Welcome to the 4th Devoxx UK Newsletter! In this issue we have more speakers, more content sneak peeks, information about how to register, a word from one of our sponsors - Vaddin, a highlight of the Java EE track from the programme committee, and more!

Welcome to Devoxx UK 2013 Newsletter 4!

Another week closer to Devoxx UK 2013 and the excitement just keeps growing! Don't forget to organise the two days off on the 26th and 27th of March to join the London Java Community and the merry Knights of Devoxx UK at the Business Design Center in London, UK.

A developer friendly price of £350 + VAT for two jam packed days of conference awesomeness!

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Yep, that's right, two days of the world-class Devoxx experience for only £350!!

Register today to make sure you get in to see all of the wonderful speakers and content on offer!

Call For Papers (CFP) Is Closed!

Thanks to an unprecedented flurry of activity hours before the CFP closed we now have in excess of 300 submitted conference talks, quickies, hands on labs, and BoFs for the first ever Devoxx UK. Naturally with such high levels of interest its going to take a couple of weeks for our team to evaluate them all and select that perfect mix that will make Devoxx UK stand out from all the other UK conferences, and boy do we have a job on our hands - rockstart speakers, the latest in tech topics, and only 2 days to pack it all in to!

For the eager speaker we've also published the Devoxx UK 2013 presentation templates in format's for your favourite presentation tool, look under the "Speakers Templates" section of the marketing page.

More Awesome Speakers!

In newsletter one we highlighted some of the industry's luminaries that were coming to present at Devoxx UK. The good news is that we now have even more!
  1. Stephan Janssen (Devoxx) - the Godfather of Devoxx
  2. Arun Gupta (Oracle) - world leader in Jave EE
  3. Kim Ross (Bossa) - architecture and "big data" guru
  4. Peter Lawrey (Millenium Capital Partners) - author of Vanilla Java blog
  5. Russel Winder (It'z Interactive) - author, trainer, polyglot programmer
See the full list of confirmed speakers for the initial list of who you can't miss out on seeing.

A Word From: Vaadin - Vaadin 7 is out now!

Vaadin, the company behind popular Java-based web application tools, announced a new major version 7 of the Vaadin Framework. It offers a complete Java web development stack for fast implementation of web user interfaces both on server-side and client-side. Full compatibility with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and proven server-driven architecture make Vaadin 7 the most robust platform for Java web development. Vaadin 7 is now available at https://vaadin.com/download and the new demo app is online at http://demo.vaadin.com/dashboard.

Vaadin has very active community of over 40 000 registered members. For more information take a look at https://vaadin.com Vaadin has a booth both in Devoxx UK and Devoxx France so come and meet our team!

Java EE Track @ Devoxx UK
Enterprise Java at Devoxx? But of course! It's hard to imagine the Java world without Java EE, or a big Java conference without a Java EE track. In the last twenty years Java has taken the enterprise by storm, to the point where we take it for granted. Remember life before internet shopping? No, we don't either. 
Despite the fact that server-side Java is so staggeringly huge, I sometimes hear people say "I don't use Java EE," or "I'm not interested in Java EE" or "I'm too cool for Java EE" (I might have made the last one up!). There's so much new zingy stuff going on the world of Java that Java EE can sometimes feel a bit stodgy, like bread and butter. 

The programme isn't finalised yet, but the good news is that what we've got to show you on the Java EE track is looking a lot more exciting than bread and butter. If you're doing Java on the server-side, you won't want to miss the answers to questions like:
  • Are you doing right? And if you've got it wrong, how do you fix it?
  • Are you using more enterprise Java than you think you are?
  • What's new in the latest evolutions of Java EE?
  • What should you do with your data?
You can expect to hear about the best open source technologies, web sockets, Spring, effective modularisation, dependency management, testing patterns, and lots more. I hope you're as excited as I am to hear our great speakers in action.

- Holly Cummins


All of this of course would not be possible without our sponsors. These companies are the ones who understand developers, share our passion in creating cool software and support our community in many ways, including of course Devoxx UK!  


The stewards of Java!


Stalwarts of the Java ecosystem - helping you build awesome apps!



As well as cool products, these awesome companies know how to throw an awesome party!




For our full list of initial sponsors see our partners page. If you'd like to be a sponsor please don't hesitate to contact us.

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