Hello, hello, hello my Forking Awesome friends! 

I did leave you all kind of high and dry a couple of weeks ago thanks to a wildly busy newsroom and of course all the aftermath of learning B.C. was facing restrictions through the May long weekend. And restaurants are at the top of the list of what's affected. Let's take a look at what's been happening lately in the Vancouver food scene. And I'll try not to skip a Forking Awesome week again... (but look at our rad new logo ^) 

—Lindsay William-Ross

Amuse Bouche

In which I reveal my crushes

Small Bites

Afternoon Tea from Savoury City/ Photo courtesy Savoury City

Main Course

💐 Well, friends, to borrow from that NSYNC meme: "It's gonna be MAY!"

May hits this weekend and with that comes all sorts of delicious possibilities for enjoying the month and season. Right out the gate, we've got Mother's Day on May 9, and my inbox is overflowing with emails about different special baskets, boxes, brunches and beyond on offer for celebrating the mom or mom-type person in your life. 

Mother's Day is a toughie for me... I lost my mom in 2014 and as a single mom of an almost-8-year-old I miss out on a lot of what the "holiday" is built up to be. But if you are in the position to treat your mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, or friend, what's available as far as beautiful take-out options in Vancouver is pretty stunning this year. Once again, I've got to hand it to local restaurants, bakeries, and catering companies for finding creative ways to connect with customers when things are not operating as usual. 

I'll be rounding up Mother's Day packages on the site soon, but in the meantime, I've got this list of Afternoon Tea to-go options on deck for celebrating that special day. I've checked out the take-out tea from the legendary Hotel Vancouver and I'm getting a sneak peek of what Savoury City is doing for Mother's Day, and this makes my Afternoon Tea-loving heart very happy. I have so many cherished memories of having tea with my Nana, my mom, and my son - it's one of my favourite meals. 

As May carries on, and we look to what may happen as far as restrictions go in B.C. after Victoria Day, no matter what happens it's still one of the best times of year for enjoying our local restaurants thanks to patio season and good weather (fingers crossed!) for doing picnics and enjoying those light-filled evenings at home with take-out.

🎂 🍔 🍣 For me, I have one more reason May is particularly delicious: My kiddo's birthday is at the end of May, and he informed me weeks ago of his plans...and those plans are completely about what we're eating at each meal. (Tell me you're raising a foodie without telling me you're raising a foodie, I'll go first!) Here's how we're spending his day eating: Breakfast sandwiches from McDonald's, burgers for lunch from DownLow Burgers, and sushi for dinner (from anywhere, really, it just has to be good sushi). I'll probably skip the McD's myself but I am looking forward to that day for sure. 

What's your dream day of eating in Vancouver? Drop me an email at to let me know, or to share any questions, tips, ideas, etc for Forking Awesome and the V.I.A. Food & Drink section. 

Something to drink

Treats made by Mister, featuring the Vancouver shop's liquid nitrogen ice cream. Photo: Mister/Facebook


This Vancouver ice cream shop is opening a second location this summer! 

The Take-Away

I'm still cooking most of our meals and using local services like Spud for groceries and Tractor at Home for meal components (plus I pop into our local produce shop and hit up a local farm for fresh eggs - the last dozen I grabbed had double yolks in 11 of the 12, so should I buy a lotto ticket?). One of my favourite former Bon Appetit staffers, Molly Baz has a great new cookbook called Cook This Book, and I absolutely have been. Put this on your list if you love to cook!

But...I did get some take-out the other day from a terrific new spot in Richmond in Steveston, called Baan Lao. It's a new Thai spot, featuring gorgeous high-quality ingredients in traditional dishes. They slid open their doors not too long ago and had been welcoming guests for elegant Thai meals indoors, but have since launched a terrific lunch and dinner take-out program. I got to try their tender, juicy rotisserie chicken with green papaya salad and rice, and an order of Phat Thai, and I'll tell you, they satisfied a major craving I've been having for Thai flavours, and I can't wait to be able to sit down at the restaurant and try more. Really beautiful stuff! 

Speaking of Steveston: The saga of the food trucks continues. I checked in last week with Corvette and Matt of Shameless Buns to find out why they thought local businesses were trying to push them out of the area. They spoke up at a council meeting this week and gave a (disappointing) update about what went down. Go check out their schedule and give their incredible Filipino-inspired eats a try.

And me? Next on my list of things to check out is something totally new I'll be writing about next week: A local biz called Burgerland Smash Up that's launching DIY Smashburger kits with all the fixings. Burgers are really having a moment right now (along with fried chicken and sandwiches) and I'm totally here for it. Stay tuned to see how my Smashburger skills stack up! 

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