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Tri-Service Luncheon:
Save the Date

Each year ZaCSA has the opportunity to join in an afternoon of fun and camaraderie  with similar organizations from the Navy and Air Force for the Tri-Service Luncheon. The luncheon celebrates our respective roles within our communities. ZaCSA had the honor of hosting the 2013 Tri-Service Luncheon at Camp Zama.

The 2014 luncheon will be hosted by the Atsugi Officers' Spouses' Association and include the Yokosuka Officers Spouses' Club, and the Yokota Officers' Spouses' Club. All members of ZaCSA will be invited and we hope to have a great presence there for our closest neighbors. Please, save the date and look for more information on pricing and transportation to follow in the upcoming months.

Volunteers Needed for ZaCSA Community Grant Fundraisers

Gift Wrapping:
Please volunteer for to help fundraise for ZaCSA Community Grants by Gift Wrapping at the Camp Zama Main Exchange and PXTRA. We have two dates for you to choose from: December 1 and 7. Click on the link below and find a time that is good for you!

Camp Zama Community Bazaar:
Please volunteer to help with preparing and selling Deep Fried Oreos (like a really really good doughnut!) and ZaCSA 2014 Calendars at the Camp Zama Bazaar. There are two days for you to choose from November 30 and December 1.

Sign-up for all volunteer opportunities by clicking here.

ZaCSA Executive Board Needs You

Seeking: East Meets West Gift Shop Manager/Chair Person. Are you interested in learning about the Japanese culture, crafts and arts? Do you have the time to serve as a ZaCSA Executive Board Member? Then consider this great opportunity to manage the community's beloved East Meets West Gift Shop and serve the community through ZaCSA. The shop already boasts awesome ZaCSA volunteers and will soon have a need for a volunteer manager. Previous cash register experience and an ease with technology are very helpful for this position. If you are interested, please contact ZaCSA President, Beth van Kan, at

ZaCSA Christmas Party for Japanese Friendship Groups: Volunteers Needed

If you enjoy the Japanese Friendship Group events, you will definitely want to help treat them to a special time. If you have not been able to attend one of their events, this day is just as fun and special and will require "all hands on deck!"

Your volunteer help is needed for the Christmas Party with our Japanese Friendship Groups. When they come to see us, it is all twelve groups at once - a big group and much fun! We will split the groups between two days this year and we need volunteers to sign up to help.
We have had to change from making cookies together to making "Christmas Treat Plates", which are going to be amazing take home gifts! Our friends will work in groups, traveling to six different stations, creating holiday treats and one craft. We will also enjoy lunch together.
Monday December 9 , is "prep" day at the Religious Education Center (REC), 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Tuesday and Wednesday, December 10 and 11,  are the days the Friendship Group ladies will join us at the REC from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, each day.
There are many things to do: donating the items needed, decorating, leading a group through the activity, helping within the group, and we will be providing them with a potluck lunch. Please visit click this link to go to VolunteerSpot and sign-up to fill one or two spots. It is going to be a holiday spirit filled event for everyone! VolunteerSpot:

Every ZaCSA Member is highly encouraged to participate in this event. If the volunteer spots all fill-up, there is still room to attend on Tuesday and Wednesday and accompany a group as a helper. The VolunteerSpot positions are the minimum needed. Join us, bring a dish to share for lunch (even if the spots fill-up) and share the holiday spirit!

November ZaCSA Community Grant Award

Congratulations to The Legend, Zama American High School's (ZAHS) student run newspaper. The Legend, headed by ZAHS teacher Joseph Malley, received a  ZaCSA Community Grant to pay for the 2013-14 year publication cost. The Legend is the newspaper of record for ZAHS and students craft and then publish news and feature articles of interest for the high school and the Camp Zama, and Atsugi communities. Keep your eyes peeled for copies of The Legend at ZAHS and the Camp Zama Shoppette.  
ZaCSA Community Grant Applications can be found at the East Meets West Gift Shop and online at New this year; complete the application online using this link: ZaCSA Community Grant.

Picture Description: Mairialaura Paucar, Editor-in-Chief, and Kylar Merrell, Managing Editor, receiving ZaCSA Community Grant to help with the cost of the Zama High School newsletter, The Legend.

Invite everyone to the fun! Bring a NEW ZaCSA Member with you to the December Event (or have them join at East Meets West during December) and you will be eligible for a "ZaCSA Super Supporter Member" prize drawing. December's prize: Coach Wallet!
Congratulations to Carmen Westbrook who was one of three members who brought new members to ZaCSA during November and won November's prize!
You must attend the December event to be eligible for the drawing.

A Note from the President...

November has been an eventful time for ZaCSA. Along with many members enjoying the two Japanese hosted events, the ZaCSA At-Home-Business Showcase Brunch also took place. This Second Annual Showcase is a service to our community and ZaCSA members, a way for us to support those entrepreneurs in our community and to learn about unique services or items that we may not have known otherwise existed. Thanks to both the folks who set up and demonstrated what they had to offer (some even joined ZaCSA that day!) and to those of you who attended to support them and learn more about our community. It is always a treat to see so many of you at these events.
In December, we can look forward to sharing the holiday spirit with our Japanese Friendship Groups and ZaCSA Members. Because of new ideas and fresh activities this year, we will have more than 80 ladies from the friendship groups coming to visit us over two days. A big thank you to everyone who has helped in the planning of this event. It is going to be a wonderful way to spend time together. ALL ZaCSA Members are needed to contribute in some way for this to be successful and fun! There is a whole section on the event and information on how to volunteer in this Wind Chimes.
Volunteer opportunities also abound for ZaCSA fundraising during the holiday season. While East Meets West is the main ZaCSA fundraiser, contributing a great deal to the ZaCSA Community Grants and Scholarships, made possible by the dedication of its volunteers, we also need to fundraise in other areas and we need you. The Christmas holiday creates some special opportunities: gift wrapping at the Camp Zama Main Exchange and PXTRA, as well as selling Fried Oreos and ZaCSA Calendars at Camp Zama's MWR Winter Bazaar. It sounds like a lot of volunteer work but it is also a great way to get to know other ZaCSA members and share in the holiday spirit with our community. Every event I have volunteered at has been a fun and memorable experience - from being rained out at the Cherry Blossom Festival to helping vendors pack their trucks at the Camp Zama Bazaars. I urge you to give it a try and join us as volunteers raising fun, I mean, fundraising!
Most of all this month, I want to wish you peace and joy, safe travels, and good health for you and yours during this holiday season. I am lucky that my immediate family will surround me this year, but as many of us know that is not always the case and when it happens it is a blessing. Our family joyfully celebrates Christmas, and no matter what holiday you celebrate, I wish you the best one yet.
Yours truly,
Beth van Kan
President, ZaCSA

ZaCSA Member Special Interest Events

Piece Makers: 
For ZaCSA members with an interest in quilting and sewing projects, this groups is for you! Led by Japanese Friend, Kei Tanaka, and coordinated by ZaCSA Member, Janet Montoya. This group for experienced and beginning quilters meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at East Meets West. The next meeting is December 13th, 10:00 - 2:00 pm. Need more information? Contact Janet at:

Knit One, Purl Two: 
This group of knitters, beginning and experienced, meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month at East Meets West. The December meetings will be on the 3rd and 17th, at 10:00 am. Contact Carol Guilliams-Mills for more information: .

Gourmet Lunch Bunch: 
Exploring new places to eat and re-energize together. Typically a lunch outing, the meals will be at restaurants picked each month by different group members. The date of the lunch should always be the last week of the month. Join us by joining our FaceBook Group: ZaCSA Gourmet Lunch Bunch

If you are interested is starting a ZaCSA Special Interest Group we are here to help and support! Contact Beth at:


December Friendship Group Events

Names on the lists below are confirmed event attendees. If you find you cannot make it, contact People to People Chair, Becky Cook, as soon as possible at:

Becky will coordinate ZaCSA members to fill your spots. Remember, there are no refunds for the events that have been paid for, you must make arrangements for any reimbursement through your replacement.

December 7th, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Longhorn Saloon Christmas Party
Machida Hall

Jeanette Verhaar
Tracy Pennington
Yvette Hairston
Mary Pressley
Carol Guilliams-Mills
Janet Montoya
Tawni Gunn
Joanna Duong
Felecia Pritchett
Deshell Kalmes
Josie Montanez
Jen Senior
Sharon Ginder
Annette Franklin
Tanya Simmons
Stephanie Westhoff
Suzanne Corneliusson Rachel Westhoff
If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact Becky Cook at:
2013 - 14 ZaCSA Executive Board
Honorary President Nancy Boozer
Advisors Karen Kelley
President Beth van Kan
Vice President Nataša Brumage
Secretary Yvette Hairston
Treasurer Robin Hodgson
Parliamentarian Carol Guilliams-Mills
Hospitality Tracy Pennington
Membership Diana Reamer
People-to-People Becky Cook
Media & Publicity Melanie Kincaid
Historian Sachiko Thompson
Fundraising Nyra Pratt
Welfare Mary Manglapus
Scholarships Rachel Jennings
Programs Carmen Westbrook
East Meets West: Manager Natasha Caruso
Purchaser Paula Childers
  • Donna Butler
  • Catherine Bischof
  • Lynette Cardo
  • Sylwia Carter
  • Whitney Heyward
  • Susie Ideue
  • Felecia Pritchett

Wishing ZaCSA Members with December Birthdays a very Happy Birthday!

Your East Meets West: Brimming with Holiday Gift Options and Mailing Deadlines are Approaching!

Bring the sites of Japan to your friends and families with a colorful 2014 calendar, made up of photos from local photographers. Whether you are looking for sake jugs, tea sets, sake sets, lacquer trays, obis, haoris, kimonos, ikebana vases, decorative bento boxes, Ainu carved bears or Ni-Po-Po, we have lots of wonderful vintage Japanese items for you to explore. In addition, holiday ornaments are in, come by and see our tree.

Wait a minute, Ni-Po-Po, what is that?  -  Stop by and find out.  

Hope to see you soon,
Natasha Caruso - Manager
East Meets West Gift Shop

Store Hours: Tuesdays & Thursday 11am - 6pm
The first Saturday of each month 10am - 2pm
Like us on Facebook or find us at:
Map to East Meets West

ZaCSA October Membership Dinner: Members and their Spouses get a "Taste of Japan"

Last month we were treated to an evening of Japanese food and featured a presentation of Japanese cuisine. Our guest speaker from Camp Zama Community Center provided useful information from chopstick etiquette to the many varieties of Japanese rice. Here's a sample of a couple take-aways we received from the presentation:
  • Saying before eating: Itadakimasu (Thank you for the meal).
  • Saying after eating: Gochisooma deshita  (Thank you for the meal).
  • Chopsticks do NOTs: Leave your chopsticks sticking straight up in rice; Pass food between people using chopsticks; Search for food in your soup.

Japanese Friendship Events


Friendship Group Event: Haiku Party

On October 23rd, ZaCSA Members enjoyed a special afternoon with the Heart to Heart group at the St. Barnaba's Church. ZaCSA Members learned how to write haiku and then a Heart to Heart Member took our haiku and wrote it in beautiful calligraphy. From the beautiful pamphlet the Heart to Heart group gave us, here are the first four aspects of the Essence of Haiku:
  1. The form of a Haiku consists of 17 Japanese syllables in three versus of 5-7-5.
  2. Haiku must contain some reference to nature.
  3. Haiku may contain some reference to seasonal time, directly or indirectly.
  4.  Haiku is concerned with one moment, and the emotion of that moment. It is about now and not the past.
Thank you Heart to Heart for the great event and delicious food!

Friendship Group Event: Tea Ceremony Etiquette

The Soroptimist Zama hosted ZaCSA Members on November 7th to learn the basic techniques of Japanese Tea Ceremony. ZaCSA members learned hands on how to prepare macha and the traditional way to serve and receive the tea. Listed below are the four basic steps to receive the tea:
  1. Place the tea bowl in front of you. Bow and say, "thank you for the tea".
  2. Take the tea bowl with your right hand. Place the tea bowl on your left palm. Stead the tea bowl with your right hand.
  3. Bow your head slightly as an expression of thanks to your host.
  4. Turn the tea bowl clockwise twice in order to avoid its front (usually there is a decorative picture on the cup that you do not want to place your lips on).
The afternoon was concluded with a delicious lunch and great company by the Soroptimist Zama.

Friendship Group Event: Cooking and Eating Together

On November 21st, ZaCSA members got hands-on experience cooking Japanese cuisine with the Friendship Sagamihara Group. After our gracious hosts explained the different ingredients, they showed us how to use them and then quickly encouraged us to make the dishes: the art of cooking and love for eating good food has no language barriers. At the end of the event, we walked away with new friendships and full bellies. It truly was a great event!

Calendar of Events

Click on the calendar to view ZaCSA Events and events with our Japanese Friendship Groups for the 2013-1 ZaCSA Membership Year or visit
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