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Eastern Edge Gallery will be closed Friday July 1st. Happy Canada Day!
David Tuck Parade and Planting
+ unveiling of new David Tuck Memorial Library shelf

Saturday July 2 at 11am 
Meet at Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Dr.)
Procession will by led by the illustrious Wiener Shaman
Free. All Welcome.

As part of March 2016 exhibition David Tuck: friends and ashes, the Wiener Shaman (Sara Tilley), with clown friends Vanessa Cardoso Whelan and Bernardine Stapleton, created a Sacred Mixture in honour of David Tuck - this mixture contained many sacred ingredients, including some of David's ashes, as well as a variety of flower seeds, housed in a magical vessel created by Jay Butler.

On Saturday, July 2 at 11am we will gather at Eastern Edge Gallery and unveil the new David Tuck Memorial Library shelf, commissioned by Eastern Edge and custom built by local carpenter Chris George. We will then disperse the Sacred Mixture through the streets of St. John's, planting seeds and ashes (and bacon bits, sparkles, candy and other sacred substances) in uncared-for corners. Please come and celebrate a colourful life with us! 

Newfoundland artist David Tuck, 1953­-2015, died well before we were ready to say goodbye. As a tribute to David, his work and his unique view of life, artist friends from across the Atlantic region have been invited to create new artworks, in a variety of media, each one to incorporate some of David’s ashes. David always said that after he died he would like to be painted into a Masterpiece. His friends thought this would be a great salute to David and a way to say: “a part of you is still here with us.” Love you David, from all your friends.

July 8-16 2016

Opening reception / performance: Saturday, July 9
Free. All welcome.

VISIONS OF SOUND //installation
TOM HAMILTON: City of Vorticity- electronic sound environment

VISIONS OF SOUND //installation
Main Gallery
Marigold Santos
MIRROR/MOTHER (fragments)
Photo by Noah Bender
May 27 - July 6

MIRROR/MOTHER (fragments) explores self-hood as an experience of shifting identities and realities. Works of drawing, film and installation renegotiate the artist's lived experience of migration and movement between cultures and tradition into meaningful fragments of personal myth, narrative and folklore. In MIRROR/MOTHER (fragments) Santos furthers her investigation of colonial narrative, visibility, and empowerment alive with fantastical and otherworldly imagery. The artist draws on material and evolving ideas from two previous bodies of work: BLACK MIRROR, a series focusing on dualities and binaries and INVISIBLE MOTHER, a series of work challenging conceptual roles of light and dark through portrayals of women in folklore and beyond. MIRROR/MOTHER (fragments) re-combines these histories and ideas and speaks to multifariousness by providing new paths by which to follow and deviate.

Marigold Santos pursues an inter-disciplinary art practice involving drawn, painted, and printed works, sculpture, animation, and sound. She holds a BFA with Honours from the University of Calgary (2007), and an MFA from Concordia University in Montréal (2011). As a recipient of numerous awards and grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, she exhibits widely across Canada, and divides her place of residence and practice between Calgary and Montreal.

rOGUE Gallery
Hazel Eckert
Picture Catalogue

Hazel Eckert | SEAM COLLAGE No.3 | archival digital print | 23" x 16" | 2015
Limited edition Picture Catalogue books available at Eastern Edge Gallery - $25

June 18 - July 6

Picture Catalogue is an ongoing series of collage works that explore modes of intuition, chance encounter and tension in the collage process. Images from archival and current magazine spreads are removed from their original context and are recombined along the seam of my sketchbook into enigmatic fragments of individual narratives. In an attempt to skirt the nostalgia inherent in the source imagery I carefully choose graphic elements for their abstract properties instead of their overt cultural references.

After an initial period of collecting and documenting, I arrive at final a composition through a process of selecting, cutting, and joining images. For a year I have been collecting images from old and new Pop Culture, Fashion and News magazines as well as pillaging the Toronto Reference Library’s Picture Collection, an archive housing over a million images clipped from magazines, discontinued books, and printed photographs.

The seam or gutter of my sketchbook acts as an axis on which I can adapt and manipulate new points of intersection for the images. Each collage is reproduced as a print on a folded sheet of paper, preserving the materials' original alignment along the seam of a commercial publication.

Hazel Eckert is an artist, printer and designer from Toronto Ontario. She holds a B.A in printmaking from OCAD University, 2008. With a background in graphic design and letterpress printing, commercial materials and techniques inform her art practice. As a recipient of numerous awards and grants from the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, Open Studio and Atelier Graff, Eckert's work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions across Canada. She has participated in artist residencies in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Eckert lives and works in St. John's, NL.

Alice and Stephen modelling HOLD FAST 2016 merchandise
Welcome HOLD FAST 2016 Festival Coordinators!

Alice Hietala and Stephen Brace

Alice moved to St. John's in 2010 to pursue a Masters of Music at MUN and she of course fell in love with the city. She now splits her time between Toronto and St. John's and between conducting choirs and immersing herself in community organizing. She is currently studying Social Service Work at George Brown College with the goal of using the arts as a community development and outreach tool. She's thrilled to be back in St. John's for the summer, working to support the voices and vision of our Canadian and international contemporary artists.  

Stephen Brace returns to St. John’s for the summer from Montreal, where he studies Fine Art and English Literature at Concordia University. He is spending this summer photographing queer identities living in Newfoundland. Brace is excited to return to his second year working with Eastern Edge and HOLD FAST Contemporary Arts Festival.

Follow HOLD FAST Contemporary Arts Festival
August 18-21 2016
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CALL FOR ARTISTS: Traffic Box Art Program 

Clean St. John’s and The City of St. John’s are seeking visual artists to design and create innovative painted art for traffic boxes. These boxes are the green metal boxes at intersections throughout the City that control the operation of the traffic signals. The selected artists will receive an honorarium of $500.00 to cover fees and supplies. Paint will be provided.

This Traffic Box Program is a wonderful way to engage local artists to design and create painted visual art while reducing unwanted tagging and markings on the boxes.

Proposals should include:

 Artwork concept description with rough sketch of the design
 3 images of past painted work
 Artist bio
 Artist website link, if available
 Complete Contact Information including email address, mailing address and phone number

A jury will select proposals that display ability with colour, design, technique and creativity. Concepts need to clearly illustrate an original design that is respectful and suitable for a traffic box.

Important details:

 Traffic boxes are approximately 30 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 56 inches high. Some of the boxes are three sided and some four. Your design should be developed with this in mind.
 The traffic box will be cleaned and primed prior to painting
 Exterior latex paint will be provided in a selection of colours
 Artists are to supply their own brushes, containers and drop cloth
 Boxes are to be painted on all sides
 A safety vest will be provided and must be worn during painting
 Once artwork is dry, a protective coating will be applied by the City of St. John’s
 Selected artists must attend a planning meeting at City Hall to discuss details of the program
 Artists should have some flexibility in their schedule for painting the second/third week in

August weather permitting

 A full description of the program and samples of previously completed boxes are attached.
 Proposals must be received by July 20, 2016. Apply by email to or by mail to Clean St. John’s, 10 New Gower Street, P O Box 908, St. John’s , NL, A1C 5M2. Attention, Karen Hickman.


Workshop Dates: July 18 — July 29

Open House and Performances: July 29 (LSPU Hall) & July 30 (Victoria Park)


Artists, educators, filmmakers, performers, dancers, storytellers, artistically inclined tinkerers and community members from all walks, are invited to take part in this unique workshop opportunity, which will examine puppet articulation, mask, story devising, and large-scale puppet design. The aim of this two-week workshop is the development of a new work of nighttime spectacle-theatre based on Mary Fearon and Andy Jones’ hilarious adaptation of “Jack and the World’s End Water.”

Exercises in mask and puppetry techniques will complement work in narrative development and ensemble building. Members of the community at large are invited to work side-by-side with professional artists.

The exploratory work will have an indoor showing and open house at LSPU Hall on Friday, July 29 and then an outdoor showing, the following evening, July 30 as part of yearly festivities at Victoria Park. The outdoor show will be in collaboration with Newfoundland’s own musical improv troupe The Scruncheons.

LSPU Hall will serve as the home base for meetings and creation sessions.

The Manolis L Citizens Response Committee and Newfoundland Artists respond to: Manolis L oil spill

Opening reception: July 2  3-5pm
Joe Keefe Gallery
Community of Fogo, Main Rd. 
Located in the old pharmacy building 

An exhibition of artwork to be presented as part of an ongoing awareness campaign for the complete cleanup and removal of Manolis L Oil in Notre Dame Bay

June 21 to November 22
6:30-7:30 pm
Fogo Island Inn
Everyone Welcomed
Fogo Island Arts presents a series of engaging talks hosted by 2016 artists-in-residence throughout the summer and fall.

July 5 - Ricardo Okaranza
July 12 - Jacob Proctor
July 18 - Lisa Oppenheim*
August 16 - Map Office
September 6 - Abbas Akhavan
September 20 - Marco Bruzzone
October 11 - Jeremy Shaw
November 8 - Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens
November 22 - Augustas Serapinas

Call For Submissions | 2017 AGW Triennial of Contemporary Art

Downtown/s: Urban Renewal
Today for Tomorrow

The 2017 AGW Triennial of Contemporary Art

Submission Deadline
Friday, August 5, 2016, 5 pm

Exhibition Dates
September 29, 2017 - January 14, 2018

Curated by Jaclyn Meloche, PhD, Interim Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Windsor

The Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW) is pleased to invite proposals for new or recent artworks for Downtown/s: Urban Renewal Today for Tomorrow, The 2017 Art Gallery of Windsor Triennial of Contemporary Art which brings together examples of contemporary art made by artists in southwestern Ontario, Windsor-Essex, and Detroit surrounding the theme of downtown/s -- downtown destruction and downtown renewal. In response to this theme, artists are to consider the many ways in which they experience, understand and frame the notion of downtown within their community in all its locational precarity and multiplicities.

The strategic plurality of the word downtown speaks to current and timely conversations about global architecture, culture and economic renaissance, topics that are changing the nature of what a downtown looks like, how it functions, and for whom. In an effort to expand the AGW’s notion of downtown and collaborate with other sites in and around the city, additional locations will serve as a stage for the presentation of art, such as the University of Windsor and its newly relocated School of Creative Arts, the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre, and other sites to be determined. In the spirit of an intervention, we invite artists to submit recent works, or proposals for new work to be exhibited in a variety of spaces. Artists are encouraged to share their stories with us. We want to know how artists are responding and re-imagining their experiences and understandings of downtown in times of urban renewal. Works in all media will be considered, including sculpture, performance, video, audio, installation, photography, painting, drawing and digital media.

For eligibility and submission guidelines click here.

Image: Charlie O'GeenLimber (Zero Drouillard Road), 2014; installation image from Possible Futures: What is to be done? The 2014 Windsor-Essex Triennial of Contemporary Art

Art Gallery of Windsor
401 Riverside Drive West

TransX Transmission Art Symposium
Call for Papers, Performances and Workshops/Tutorials

Deadline September 15, 2016

New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) is pleased to announce the 2017 edition of the TransX Transmission Art Symposium
February 17 - 20, 2017

NAISA is now inviting submissions for papers, performances and workshops/tutorials:

Rooted in the earliest experiments with radio, Transmission Art has continued to flourish into the 21st Century with experiments using wireless communications technology over the past 100 years, including the exploration of a variety of mobile-based and digital platforms, and lesser-known forms of transmission, such as VLF. The terrain of transmission art is dynamic and fluid, always open to redefinition.

The TransX Transmission Art Symposium, part of the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art, will focus on Transmission Art and Radio Art, with particular interest in contributions that summarize, examine or reframe traditions and histories of transmission art practices, technology, broadcasting, education and pedagogy. Additionally, we are very interested in presentations that go beyond the local contingent to give a sense of how new technologies of international transmission activity might be experienced. Proposed presentations, performances and Workshops/Tutorials that combine the themes of Transmission Art and our 2017 theme “Sound Response” are also especially welcome.
- - -