Welcome to the 4th Devoxx UK Newsletter! CFP is closed and the schedule is taking shape - find out more in this issue !

Welcome to Devoxx UK 2013 Newsletter 5!

Only 42 days to Devoxx UK 2013 and the anticipation is bigger than the BAFTA's! Don't forget to organise the two days off on the 26th and 27th of March to join the London Java Community and the merry Knights of Devoxx UK at the Business Design Center in London, UK.

A developer friendly price of £350 + VAT for two jam packed days of conference awesomeness!

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Yep, that's right, two days of the world-class Devoxx experience for only £350!!

Register today to make sure you get in to see all of the wonderful speakers and content on offer!

The Schedule

Our CFP closed last week and we've been busy reviewing over 300 submissions for our tracks: New Languages on the JVM; Methodology; Java SE; Mobile; Architecture, Cloud and Security; Java EE; Web & Big Data; Future<Devoxx>. Obviously with such a large number of submissions its going to take us a little while to select the very best conference talks, quickies, labs and BoFs and create the schedule, however to whet you appetite here's a sneak preview of some of the submissions we've already accepted:

Conference Talks
Arun Gupta (Oracle) - Getting Started with WebSocket and Server-Sent Events using Java
Mazz Mosley (Government Digital Service) - Dark side of Agile
Milton Smith (Oracle) - Securing the Future with Java
Markus Eisele (msg systems AG) - Seven Deadly Sins
Thierry Wasylczenko (General Electric) - Application development using JavaFX 2
Stephen Colebourne (OpenGamma) - Improving JDK Date and Time
Richard Warburton (jClarity) - Caching In: Understand, Measure and Use your CPU Cache more effectively
James McGivern (Cisco) - Modern Cryptography

Graham Allan (TIM Group) - assertImmutable : Introducing Mutability Detector
Philippe Antoine (Xebia Studio) - Space Kittens: Bleeding Edge HTML5
Aurélien Thieriot (Box UK) - Crossing the Channel

David Snowdon (VMware) - Is NAO your robotic overlord?
Regina Ten Bruggencate (JDuchess) - Duchess meet and greet an unconference

Arun Gupta (Oracle) - Getting Started with the Java EE 7 Platform
Raoul-gabriel Urma (University of Cambridge) - Introduction to Java 8 Hands-on session

We're also very proud to support Devoxx4Kids, the Devoxx programme aimed to inspire young people to learn more about programming. Therefore we are very pleased to announce Devoxx UK will have both conference talks and labs supporting the future of our industry - the next generation!
Michael Kölling (University of Kent) - Getting Kids To Code With Java And Greenfoot
Arun Gupta (Oracle) - Teaching Java to a 10-year Old

Trisha Gee @ Devoxx UK

We've been hearing a lot about the great speakers, the great tracks and the (promised but not yet confirmed) schedule of great talks at Devoxx UK.  Although that should be enough to sell anyone on how awesome it's going to be, let's step back and ask the obvious question - why come to a conference like Devoxx at all?  After all, much of the content will be available online thanks to the awesome Parleys.

Firstly, and this is the answer you need to give your boss when he or she asks why you need those two days off: you could learn something that will help you in your day job.  Maybe it's a better use of patterns, technologies or methodologies you're utilising right now.  Maybe it's a new thing you can put in place to solve a problem you're having.  Maybe you'll run into someone you can hire for your team.

But secondly, and this is our little secret, it's going to be awesome for your own career.  All that stuff up there is totally true, and it will make you look good in your current job.  But what about your next job?  What about your long term plan?  You'll see technologies and methodologies that you want to use, that you can't play with now.  You'll hear from developers at amazing companies, and maybe they're hiring.  You'll run into people who have jobs or roles or careers that you didn't even know existed.  You can learn from these guys, to get ideas about what you want from the 9-5, or even how it's possible to not do a 9-5 and do something you love.

Devoxx is a great place to hear from, meet and talk to amazing people.  Sure, there's a good chance you can meet "famous" people, people who've written books, people you've seen videos of.  But what might make more of an impact on your life is meeting someone amazing to recruit, someone you want to work for or with, someone who will become a good friend, a business partner, or even (it has happened) a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Your job, your career, is about so much more than code on the screen, the syntax to learn and methodologies to adopt.  Those things you can learn on the interwebs, or by buying actual books.  What money (almost) cannot buy is the chance to talk to the people who wrote those books, who invented that framework, who lived through that methodology as they tried to define it.  And the chance to meet people, be they London-based or international, who can help shape your career - mentors, "mentees", friends and partners - is not something that should be passed up.

In short, if you can come you will get something out of it.  It might even change your life.


All of this of course would not be possible without our sponsors. These companies are the ones who understand developers, share our passion in creating cool software and support our community in many ways, including of course Devoxx UK!  


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The Steering Committee - Devoxx UK 2013

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