of post-normal climate 'science'. Other leading researchers have validated his findings and, as such, Salby is now very much a thorn in the side of promoters of man-made global warming alarmism.

    Murry Salby

    For simply pursuing the truth, as any good scientist should do, Salby has been fired by his employer, the University of Macquarie, Australia.

    This is despite the fact Macquarie University had originally appointed Salby as their Chairman of Climate Science. He is a scientist of such repute that he has held visiting professorships at Paris, Stockholm, Jerusalem, and Kyoto, and he’s worked at the Bureau of Meterology in Australia.

    Principia Scientific International (PSI) is so horrified and angered by the retaliation of pro-green anti-scientist administrators at Macquairie University that we have secured a generous donation from our publisher, Stairway Press, to sponsor Professor Salby's visit, if he agrees, to London in October to make a high profile public presentation of this attack on science.

    As such, PSI and other supporters of traditional scientific methods will ensure this outrageous attack on an honorable researcher will be exposed at a key British climate science gathering.

    Below is Professor Salby's outline of the backstory of his victimization proving that essential academic freedoms in Australia are being supplanted by unprincipled self-serving promoters of Big Green.

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