Melissa's story...
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(not sure how this got separated but it should have been at the beginning of the update we just sent out)...

End Slavery/Portland

At a recent 2-day intensive training seminar I was introduced to trafficking survivor "Melissa".  Here is a short summary of her story...
"When I was in high school a friend of mine and I were walking around lost downtown one night, and accepted a ride home from a cute guy who was dressed nicely and had a very nice car.  After my friend left, the guy stayed around and started telling me how beautiful I was and started asking me questions about my family.  I was complaining about my curfew and the all the things I couldn't do or couldn't go to that all friends could.  He kept telling me how beautiful I was and how I should go to Seattle with him just for the weekend to meet his family (I was living in Portland).
All my life as I was growing up I was hungering for some male figure to give me positive attention, to affirm who I was and tell me that I was beautiful.  This guy kept doing that, talking to me and treating me in such positive and affirming ways.
I finally decided to go with him, and when we arrived in Seattle he took me to a hotel, locked me in the room, tied me up, bleached my hair, and taking things out of my purse--cell phone, debit cards, driver license--everything!  I was crying and telling him I wanted to leave but he told me I would not be going anywhere, and if I tried to escape he knew where I lived, where my family lived, and he would hurt me and kill my family."
Thus began Melissa's experience as a prostituted child...beatings, drug dependency, fear, daily rapes, threats, etc....bound with emotional, spiritual, and psychological chains that many of us cannot even imagine.


"MELISSA" IS A PSEUDONYM but God knows her name.  Please pray for her.

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