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NABSS TV Interviews ACYCLE Youth Project from Ipswich 31 05 2022
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NABSS Awards 2022 Community Activism Tony Cealy
NABSS Awards 2022 Kurudi Nyuma Sis Saffiah from  Descendants
NABSS Awards 2022 Kurudi Nyuma Sis Nyasha

Dear Colleagues and Friends, the Youth Learning Network Ltd a Charitable Educational, Heritage and Youth Development organisation is urgently looking for a Science Teacher to teach the Secondary Section of our Supplementary Education Program on Saturdays from 13.45 - 17.00 at the Goose Green Community Centre, 67A East Dulwich Road, London SE22 9AT. Please contact Kwame Ocloo on 07821623009 or email with your CV to: and for further details.

NABSS TV Interview with Nubia Afrikan Community Foundation School  20.09.2021
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NABSS Awards 2022 Community Activism to Aamasade Shepneckhi
NABSS TV Interviews the Kana Foundation 12.12.2021

African /Caribbean Tutors required for private tuition of African/ Caribbean boys in English and other subjects.

Contact: Angie Brooks Kana Foundation

020 802 4977


Nehemiah Sponsorship


Hi, I'm HADAR, I am 10 years of age. Welcome to my book!. I love drawing and love Superhero movies, especially Marvel films. So decided to draw real-life Black History Superheroes. My book is about inspiring people awesome and brave throughout history.

  Supporting Young People…. 

Supporting young people is what I do

A seasoned youth and community worker coming at you

Primed and ready to deliver a service

Knowing the good that comes from it is more than worth it…  

Helping young people to find their feet In a complicated World where many do and don’t eat

From a 21st Century reality with mixed priorities Young people need consistent support with love that is guaranteed…  

Once a man they say twice a child Some young people grow disciplined while others grow wild

With lifelong learning support and good mentoring Guidance and direction to help them keep it advancing and developing…  

Onwards and upwards, fulfilling hopes, dreams and aspirations Young people as they grow reflecting different manifestations…  

Supporting Young People…  

Written by Raoul Dero The Universal Poet 10th November 2020Copyright ©


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