October 2014 Update
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Black Cat 

Restaurant Sale Brings New Opportunity

Last month the Black Cat Cantina went up for sale.  Immediately afterward, Johnny Diablo offered the asking amount ($1.3 million) in cash.  As the owner of other strip clubs in Portland ("Casa Diablo" and "The Black Cauldron") he wanted to put one in Rockwood as well.  A Christian businessman found out and offered to buy it instead so the Rockwood Community Development Corporation (CDC) could manage and run it as a small community center.  The owners agreed!

Although the businessman was not able to follow through in the end, the Rockwood CDC was able to procure loans, find an "anchor tenant", and is now in the process of closing on this strategically-located 11,000 sq. ft. building to be used in ways that will holistically benefit the residents of Rockwood.

As we partner with the Rockwood CDC, we look forward to bringing you future updates on how Isaiah 60 glory is coming to Rockwood as a result of this purchase.


Announcing Our New Name and New Website!

Wanting to be known for what we are FOR (freedom), rather than what we are against (slavery), we have changed our team name from "End Slavery" to "FreeWay 418".   This also provides a name more in keeping with our larger context of iTeams' 2020 Vision and our efforts at holistic community investment.  We are STILL AN INTERNATIONAL TEAMS MINISTRY, just with a new local name.

The name is about the "way of freedom"  or the "free way" that Jesus describes in His Mission Statement in Luke 4:18, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has chosen Me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed..."

You can see photos of our team and read more about our ministry at the new website:

Many thanks to Anneli Anderson who designed and built the website for us!  You can see more of her work at:  and

ALSO, SPEAKING OF WEBSITES...some people have mentioned not receiving some of our recent updates.  We have been sending out an average of one per month since January.  If you think you have missed some and want to catch up, we post most of them on our family/ministry website at:


The second effort to gather church, ministry, and business leaders who want to make spiritual investments in Rockwood in order to share, pray, discuss, and dream together was a great success!  About 60 people representing 33 organizations were united in their desire to see God at work in Rockwood.

Some have asked what Scott spoke on during his 7-minute talk.  He was asked to talk about how volunteering in various organizations in Rockwood has made a difference in his life.  If you want to read his whole (6 1/2 minute) talk, you can find it at:  (scroll down just past the announcement about the new ministry name and website, and click the link:   Shalom Rockwood TALK Imagine a potted miniature pink rose bush in front of me as I speak, and every time I finish a "DIFFICULT" paragraph, I clip off another rose bud.

Other speakers included a Subway sandwich shop owner, the president of the Rockwood Neighborhood Association, a pastor of World harvest church, the founder of Corbett Charter School, the head of Second Stories (, the founder of a Spanish radio station, and someone from Multnomah County Department of Human Resources.

Prayer Requests

In addition to the requests we have mentioned in recent months, here are some others...THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH US THROUGH YOUR PRAYERS...!

* Vicki is planning to join a group of ladies ministering to moms in Rockwood

* Scott's new role as Community Transformation Director (more on that in a future update)

* Scott will be facilitating 2 community discussion groups this month, one for Arabic-speakers and one for Somalis

* Kendra and Steve are expecting their first child (our first grandchild) in April!  Also, Kendra and Steve will be visiting us the last two weeks of October!

* Scott and Vicki will be leading a small group of married couples from their church on Monday nights, starting in November

* Scott has joined the team of speakers at our church (As Is Church:

* Vicki is helping with Sunday School and morning preparation at our church

* Scott will be starting to teach free marriage classes to couples in Rockwood with Northwest Family Services (;  marriage and parenting are foundational issues that impact not only the immediate families but also the communities they live in, now and for future generations

* Kyle is in Bible College in Greece, Cody in nursing school at George Fox University (and an RA there),     William just got his driver's license last week and is a junior in high school, and Ellie is in second grade and will begin speech therapy in December

Deepening relationships with our neighbors and their encounters with Jesus!

There is much more but we will save some for the next update!  Thanks again for praying and supporting in whatever ways you can.

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Financial Investments

Tax-deductible investments may be made to "International Teams" (with an enclosed note expressing your intended designation), and sent to: 

International Teams
411 W. River Rd.
Elgin, IL  60123-1570

For online giving, go to: