Welcome to the 7th Devoxx UK Newsletter. Find out more about the conference you can't afford to miss!

Welcome to Devoxx UK 2013 Newsletter 7!

Only 28 days to Devoxx UK 2013 and we have the most fantastic line-up of speakers for 2 days packed with conference talks, quickies, hands-on-labs, and BoFs! Let your boss know you'll need the 26th and 27th of March off to join the merry Knights of Devoxx UK and the London Java Community at the Business Design Center in London, UK for the two most tech-packed days of March.

A developer friendly price of £350 + VAT for two days squeezed full of conference awesomeness!

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Yep, that's right, two days of the world-class Devoxx experience for only £350!!

Register today to make sure you get in to see all of the wonderful speakers and content on offer!

Devoxx - It's Not Just LearningIt's true, not only do we have an amazing schedule lined up for you, but the Devoxx experience continues after-hours too. On Monday evening we have the Attendee Meet & Greet where you can relax a little before the conference starts, grab a drink or a bite to eat, and of course meet some of the other attendees and speakers. But this is just a prelude, we're planning something very special for the Tuesday evening so make sure you reserve your ticket and watch this space...

While Devoxx happens only a couple of times a year user groups around the world meet on a regular basis fostering community, knowledge and sharing. We like to support these communities which is why we have started our User Group Partner Programme to give a little back to the user groups that have supported us. Already 28 user groups from across europe are joining us for the premier Devoxx UK in London. If you're part of a user group and interested in joining, bring it up with your group and get in touch. Why not check out our new A4 Posters? Download and print the Devoxx UK 2013 Poster or add one of the new of the banners to your website

Hackergarten @ Devoxx UKWe are very pleased to announce that in addition to the conference we will be hosting Hackergarten at our London event. For those not in the know Hackergarten gives you a chance to make a positive impact in an Open Source project of your choice! Hackergartens are a great place to meet new people, have fun, and improve the lives of developers around the world one patch at a time; provided you're willing to bring your laptop and get your hands dirty. Write a plugin, a tutorial, a small feature, or a bug fix for a project that interests you alongside several open-source experts willing to share their knowledge. These are just some of the experts that have participated in the past: Hans Dockter (Gradle Lead), Andres Almiray (Java Champion, Griffon Lead, and Groovy Committer), Stephen Chin (Java Champion, JavaFX and Android Expert), Hamlet D'Arcy (CodeNarc and Groovy Committer), Peter Gromov (IntelliJ IDEA guru).

The Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR Programme folks will be there to help you contribute back to Java SE and Java EE itself!  You always wanted to fix that bug inside Java right?

Previous Hackergarten contributions have been sent to the following projects: Groovy, Grails, Griffon, Gradle, Spock, Arquillian, JBoss Forge, Intellij IDEA, ScalaFX and more. Come join us for fun and open source goodness. Let your voice be heard! Bring your laptop and enjoy the opportunity to rub shoulders with project team members.

SponsorsAll of this of course would not be possible without our sponsors. These companies are the ones who understand developers, share our passion in creating cool software and support our community in many ways, including of course Devoxx UK!  

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For our full list of initial sponsors see our partners page. If you'd like to be a sponsor please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The Steering Committee - Devoxx UK 2013

Stephan, Dan, Ben, James and Martijn

So why not join us?

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