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           Welcome to the Summer Visibility Branding Newsletter where you might still be on holiday, savoring vacation memories or gradually getting back into the swing of things in view of “la rentree”. That is the return of the hustle and bustle, where at least here in Paris, kicks in come September. My summer was spent in the two cities I love and call "home",  Paris and Seattle. Both have uncanny similarities and lookalike signature monuments -  the Space Needle and the Eiffel Tower.  Their coined nicknames are Seattle the “Emerald City”, as the surrounding areas are green year-round, and Paris the “City of Light”, for its role during the Age of Enlightenment and the first European city with gas street lighting. More literally, you may have witnessed Paris magically awash with sparkling lights emitted from the Eiffel Tower (it still gives me chills).
            Enjoy this newsletter which has something for Professionals in career transition, reinvention or simply desiring a more polished "window to the world" (i.e. your LinkedIn profile). If that's you, check out the LI profile "makeover". For Career Service and Professional Development Providers, the Visibility Branding BIO Writing Certification Program is relevant. For Tbirds, let me direct you to the Thunderbird Corner, and for Storytelling Enthusiasts, see the column Storytelling Evenings
                                                                                                                  Yours in story,    
P.S Offer for Professionals - would you like feedback on your LI profile? Request a complimentary virtual "drop in" session HERE. I would be delighted to hear your story.
Founder -Visibility Branding   Personal Brand Strategist * Career Coach  * Speaker * Storyteller
: Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline
         BIO WRITING
  Certification Program

In addition to working 1:1 with clients across the globe, I certify coaches, university career service providers, recruiters, headhunters, outplacement service providers, human resource professionals, resume writers, in the Visibility Branding methodology of DISCOVER, DEVELOP, DOCUMENT & DISTRIBUTE. Integral to the program is my book 
Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline, replete with resources, tips, tools, case "stories', makeovers, and interviews.

The focus of the program is writing the BIO (and different versions), what to say, how to write it, and how to message skills and experience either for career transition or for internal purposes. Secondly, to learn how to use the content created for video, interview, and presentation purposes.

hesitation, this is on the top of my list of recommended programs. As a Brand Strategist and Executive Coach, I was blown away by the deep value it brought to me and  my clients"
   Valerie Sokolosky
 President Valerie & Co

To discuss how you and/or
collegues can become
certified click


  Webinar Dec 14TH

Tips, Tools, and Strategies
Presenter: Yours Truly
I will be holding this TIAA sponsored webinar open to ALL Tbirds
students & alumni
August 8th
Hosted a TIAA Connect Lunch in Seattle

September 22-23
TIAA in Panama
Crossroads of Commerce
November 9-12
Thunderbird Global Reunion
Goa, India


    "Makeover" Client

Icela's "story"....she was in the process of completing an MBA and in career transition. Forward thinking, and aware of the importance of her digital footprint and professional "window to the world" (LI profile), Icela went through the Visibility Branding program of DISCOVERY, DEVELOP, DOCUMENT and DISTRIBUTE. Over and above doing a complete "makeover" of her skeletal LI profile, also addressed were her CV, cover letter, interviewing skills and networking strategy.

Read here the "BEFORE" story i.e. her previous LI Summary. 
Industrial engineer with 3 years of consulting experience pursuing an MBA oriented in marketing and operations. Strong analytical interpersonal and team management skills. Highly knowledgeable of the Latin American market. Creative and strategic thinker.

Compare above with the "AFTER" story i.e. Icela's current LI profile. Need to click through to view  HERE

Icela also created her own visual identity i.e. logo and color palette, that translated into business cards, letterhead, and stationary.

Interested in feedback on your LI profile? Request a complimentary virtual "drop in" session HERE. I would be delighted to hear your story.

           NOW GLOBAL!

Storytelling Evenings are gatherings (usually in Paris) of Storytelling enthusiasts who mingle, dine, then listen to a Storyteller who is meant to entertain, amuse, educate or any combination thereof. Guests join the event and themed dinner at a private residence and all storytelling aficionados from across the globe are welcomed to join via

       Saturday, September 2

  MD &  Holistic Practitioner The Navajo and how Horses feature in their Ceremonies & Culture
        (few seats left)
       RSVP & Details HERE



Saturday, October 28th

          Opera Singer
     RSVP & Details


      Chateau de Percey
       November 24-26
 (limited space)
          BREAKING NEWS!!! 

Storytelling Evening launched in Las Vegas, July 21st, hosted by Maria & Jim featuring their close friend Suni Paz, renowned Argentinian Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Folklorist. 


A quote from Maria:

“ Jim and I really enjoyed hosting the 1st Global Storytelling Evening at our home in Las Vegas. It was fascinating how friends, family, and people from all over the world connected via live-stream experiencing the event together and interacting with comments and Q & A. It was easy to organize and our storyteller loved it as well. We would host again!"
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