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Happy Turkey Day!

Can you believe it's turkey day already? Or rather Thursday to anyone outside the US. 

In honor of those guys soon to be appearing in your roasting pan, here are a few turkey facts that make for lively turkey day conversation:

  1. The bird "turkey" actually is named after the country Turkey.
  2. Benjamin Franklin would have preferred the turkey to be America's official bird rather than the bald eagle, which Franklin felt had a "bad character".
  3. The wishbone that so many of us break on Thanksgiving vying for luck is actually called "furcula" (little fork). Why do they have these bones? The furcula is thought at least in part to store energy during flight during a half wing stroke and then release it back.
  4. Turkeys have a tail that is considered a delicacy in many countries. The turkey tail is very fatty and a single turkey tail can have up to 200 calories (almost all from fat) depending on size!
  5. The turkey and the octopus have something interesting in common. They both change color depending on their emotions! Turkey heads can be red, white, pink, blue, or gray.
  6. There are an estimated 10 million wild turkeys in America in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.
Now use these useless facts to impress your grandmother. You know she always liked your sibling better. 

Have a fun and safe day!
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