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Devoxx UK was amazing, but it didn't stop when the doors closed.

Thanks to everyone who attended Devoxx UK 2014 and made the conference such a pleasure to be part of.

Since the doors closed, we've been busy assessing everything that happened so that we can make next year even better. And we've been post-processing videos of all the outstanding presentations that were

View Presentations on Parleys
We're pleased to say that the initial batch of presentations is now available to view on All attendees get a free subscription to the Devoxx UK 2014 channel on Parleys as part of the ticket - so you should have received an email with details.

You can view sessions you might have missed - or recap those you loved the most.

We still have many presentations we're working on and these will be released very soon. Keep an eye on Twitter and we'll let you know when they are online.

Top Rated Sessions
Not sure what to view first on Parleys? Well maybe we can help you out there by letting you know what sessions were top rated at the conference itself.

The following make up the top 20 sessions as voted by session attendees.

Building 'Bootiful' Applications with Spring Boot by Josh Long (view on
Programming with Lambda Expressions in Java by Venkat Subramaniam
Agile Considered Harmful by Nigel Runnels-Moss
ECC vs RSA: Battle of the Crypto-Ninjas by James McGivern
Responding in a timely manner - Microseconds in HTF or milliseconds in web apps, it is all the same design by Martin Thompson
Modern Web Architecture, 2014 Edition by Ted Neward
Apache TomEE, JavaEE Web Profile and More on Tomcat by David Blevins (view on
Software architecture and the balance with agility by Simon Brown
How To Do Kick-Ass Software Development by Sven Peters
Myths, Tales and VooDoo -- About JavaEE And Testing by Adam Bien (view on
Moving to a DevOps mode  - easy, hard or just plain terrifying? by Steve Poole & Daniel Bryant
Dataflow, the concurrency/parallelism architecture you need by Russel Winder (view on
Why the Internet of Things will be built on Open Source by Andy Piper (view on
50 new things we can do with Java 8 by Jose Paumard (view on
Going Native: Foreign Function Interfaces on the JVM by Charles Nutter
Deliberate advice from an accidental career by Dan North (view on
Twins: FP and OOP by Richard Warburton (view on
Fifty New Features of Java EE 7 by Arun Gupta & Antonio Goncalves (view on
Responsive Web Design, get the best of your design by Fred Harper
Perchance to Stream with Java 8 by Paul Sandoz (view on

Reliving it all
If you haven't yet seen the pictures of the conference, you can check them out on Flickr. And the conference video will let you relive some of the best bits. 


We said it at the event and we'll say it again now. A massive thanks to all of the amazing sponsors who supported the community at Devoxx UK. Without them we simply wouldn't be able to keep producing such kick-ass events with such low ticket prices. These companies all rock!



Finally, a few messages from some of those awesome sponsors:

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Thanks from all on the team!

The Devoxx UK Crew


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