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Education is in our hands, let us hold hands…

Education is in our hands, let us hold hands
It’s the least we can do, in taking a stand…
Our children’s future, depends on what we do
Considering our history, and what we have come through…

And still we rise, against barriers and borders, put up
Our ancestor’s proof, we are made of good stuff…
As people of colour, let our genius shine
Knowledge, wisdom, together, entwined…

Education is in our hands, let us hold hands
Inspiring our children with a universal plan...
Bringing together intergeneration
Promoting self-determination, across our nation…

Throughout the passage of time, we have held hands before
Created great civilizations, inventions and much more…
Continuing a legacy, rich in tradition
Reflecting our value, for what we have consistently given…

Education is in our hands; let us hold hands, once more
Creating a global education, the World has never witnessed before…

Education is in our hands, let us hold hands…

Written by Raoul Dero
The Universal Poet
4th November 2019
Copyright ©

Afrikan Heritage Saturday School in Glasgow, Scotland

The NABSS TV YouTube Channel

Jambo/Greetings Family,

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Youth Learning Network is recruiting children & young people for those in schools years 1 - 11 for three hourly lessons in English, Maths, Science at the Goose Green Community Centre, 62A East Dulwich Road, SE22 9AT every Saturday from 13.00-16.00 as well as all those preparing for their GCSEs.
Two primary school teachers required.
Please spread the words.

Contact Kwame Ocloo on 07821623009 or email

NABSS TV Interview with Margaret Noel from
Descendants Supplementary School,
Ealing, West London

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Full Time SDA Afrikan Heritage led school in Birmingham..

Harper Bell Sda School | Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist School
Harper Bell Seventh-day Adventist Primary School is a SDA Christian School for 4-11 year olds in Birmingham, England.
Inline image


Pioneering 19th Century British Black Female Footballer to get Blue Plaque at North London School, on the same site of her former club

On a chilly spring afternoon in 1895, a North a London park became the venue for a football match which would make British sporting history. The assembled teams were made up of women, one representing the North and other representing the South. Although there had been other women matches played in the UK previously, this match attracted over 10,000 paying spectators coming to witness British Ladies FC in action. The date was Saturday 23 March 1895, and the match which took place on Nightingale Lane, eventually saw the North beat the South 7 - 1. However, by a twist of fate, it was Southern-born player who would later become the most famous of the 22 players who took to the field that day. Her name was Emma Clarke, and by taking part in that match, she went on record as being the first named “black” female footballer in the UK.

Emma Jane Clarke was born in Plumstead on 2nd December 1871 to John and Caroline Clarke. Her mother, Caroline, was born in Ceylon (modern-day Sri Lanka) and was said to be the daughter of a relationship between a British national residing in the southern part of the country during the middle of the 19th century, and a dark-skinned local. It is not yet clear whether the latter was one of the African people who had resided in South Ceylon since the 15th century (and still there today), or whether it was one of the darker indigenous South Ceylonese people of the region. Caroline, however, was accepted as the daughter of Mr and Mrs Bogg (Emma’s British grandparents), and taken back to England, where she grew up in mid-19th century London. She would later marry a certain John Clarke and bore him 10 children. Emma was the fifth child, seven of whom were girls. One of her younger sister's, Florence, was also a very talented footballer, and along with Emma played for British Ladies FC.

To commemorate, the pioneering footballer Emma Clarke, her sister, and all the entire British Ladies Football Team of 1895, a blue heritage plaque will be placed on Campsbourne School, Nightingale Lane, on 2nd December 2019. The school is the site of the former Crouch End FC, the club where Emma and her sister Florence once played their football. The date of 2nd December was chosen to install the Nubian Jak Heritage plaque as it marks the 148th anniversary since the birth of Emma Clarke.

When:  2nd December 2019                                                                                                                     

Where: Campsbourne School, Nightingale Lane, Hornsey, London, N8 7AF  

Time:   11:00am

NB: Before the plaque unveiling there will be a girl’s football tournament in Nightingale Lane, where competing schools will play for the inaugural Emma Clarke Gold Cup. Kick-off 10:00 am.

                                        For more information email: Twitter: @nubianjak

Mayor of Haringey, Cllr Sheila Peacock said:  Cllr Sheila Peacock, Mayor of Haringey, said: “It is an absolute honour to pay tribute to Emma Clarke, a true pioneer for BAME women in football, and for women across the world. We are thrilled to have this plaque here in Haringey, where Emma once played football. What a great message for the girls and young women of Haringey – I hope it inspires generations to come.”

CEO of the Nubian Jak Community Trust, Dr Jak Beula said: “Although it gives me great pleasure to honour Emma Clarke with a Nubian Jak Community Trust blue heritage plaque, the plaque is also tribute to her sister Florence Clarke, to other footballing pioneers like Carrie Boustead, and for all the pioneering women of the last century and this, who had to overcome a number of barriers just to enjoy playing the game they loved.” 

Headmaster for Campsbourne School, Jonathan Smith said:  We are immensely proud and excited to be taking part in this event to celebrate the life of Emma Clarke and her achievements, and to be able to play our part in reminding everyone of the fascinating history that is weaved through the fabric of the community we serve.”

Black History Walks founder and plaque sponsor, Tony Warner said: “Finally, after 148 years ‘the dark, fleet-footed girl on the wing’ will receive permanent recognition for kicking off a legacy of black female footballers. As a ‘coloured’ woman on the sports field the many obstacles she overcame will be familiar to present-day sisters in the struggle.”

Historian and leading authority on Emma Clarke, Stuart Gibbs said: Uncovering the story of Emma Clarke has been quite a journey, working with limited information there has been a few false steps along the way.  But together with others in the field, we now have a good understanding of Emma and side that she played for.  Girls coming to the sport today can take inspiration from the fact that diversity has existed in women's football for almost as long as the women's game itself

Note to Editors: 

The Emma Clarke Blue Plaque and Gold Cup Project has been put together by Nubian Jak Community Trust. The plaque and sculpture scheme is the largest diverse plaque scheme in the world, and the Emma Clark Plaque will be it's 49th in the capital. 

The Emma Clark plaque is sponsored by Black History Walks, a London based award-winning tourist guide company. Sponsorship of the plaque is part of their campaign to increase awareness of Britain's culturally diverse history. To date, Black History Walks have sponsored 5 Nubian Jak plaques in the capital.

The Nubian Jak Community Trust

 is a registered charity in England and Wales, registered charity number 1169656. 




Beautiful and amazing black history calendar for 2020. Fantastic images and each day of the year has a golden African history fact. Click above image to see video.


Eventbrite Link:

PASCFJJD Imperial Institute with Colombian Solidarity Campaign warmly invite you to join us in our workshop this Friday, 29th November 2019 to meet Bro Jota - a musician and front-line environment and community defender. He performs with the group Hage Que Pase based in Cali and the Valle region of south west Colombia.  But due to persistent and real death threats, several friends have been murdered, Jota is currently in temporary exile with Amnesty International in Spain building and raising awareness about the Uqhagamishelwano an initiative which seeks to build cultural solidarity links between young hip hop artivists in South America and Africa, and to explain the idea of this South-South initiative.

Session Chair: Dr Andy Higginbottom, Kingston University
You are also invited to stand in Solidarity on:

Saturday, 30th November 2019 , 2pm- 4pm
Parliament Square, SW1P 3BD
Organised by Bolivia Solidarity Campaign & 12 October Platform.
Whiphala Flames is part of an internationally coordinated day of protest in support of the indigenous movement in Bolivia, where people are being beaten and shot for showing the multicoloured Whippala.
A Session Not To Be Missed! Come & Bring The Family!

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REFLECT Couture Home Page
REFLECT Cultural Couture Apparel Homepage website children's wear collection, family business 2018/2019 long & short-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, cups, bags, girl boy black image



*Black History Studies* presents the *17th ‘Black Market & Film Festival’* on *Saturday 30th November 2019* from *12pm to 9pm* at West Green Learning Centre at *Parkview Academy*, West Green Road, London, N15 3QR.

Over *40 Black Businesses* showcasing African Arts & Crafts, African Inspired Homeware, Jewellery, Fashion, Skincare, Hair Care, Health Products, Food, Books, DVDs, Toys, Professional Services & more!


🎦 *UK PREMIERE* screening of *‘The Black Love ❤ Blueprint Film: Ending The War Between Black Men and Women’* (2019) by Dorian Chandler

🎦 *BHS PREMIERE* screening of *’Wax Print: 1 Fabric, 4 Continents, 200 Years of History’*(2018) by Aiwan Obinyan

🎦 *BHS PREMIERE* screening of *‘LIYANA* (2017) by Aaron and Amanda Kopp

👨🏾‍💻 *PRESENTATION: 'Jumpstart Your Financial Future’* by Award winning Financial Educator Daryl Harper

👨🏾‍💻 *PRESENTATION*: *Where ‘THE SECRET’(Law of Attraction) meets ‘THINK AND GROW RICH’* by Tony Dada, Empowerment Coach & Conscious Creative Social Entrepreneur

👶🏽 *Children Activity: ‘Toys From Trash’* Toy Making Workshop by Rijole Bitata of S.T.E.A.M Power

👶🏽 *Children Activity*: *‘TOON IN’ Cartoon Drawing Workshop* by Peter Payne

👨🏾👩🏽‍🦱 👶🏽 *Intergenerational Family Activity: ‘Digital Retreat Boardgames’ Workshop* by Theresa Hatchett

🎶 Music and Entertainment by *Ace of Jacks Entertainment & Media*.

🗣 Networking Opportunities

💰 Business Opportunities - find out how you can earn additional income.

🍴 Hot food & refreshments

🆓 Free parking on site all day

And much more!

*Our economic empowerment and liberation is OUR RESPONSIBILITY*

We have limited number of Early Bird Tickets available at *£5.00*

After they have gone, tickets will be *£8.00* if purchased before MIDNIGHT on Friday 29th November 2019.

Tickets will be *£10.00* on the door.

Children under 16 and Elder’s over 60 are FREE

🚘 Free parking at the venue.

♿ Wheelchair accessible

👨🏾👩🏽‍🦱🧒🏾👧🏾 Family friendly

For more information and to purchase your tickets go to



Stall enquiries via email to


*Black History Studies* 
_Educating the community to educate themselves_
Mobile: 07957 184770

The Black Market & Film Festival - Saturday 30th November 2019




10-11 French Drove, Thorney
Peterborough PE6 0PE

Give  someone a book that they will never forget!
Paperback - 350 pages £22.50
This amazing book uses both fiction and non-fiction to tell the story of a disgraced Black MP who is helped to recover by a part-time Nigerian therapist using Black history notes as the basis for his cultural therapy. This cultural therapy that takes the MP on a 6000 year journey. 
Buy Now
Paperback - 200 pages £8.99
Set in the Black community of south London this novel tells the story of Winnie, a middle aged  woman who attempts to hold together her marriage, family and community as her life falls apart. To bring joy to herself and her community she organises a family day that sees the whole community and two pastors become involved.
One Amazon reader described it as: 'The most comical book I have ever read!'
Buy Now
Paperback - 118 pages £11.99  
The classic, How to Unlock Your Child's Genius, is now a bestseller, having sold thousands of copies worldwide. This book provides parents and educators with 11 simple steps on how to unlock their child's genius. Topics include: diet and learning, how the child learns, creative learning, rites of passage, education and culture, eLearning and family learning plus more.
Buy Now

The package consists of:

  • The best-selling Black Scientists & Inventors books 1 to 8,

  • Blacks In Mathematics & Science, with Financial Literacy:
    Work Books 1 & 2

  • Simply The Best

  • Mr & Mrs Ken and the Numbers 1 to 10

  • A total of 12 amazing educational, inspirational and motivational life changing books, designed for children and adults.

What's in the books?

  • You may have watched the film Hidden Figures and learned about three great female African Americans; a mathematician, an engineer and a computer programmer. If you think that was great and long overdue, then check out hundreds of more Hidden Figures in the Black Scientists & Inventors full package.

  • We are pleased to include the Black Women Scientists & Inventors, learn about the hidden figures behind caller ID, call Waiting and the inventor of an instrument that removes cataracts via laser technology, plus much more.

  • We are also pleased to include the ground-breaking Black Scientists & Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions & Innovations. This awesome encyclopedic type book, boasts 380 pages of great achievements and contributions by people of African descent to the UK landscape, over the last 12,000 years. Easy to read text with pages of illustrations, timelines, glossary, plus a 11-Step Guide on producing the next generation of Black British Scientists & Inventors, plus much more.

  • Finally it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the long eagerly awaited Black Scientists & Inventors Book 8 is also included. Learn about the young Jamaican whose invention may revolutionise the automotive industry, the Ethiopian whose invention has revolutionised the fitness industry, the South African (SA) artificial intelligence expert who this year became the first person of African descent to become Vice-Chancellor of a prestige SA University. The Black British mathematician who refused to take the advise of his careers teacher, instead following his Jamaican father's advice and became one of the most powerful Black Britons, plus much more.

This is a Godsend for anyone who is truly interested in the great STEM contributions made by Black people (a topic area seldom taught in schools). The books in this package are great page-turners, excellent for the individual to read, but even better read as a family or group.

These books help both adults and children gain a positive-self image, plus a positive-group image; challenging much of the negative images portrayed about African/Caribbean children in the media.

For the coming festive season this package will make perfect gifts.

  • Nelson Mandela said "...Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world..."


  • Marcus Garvey said " your homes and everywhere possible, you must teach the higher development of science to your children; and make sure that we have a race of scientists par excellence...”

Take advantage of this offer whilst stock last or date of offer ends.




long eagerly awaited Black Scientists & Inventors Book 8 Possibly the best book written and published  on the contributions of  Black Scientists and Inventors this year.

View similar pr oducts »

Also include is the ground-breaking Black Scientists & Inventors in the UK: Millenniums of Inventions & Innovations. This awesome encyclopedic type book

Shop the sale »

BLACK BRITISH HISTORY Black Influences on British Culture (1948 to 2016): 32 Hours of Teaching and Learning Material for Parents, Guardians, and Teachers of Secondary School Students
BLACK BRITISH HISTORY Black Influences on British Culture : 32...
Mr Robin WalkerMs Vanika MarshallMs Paula PerryMr Anthony Vaughan
Price: £12.00 
Learn more
Add to Wish List
Black Britain: A Photographic History
Black Britain: A Photographic History
Paul GilroyStuart Hall
RRP: £19.99
Price: £16.88 
You Save: £3.11 (16%)
Learn more
Add to Wish List
The Oxford Companion to Black British History (Oxford Companions)
The Oxford Companion to Black British History (Oxford Companions)
David DabydeenJohn GilmoreCecily Jones
RRP: £35.00
Price: £21.27 
You Save: £13.73 (39%)
Learn more
Add to Wish List
Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal
Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal
Dalian Y AdofoRobin Walker
Price: £22.99 
Learn more
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Greetings Family,

Nationally there are 30,000 vacancies and I'm tired of hearing that "we don't apply for the positions". I will be doing some work with the National Governance Association (NGA) but this network will be independent and made up of past, present and future governors so there is a single place that schools can come to for professional black governors and where training can take place.

Please spread the word as I'm creating a database where more information will be shared.

Anyone interested should send me an email with 'National Black Governors Network' in the subject bar.

Many thanks 
Sharon Warmington

This is the Facebook group that has been hosted by NABSS for the last  5 years:


Nia Imara

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Ring 07587 185272 for E1T1 books.
Ama xx

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Black Business Directories :

Shops Noir

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My Black Market UK

UK Black Owned  Business Directory


To advertise educational and cultural events and logos for just £10 please click here. Get your information out to up to 3000 contacts.
NABSS Weekly Newsletter Poem
NABSS Weekly Newsletter
Thank you very much
Always enlightening and full of great stuff
Giving insight, empowering, bringing people together
Twelve months of the year, regardless of the weather
NABSS Weekly Newsletter, year to year
Reflecting the issues exceptionally clear
The Educational needs of our younger generation
Constantly working to ensure their liberation
Education the key in securing meaningful progress
Unity amongst us remains our ultimate test?
If our survival and elevation as a race is to be blessed?
NABSS Weekly Newsletter
Long may you shine!
Until the day your work becomes mainstream
Universally in line
With embracing, fulfilling our hopes, dreams and aspirations
Globally influencing, positively all embracing?
NABSS Weekly Newsletter

Written by Raoul Dero
The Universal Poet
15th June 2015
Copyright (c)
Keep up the Sterling work/keep the Fire Burning!
Asante sana
07473 956 273

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Topics covered include:

Black Mental Health

Do We Still Need Black History Month

Meditation and Afrikan Yoga

Gold Onyx Children's Film Club

Black Supplementary Schools and the Role of the Black Churches

Autism in the BME Community

A Brother's  Day of Health, Healing and Unity

Black Parent Governors and much more....


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