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Stephen M. Miller

The clock has started

I'M GIVING AWAY 100 books in 1 week. Starting right now.

It's a celebration...the release of a new book that took a year of my life to produce.

Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible DictionaryHere's the deal, this time for USA readers only (because of international shipping costs).

Write a short review on Amazon of any book I've written that's still in print. Just a couple of sentences will do.

Send me a note, telling me what book you reviewed.

In return, I'll send you a free book I've written. You can chose which book, including my two newest releases:

Stephen M. Miller's Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Bible Snapshots

There are other books you can choose from, too. Take a look at the books I've written. If you see one you want, and if I still have any giveaway copies, you've got it. My stockpile of some of the earlier books has been depleted. But I've still got a few of most.

From now until midnight Central Time on Sunday, April 7, 2013, I'll give away up to 100 free books.

First come, first served.

One exception:
Folks who write a review of either the Illustrated Bible Dictionary or Bible Snapshots will jump instantly to the top of the line.

You can read large hunks of them on Amazon and on my website. For the Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Amazon posts over 80 pages. I have flipbooks on my website of about 20 pages.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of 2-page spreads in the Illustrated Bible Dictionary (click either page and you'll go to the flipbook for a closer look):

Illustrated Bible Dictionary pages

Illustrated Bible Dictionary pages

Buddy the Dog

I'VE DISCOVERED that my readers are more interested in my dog than my books.

Here's how I know.

I posted notice on my professional Facebook page that I intended to give away 100 books soon. A few minutes later I posted a picture I took of Buddy the Dog while walking him in the snow.

The Buddy post got three times more readers than my book giveaway post.

A longtime friend of mine suggested that my career might be going to the dogs.

Another suggested I take a picture of Buddy reading one of my books.

I explained that might be impossible. Buddy is a destroyer.

My saintly author friend, Wanda Brunstetter, replied by saying: Photoshop.

She added a smiley face.

Another longtime pal suggested I ghost write a book for Buddy.

I'll consider my options. But in the meantime, for the 2 out of 3 people who prefer my dog to my books, here's Buddy.

Buddy the Dog, three times more popular than his master's books
BUDDY THE DOG. I took this picture during a morning walk after a snowstorm. Buddy paused not to pose, but to listen to the bark of a distant dog. It's a mystery to me how this picture and this fact outdraws something like the intriguing theories about how God used natural forces to part the sea and later the Jordan River. But, like the mystery of the Trinity, I simply accept it.

I HOPE you had a wonderful Easter.

He is risen. One day we'll rise, too.

No hurry.

IStephen M. Miller've got books to write.

And...apparently more importantly...a dog to walk.

Peace to you.


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