Injoy, Inc. Summer Writing Program Week 7, Jericho Stop Motion Animation DVD Giveaway, optional activities, multi-level learning.
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Has your summer flown by, too?

If you haven't done all the lessons yet, don't fret! This makes a great back-to-school unit. At the bottom of this email are links to all the earlier lessons. Just add this to your school schedule for the first quarter and log it as Language Arts/Creative Writing.

And then celebrate when you complete it by entering the Fable Writing Contest!

Check out some of the prizes for the Fable Writing Contest!
Print out the optional teacher lesson sheet here. Read the fable to your children. Then read it again later as you do the optional worksheets and activities below.

The Trees and the Ax


A woodman came into the forest one day carrying an ax without any handle. He sat down upon the mossy ground and looked about him rather helplessly.

“What's the trouble, friend woodman?” inquired a friendly old oak.

“I need a handle for my ax,” replied the man. “Most any piece of wood will do.”

After a whispered consultation, the trees goodnaturedly offered the woodman a fine piece of tough ashwood for a handle.

But no sooner had the woodchopper fitted the helve with his ax when he set to work on all sides, felling the noblest trees in the wood.

The old oak, witnessing the destruction all about him, whispered to the cedar tree: “If we had not sacrificed our humble neighbor, the ash tree, to please the woodchopper, we might all of us remain standing for ages.”

Moral: They are foolish who give their enemy the means of destroying them.


From Aesop's Fables, Grosset & Dunlap

Week 7 Lesson
Adding Dialogue to Your Fable

Dialogue is a conversation between two or more people.

When we write dialogue, we write the words as though we are dictating an actual conversation, adding some words to indicate who is speaking.

Interesting and appropriate dialogue will spice up your fable. This week, add some dialogue to help your story along, to add some interest, and to help us get to know your characters.

Tip: Use dialogue to help us know your character, but be sure to write it as the character would say it, not how you would say it!

  • “Hey, wait for me. I'm going as fast as I can,” Mousey called, with a desperate squeak and a wheeze as his stubby legs waddled at the base of his round little body.
  • “No fair. You had a head start,” the hare said when he crossed the finish line.
  • “Oh, no. I'll never make it,” the worm moaned as he poked his nose into the dirt, taking his eyes off the finish line.

What does this dialogue tell us about each of these characters? The mouse is working as hard as he can. The hare is complaining and blaming someone else. The worm is despondent, and wants to give up.

For a printout of the fable and some Teacher lesson ideas, click here.

More Activities For Students of All Ages

If you'd like to explore more fable fun,click on some of these links for printables for students of all ages.

Click here for a printable worksheet for Pre-Kindergarten students.This info here is good for pre-writers, too!

Young Learners and Early Writers
Click  here for a worksheet for early writers.

Reluctant Writers
Here is some encouragement and ideas for moms of reluctant writers and spellers. Print an optional worksheet for reluctant writers/spellers here.

Extra Assignments for Older Students
Click here for a printable worksheet for students in upper elementary or middle school grades.

Click here for optional assignments for older students in grades 6-12.

And be sure to go here and enter the drawing for a FREE Jericho: The Promise Fulfilled DVD.

Extra punctuation and dialog articles just below!

Dome great things for mom, too. Just click on some of the articles below for encouragement.

Writers are so much fun, and we enjoy talking with you about your writing projects. Be sure to like the facebook page and while you're there, subscribe to our free newsletter, Injoy Ink.

More Writing Tips for Dialogue

4 Tips About How To Use Punctuation Properly For Writing Dialogue
Adding Dialogue to Your Story

Links to Earlier Lessons

It's not too late to join the fun! All of these lessons are easy and can be completed at any time. If you have just joined the Summer Writing Program we encourage you to go back and review these other lessons:

For Lesson 1, How to Read a Fable, click here.
For Lesson 2, Elements of a Fable click here.
For Lesson 3 Characters of a Fable, click here.
For Lesson 4, Enhancing the Plot, click here.
For Lesson 5, My Plot has a Problem, click here.
For Lesson 6, The Moral to the Story, click here.

If you lapbook, here is a printable activity for week 1 and week 2. and week 3,  week 4 and week 5 and week 6.
Dialogue is what keeps us Won Without Words;

Good communication is essential.

But I learned that it's sometimes best to keep silent!

Find out the difficult lessons I learned when applying the principles of I Peter 3:1 in Won Without Words.
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Injoy, Inc. is offering a Fable Writing Contest!

We'll be selecting between 50 and 100 winners to publish in an e-book at the end of the summer. If you've always wanted to have a story published, this is a great opportunity! We'll select fables from many age levels, with prizes for the most fun and interesting fables.

Mark your calendar for August 23, 2013, for the contest kick-off, and be sure to follow us on Facebook to get all the info on the contest as it is announced.

For Moms and Wives! You might enjoy these articles about enhancing dialogue in marriage:

How To Write a Fable Accelerated Class

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