7/26 Weekly Wrap-Up
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Happy Weekend everyone,
We hope you all had a good week and have time to read some of these wonderful happy 'tails' below.

Our July 24th Transport arrived safely in Oregon and WA, with a total of 118 dogs and 3 cats on board, who get to begin their new lives. Each one of these animals would no longer be alive if it wasn't for the teamwork of so many kind individuals. (See some of the pictures at the end of the update)

We want to Thank the ASPCA and LIVE OAK BANK for sponsoring these life saving transports and believing in our little group.
START Rescue Update & Pictures:
Here are pictures taken tonight of INDY resting in his kennel.
This poor dog has a long road to recovery.
INDY update post surgery:
"Good and bad with the surgery.
The bad is the skin grafts did not work. There wasn't enough healthy skin to make big enough grafts, and the dermatome wasn't cutting well. So we aborted that and are just goning to let the bigger wounds heal.
The good is that I was able to remove 3 large open wounds and close them with suture, so they will heal very quickly. No more surgeries for INDY, it is just a waiting and allowing the wounds to heal now.
Thanks again for all the support."
 -Dr. Slaton 

Here are some pictures from the July 24th Riverside transport sponsored by LIVE OAK BANK and the ASPCA. 
118 dogs (and 3 cats) got to begin new lives. 
And the dogs (and cats) have arrived...
Here's a couple of the lucky ones settling in after their long journey from Riverside, CA.



Actions speak louder than words...
MYSTIC'S smile says it all...
A former San Bernardino City Shelter dog who went up on a transport last month to SEVADOG RESCUE in Oregon, is now living life as a spoiled brat!!
PAIGE was dumped at Covina High School and was seen running after her owners as they drove away.

She was scared and homeless, but was helped by Liz, a START volunteer who begged her two wonderful friends, Erica and Mychelle, to foster her for a day or two....which turned into 3 months!! :)  They worked with PAIGE and brought her out of her shell with exercise, love, and good food.  PAIGE went up on our July 24th transport and straight into a forever home (we prescreened the family and made a home visit)  
PAIGE went from being left behind to living large in Portland, OR with her new forever family. 

BELLA was seen being dumped out of a truck.  She ended up at the Riverside Shelter and became a shelter favorite.  
She was super sweet and outgoing with everyone and she was very good with the other dogs. BELLA was picked to go on our transport to SNIPPED rescue and the rest is history :)

former Riverside Shelter resident
LUNA came into the Riverside Shelter as a scared and shut down stray. She sat in her kennel and would try to hide under the water bowl if approached.
LUNA did not seem to trust people, but then again, who would when it looked as if someone had cut her ears off with scissors?!?!
The amazing and Compassionate Aimee Hoesman, who works at the shelter, saw something special in LUNA and decided to work with her to bring her out of her shell.  
Aimee sat in the kennel with LUNA to show her that not all people were bad. Aimee decided to try her with another dog that was similar to her and the two dogs became best buds.
(He went to PUGET SOUND RESCUE) It took LUNA a little time, but she did come around and after a while she found her little "Wiggle Butt" action when Aimee visited her.
One of our groups, SNIPPED, offered to take LUNA on our JULY 24th Transport and below are a couple of pictures of her.  
THANK YOU Aimee and thank you Tamara of SNIPPED.  LUNA "LOVES" you both!

SUMMER was found on the streets of the San Fernando Valley—barely alive, limping, dehydrated, and 20 lbs underweight.
An angel named Deanna picked her up and took her to the vet.
SUMMER is about 4-5 years old and luckily had no fractures or breaks. START took SUMMER to Sandy's boarding, where she is now rehabilitating, and enjoying life. 

DELILAH was just "another" Chi Mix who was out of luck and out of time at the Riverside Shelter.  
Oregon Dog Rescue thought she was a worthy candidate for their program and DELILAH went on a START transport.  :)
DELILAH was ADOPTED this past weekend to a family, which includes a 9-year-old human sister who is just thrilled to have her first dog!  DELILAH has blossomed into a very sweet and loving girl who loves to roll over for belly rubs. 

A Small Miracle...
On our very recent July 24th Transport a quick stop was scheduled in Bakersfield, CA to pick up 2 dogs for one of our groups.  The transporter arrived early at the shelter to pick up the dogs but a person in line ahead of them adopted one of them.
While at the shelter, the transporter saw a little dog with a cancerous tumor (who was scheduled to be euthanized that day) and they asked our group SNIPPED (who help medical dogs) if they would take him.
The stars were aligned for this little 10-year-old as we now had a space on board for him and where he is able to get his second chance :)



Please read this beautiful obituary written by GUSSIE'S foster.
GUSSIE was a "throwaway" dog who lived his remaining time surrounded by love.
This special boy passed away on July 17th and will greatly be missed.

GUSSIE was a big yellow Lab with a short tail, probably lost in a tangle with a car some time past.  And he was what is often called a "throwaway dog."  Turned in by his owner to East Valley in January, he was a senior with arthritis, an enlarged liver and little chance of getting out.  S.T.A.R.T. rescued him and found him a temporary foster until he could be transported to a new life in Oregon.   GUSSIE'S health, or perhaps GUSSIE himself, had other plans and it was decided that he was just not fit enough to make the trip.  So the temp foster arranged for GUSSIE became a permanent home.

GUSSIE spent his days in a work at home office and had company pretty much day and night.  He amused us with his peculiar and unique way of throwing his bark by swinging his head to the left and right while asking for dinner.  We always knew when 6 p.m. rolled around.  GUSSIE was a true gentleman and fastidious in his house training.  He always let us know with that ventriloquist bark that he had to go out.   He loved stealing coffee filters, paper plates and misc. items from the table and collecting his booty on his pillow bed.  He was expert at decorating the place with various items pulled out of the trash. 
In short, he was quite a character and a lot of fun.  But as the months went by, he had a harder and harder time walking even with the arthritis medication he happily devoured hidden in pieces of hot dog.   A week before he left us he had a moment--a sort of a rally--and I caught him nabbing paper towels from the table and running around the office with them.  We made a game of it--him hiding under tables and desks, peeking around corners and running around again with his prize.  It was as if he was saying:  "You should have seen me when I was young, Mom."   
On July 17, when it came time for him to leave us, there were many pairs of teary eyes, including the Veterinary staff that had only known him a short time, yet he had made an impression.  He was that kind of dog, and his antics are still being talked about in the office by all.  Pretty good for a throwaway dog. 
Elaine Edford 
GUSSIE'S Foster Mom        

"All glory comes from daring to begin."
~ Eugene F. Ware

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