Welcome to the 6th Devoxx UK Newsletter! In this issue we announce the draft conference schedule, have a word from jClarity, and one of the Devoxx UK team

Welcome to Devoxx UK 2013 Newsletter 6!

Only 35 days to Devoxx UK 2013 and the excitement keeps on growing! Let your boss know you'll need two days off on the 26th and 27th of March to join the the merry Knights of Devoxx UK and the London Java Community at the Business Design Center in London, UK.

A developer friendly price of £350 + VAT for two jam packed days of conference awesomeness!

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Yep, that's right, two days of the world-class Devoxx experience for only £350!!

Register today to make sure you get in to see all of the wonderful speakers and content on offer!

The Schedule Is Here!

Its been a busy few weeks for the Devoxx UK programme committee, over 300 awesome submissions, but we've reviewed, filtered and refined them all to create the first draft of the Devoxx UK 2013 schedule. The full schedule is available here, but to whet your apatite here's a selection of the latest talks:

Conference Talks
  • Kirk Pepperdine (Kodewerk Ltd) - Are your GC logs speaking to you, the G1GC edition
  • Peter Pilgrim - Test Driven Development with Java EE 7, Arquillian and Enterprise Containers
  • Michael Brunton-spall (Guardian News and Media) - Rebuilding your engine at 200 miles per hour
  • Bruce Durling (Mastodon C) - Creating Pretty Pictures in Cascalog with Open Data
  • Sandro Mancuso (UBS) - Functional is cool, but do you know OO?
  • David Blevins (Apache) - Apache TomEE, Java EE 6 Web Profile on Tomcat
  • Russel Winder - GPars: Groovy parallelism for Java

  • Philippe Antoine (Xebia Studio) - Space Kittens: Bleeding Edge HTML5
  • Heather Vancura (JCP) - How to participate in the future of Java
  • Tomek Bujok (Centeractive AG) - SOAP testing done right!

  • David Snowdon (VMware) - Is NAO your robotic overlord?

  • Stephen Chin (Oracle) - The Mocha Raspberry Pi Lab

We're also very proud to support Devoxx4Kids, the Devoxx programme aimed to inspire young people to learn more about programming, with conference talks and BoFs with Arun Gupta (Oracle) and Michael Kölling.

Cloud, Architecture and Security @ Devoxx UK
Java security has certainly been in the news recently, with the main stream tech media telling the world to uninstall Java from all platforms! So, what's the real story behind the scare mongering and why has this all of a sudden reared its ugly head?  This track will clear up the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and give you answers to those questions. Milton Smith the head of the Oracle Java security team will be delivering a conference session on this very topic!

Software and Hardware architecture is increasingly moving to the cloud. Developers and architects alike are asking the questions of how they build reliable, scalable systems on hardware and virtual environments that they don't have full control  over. There's a lot of hype about the cloud, but not much good, practical information on how to avoid the pitfalls and build out an architecture that works for your application. This track brings together speakers and sessions that focus on the practical, folks like Jos Boumans from Krux digital will explain how they manage levels of traffic that Twitter can only dream of whilst hosted on the Amazon EC2 platform.  There's several talks on distributed NoSQL databases and the architecture around those, covering how you get eventual consistency, failover, horizontal scalability characteristics.

2013 is going to be the year of commercial Java/JVM in the cloud - in order to be part of that movement and gain the benefits without shooting yourself in the foot, this track is for you!

Martijn Verburg (aka The Diabolical Developer)


All of this of course would not be possible without our sponsors. These companies are the ones who understand developers, share our passion in creating cool software and support our community in many ways, including of course Devoxx UK!  









For our full list of initial sponsors see our partners page. If you'd like to be a sponsor please don't hesitate to contact us.

A Word From: jClarity

jClarity is a company that was formed out of the local London Java Community (LJC). In fact it was Devoxx that was one of the main reasons why its three co-founders started to work together and eventually led to the formation of the company!

jClarity is a Java performance tooling company for cloud based solutions (as well as enterprise). We follow a "Measure, don't Guess" policy and like to respect the environments we run on. Performance tuning today is largely done by guesswork or trawling through endless data sets and graphs that expensive tools produce, our motivation is to change this space for the betterment of all.

We've all seen teams have to down tools for days or even weeks on end as they track down a performance problem. So we're building tools that will allow busy developers and devops folks a fair chance at solving performance problems quickly so  that they can get on with producing awesome code (or fighting each other with newspaper swords on rolling swivel chairs).

Want to get early access to our tools or join an awesome community of Java/JVM hackers and performance experts?  
Take a look at http://wwww.jclarity.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at Devoxx UK!

-The jClarity Team

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The Steering Committee - Devoxx UK 2013

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