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In Step - June 12-14, 2015:  
A side-door to Cursillo

There are many reasons our parishioners don't go to Cursillo.  Here are a few:
  • Trust:  People look at large institutions (government, business, church), with more skepticism today compared to 70-years ago.  And today, Cursillo is not as popular or known as it was years ago.  The real work is done by God in a very personal and individual way - and it will be different to some degree for every person.  So, there is a mystery surrounding it.
  • Time:  70-years ago when Cursillo was first visioned in Spain by Eduardo Bonin, we lived in a slower world (ship travel vs. planes; letters vs. e-mail; land-lines vs. cell phones).  Children are involved in a lot more after-school activities today, and parents find themselves playing taxi to get them from one event to another.
  • Money:  Over the years, the cost to go to a Cursillo Weekend has risen significantly.  Currently, the "list price" is as high as $225 per person.  Our scholarship program, funded by Cursillistas, reduces the cost by $50.
If we are unable get potential pilgrims to take the big leap of faith
to make their Cursillo Weekend, what do we do?
Maybe a smaller leap of faith (less time, money, and content)
will make it easier to say "yes".  
What is In Step?
  • In Step is an introductory short course to help one create a Christ-Centered Rule of Life, and connect with God.  (i.e.: Walking In Step with Christ)
  • Pilgrims will learn ways to keep a missional rhythm through piety (or prayer), study, action, and Group Reunion.  
  • The goal of In Step is to create Reunion Groups after the Weekend.  Once they are in Group Reunions they will more likely want to go to Cursillo; to learn more about what it means to be a Christian and what God is calling them to do. 
  • In Step supports CursilloIn Step is NOT a Cursillo replacement. 
Who can go to In Step?
  • All Episcopalians can go to In Step.  
  • It is suggested that you have a sponsor so you have someone for Group Reunion.
  • Cursillistas are welcome to go to In Step; to help revitalize their walk with God.
  • No approval of a priest is required.  However, they will be notified who is going.
How much does it cost?
  • The "list price" for Lakeside In Step is $175.
  • The "list price" for Campsite In Step (Nov 6-8) is $100. 
  • The Cursillo Scholarship applies!
  • $50 less for each Pilgrim.
  • $75 less for each Priest and their Spouse, on Team or as a Pilgrim.
In Step June 12-14, 2015 
(List price $175)
(Camp Allen Lakeside Meeting Center and Cabins)
See links below:
Flyer for pilgrims
Register online
(Currently, there is no paper application).

Cursillo #248, August 6-9, 2015
(List price $225)
(Camp Allen Lakeside Meeting Center and Cabins)
Register online

In Step November 6-8, 2015
(List price $100)
(Camp Allen Campsite 3A & B)
See links below:
Register online

New Online Registration!
We now have a new online registration system.  It will automatically send confirmations to both sponsors and pilgrims, and send a note to the priest/rector/vicar/warden to request their approval.  Online registration is quick, easy, won't get lost in the mail, and in some cases easier to read!  As an all volunteer organization, it also helps us better manage the registration process for you.  
Tips for a Successful Weekend Experience:
  • Remember to talk to Jesus about your friend, before you talk to your friend about Cursillo or In Step.  
  • Prepare your Pilgrim so they know what to expect (A series of talks about the Christian Walk, an experience where you feel God's love, small group discussion, etc.).  
  • Invite them to your Reunion Group or help start a new one so they are familiar with the Cursillo Method and the opportunity after the Weekend to continue with their "Rule of Life". 
  • The more a Pilgrim understands what to expect before they go, the more they will get out of the Weekend. 
New Slogan:  Connect with God - Create a Christ-Centered Rule of Life
As you know, the Weekend is just a starting-point.  God did not create Cursillo or In Step to give us a mountain-top experience.  He wants us to draw Him near, and to create an intentional practice of piety, study, and apostolic action — in essence, a Christ-Centered Rule of Life!  That's why we meet in Group Reunion -- to share and support others as they live into their Rule of Life.  Do you need a Cursillo Rule of Life card?  Send me an e-mail, and I'll mail you one.   

If your're receiving this e-mail blast for the first time.
We are building a communication system so we can keep you informed of the various events and activities of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Texas.  Your contact information was collected from registration applications from past Cursillo Weekends or other events.  We will not share this list or sell to a third party, and we won't clutter your inbox with extraneous information.  Follow this link for more information about Cursillo in the Diocese of Texas.

The Cursillo Movement is here to support your Christian journey and to strengthen the Episcopal Church.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Also, please join our Facebook group page.

-John Ahrens
Communications Chair
The Episcopal Diocese of Texas Cursillo
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