Injoy, Inc. Summer Writing Program Week 5, Mardel $20 Gift Card Drawing, optional activities, multi-level learning.
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I'm so glad you're joining us for the Summer Writing Program. I've included lots of lesson ideas, but I don't expect you to do them all! I suspect you're busy grabbing all the joy you can from this marvelous summer!

But if you'd like to keep your children engaged, and if you have some just begging for an activity, you'll find some fun here! Be sure to enter the drawing for the $20 Mardel gift card, and we so appreciate it when you tell your local homeschool friends about our program and products. Thank you and Injoy!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Every day the shepherd boy was sent with his father's sheep into the mountain pasture to guard the flock. It was, indeed, a lonely spot at the edge of a dark forest, and there were no companions with whom he could pass the long, weary hours of the day.

One day, just to stir up some excitement, he rushed down from the pasture, crying "Wolf! Wolf!" The villagers heard the alarm and came running with clubs and guns to help chase the marauder away, only to find the sheep grazing peacefully and no wolf in sight.

So well had the trick worked that the foolish boy tried it again and again, and each time the villagers came running, only to be laughed at for their pains.

But there came a day when a wolf really came. The boy screamed and called for help. But all in vain! The neighbors, supposing him to be up to his old tricks, paid no heed to his cries, and the wolf devoured the sheep.

Moral: Liars are not believed even when they tell the truth.

From Aesop's Fables, Grosset & Dunlap

Week 5 Lesson
My Plot has a Problem

For a printout of the fable and some Teacher lesson ideas, click here.

In order to have a good plot, you have to have a problem. When you introduce a problem into your plot. It doesn't have to be horrendous, but it does have to be interesting.

Read the fable Boy Who Cried Wolf and identify the problem in this fable. It started with one problem: boredom. Then it became another problem: lying. Finally, there was a third problem: a wolf attack. These problems create an interesting story.

For the fable you're creating for the Summer Writing Program you should have completed the following steps so far:
1) Select two interesting characters (at least one should be an animal).
2) Create an interesting situation.
3) Introduce a problem.

Here's an example of an ordinary everyday occurrence: eating spaghetti.

Here's a problem: What if you wanted to eat spaghetti, but you didn't have any hands?

What if you were an elephant, and had to figure out how to eat spaghetti with no hands, and only a trunk? Now, you have a humorous situation with an interesting problem.

And now, what if you threw in a moral or social dilemma (or even an etiquette challenge, like how would an elephant eat spaghetti in a fancy restaurant)? Now you have the potential to write a fable with a moral to the story! (But that's next week's lesson!)

More Activities For Students of All Ages

If you'd like to explore more fable fun, we've prepared some more optional fun activites for further learning. Click on some of these links for more fun and printables for students of all ages.

Do you lapbook?
Click here to print out an activity for your lapbook.

Click here for a printable worksheet for Pre-Kindergarten students.This info here is good for pre-writers, too!

Multi-Level Learning
Click here for a fun activity for the whole family!

Reluctant Writers
Here is some encouragement and ideas for moms of reluctant writers and spellers. Print an optional worksheet for reluctant writers/spellers here.

Extra Assignments for Older Students
Click here for a printable worksheet for students in upper elementary or middle school grades.

Click here for optional assignments for older students in grades 6-12.

And be sure to go here and enter the drawing for a $20 Mardel Gift Card!
Mardel Gift Certificate drawing;

Links to Earlier Lessons

It's not too late to join the fun! All of these lessons are easy and can be completed at any time. If you have just joined the Summer Writing Program we encourage you to go back and review these other lessons:

For Lesson 1, How to Read a Fable, click here.
For Lesson 2, Elements of a Fable click here.
For Lesson 3 Characters of a Fable, click here.
For Lesson 4, Enhancing the Plot, click here.

If you lapbook, here is a printable activity for week 1 and week 2. and week 3,  week 4 and week 5.
Be sure to visit for free resources and for Shari's books of encouragement for wives.

Writers are so much fun, and we enjoy talking with you about your writing projects. Be sure to like the facebook page and while you're there, subscribe to our free newsletter, Injoy Ink.

Injoy, Inc. is offering a Fable Writing Contest!

We'll be selecting between 50 and 100 winners to publish in an e-book at the end of the summer. If you've always wanted to have a story published, this is a great opportunity! We'll select fables from many age levels, with prizes for the most fun and interesting fables.

Mark your calendar for August 23, 2013, for the contest kick-off, and be sure to follow us on Facebook to get all the info on the contest as it is announced.

How To Write a Fable Accelerated Class

Our Write Now! Online Writing Class is completing a new course: How To Write A Fable Accelerated. In this optional class, students will write several fables, submit them for critique and analysis, and participate in live chats and other writing activities. Students who participate in this 8-week online writing workshop will be well prepared to enter several of their fables in the Injoy, Inc. Fable Contest

Sign up here for the additional class for the Write Now! student rate of $7.95 per month for the current class: How to write a Fable Accelerated: Exploring characters, plot and theme -- with a moral.

Please note: The Injoy, Inc. Summer Writing Program is FREE. It is a weekly online class that is emailed to you (like the email you are reading now). If your student would benefit from more individualized instruction like is described above, you may want to add the Write Now! option for a lesson fee. If you have any questions, please email us at
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