Food Poisoned On The 12:21 Solstice & Inner~Guided Immediate Cure That Worked Well ~ Thank Goodness ! 

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Alrighty Folks:  Have Some Good News Regarding Food Poisoning !

On The 12:21 Solstice Opened Up The Day With Organic Celery Juice.  No Problems ~~~Felt Great !

Then Moved Onto Some Food As
I Was Super Hungry:

I Ended Up Making An Italian Pasta With Chick Pea Pasta & Served With An Organic Garden Marinara Sauce With Basil * Onions * Celery Pulp Left Over From The Juicing.  

Was Super Excited To Eat & Only Made Small Amount As To Not Indulge In Too Much Food.  

Something Happened !

Not Sure What Ingredient It Was That Brought On The Food Poisoning ~ Yet I Was In A Lot Of Physical Pain In The Digestive Track That Lead To Mental Pain Of "Day~Mares" That Then Lead To Emotional Pain & Crying Until I Passed Out From Too Much Physical Body Human Suffering.

When I Awoke I Was Still In Physical Pain From The Food Poisoning.  Then Via The Grace Of Goodness ~ I Felt That Cooling The Digestive Track With Frozen Wild Blueberries May Help.  

So Glad I Trusted That Instinct !  

WILD Being The Key Word Here In The Blueberry Antidote !

So I Added Frozen Wild Blueberries To Some Fresh Squeezed Orange/Grapefruit Juice That I Had Already Made............Spun It Up In A High Speed Blender............Drank 1/2 Cup & Within 1/2 Hour No More Pain * No More Human Physical Suffering From Food Poison Symptoms ++++++ Extra Healing 
Occurred Immediately.  

As I Felt The Wild Blueberry Juice I Had Made Flow Through My Entire Physical Body ~~~ The Juice Zapped Out Parasites That Were Bothering My Head/Nose/Throat.............Handled The Digestive Track: Stomach/Intestinal Issues ~~~~~Then I Went Into Immediate Sweats Of The Lymphatic System Soaking 
Through 2 Layers Of Clothes To Get Out All Of The Toxins ++++Urinary Track Releasing.  I Was Super Excited To Be Experiencing All Of The Natural Physical Body Healing From The Wild Blueberries.  

Normally I am A Huge Fan Of The Health Benefits Of Wild Blueberries.  

However, Did Not Know Until NOW That It Immediately Cures Food Poisoning.  

Hence, Why I am Sharing This With All Of You !

I Felt This Is Valuable Information & Especially So At This Time Of Year !

 So Many Folks Are Eating Heavy Holiday Foods, Alcohol, Coffee, Less Exercise, Dealing With Stress, Feeling Bloated, Gassy Or Fatigued.  It Sucks !

And It Does Not Have To Be That Way For You Or Anyone You Care About Or Love.  

For Instance, During Thanks~Giving Holiday It Took Me 4 Days Just To Finish Enjoying My Amazing Foods That I Received During The Dinner.  

They Were Rich, Fabulous Tasting, All Organic Vegan Yet If I Ate Too Much At One Time It Would Have Probably Sent Me Into "Food Coma" !

The Great News Is That I Found Out 2 Days Ago That During This Holiday Season I Actually Lost 6 lbs.  

Big Whoooooo Hoooooo For That !

In Addition This Year As The:

* Acupuncture Session *

 (Meridian Line Opening Energies ) 

* Water Colonic Therapy Session *
 (Hydration Water Cleansing Energy) 

* Ear ~ Candling Session * 
 (Fire Clearing Energy)

During The Professional Bees Wax Ear~Candling Session 20% Candle Wax Melts Down + 80% Is Ear Wax Build-Up + Dirt + Maybe Lost Cotton Q-Tip Pieces From Cleaning Ears Regularly That Is Pulled Out & Removed During Fire Energy Process.  

 Plus Still Sportin' All Natural Blonde Hair ~ (No Chemical Dyes Or Colorings For 10 Years Now) !

When A Being WALKS THE REAL WALK Rather Than JUST TALKIN' THE TALK & Displays Action That = Health = More Access To Generating A Clean Physical Body Temple For More Inner Source Body Connection With Higher~Self.  


These Are Some Of The Physical Tools That I Assist Some Folks With Applying & Integrating Into Their Lives During Personal Retreats !

Also, Here Is The Holiday Recipe For My Amazing "Crowd Pleasing" Wild Blueberry Organic Vegan Cheesecake.  

>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<

This Recipe Will Also Be Featured In My New Divine Recipe Book That Will Soon Be Released Soon !  


Kind Regards, Catalina

Aka: Krystal McWinn


        {Spiritual Artistic Pen Name}

Why ?

Because We Are WINNing

                   That's Why!


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