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Unboxed Voices is a NYC production company that features seasoned and new storytellers, actors, writers, playwrights, musicians, comedians, and other performers. 

Upcoming Event for JUNE:
Evening of Short Stories at Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker on Monday, June 10th, 7:30pm-8:30pm. Featuring Rachel Castillo, Dave Jacobs, and Robin D'Amato, with music by David Mitnowsky. Hosted by Lexy Nistico!

Coming to NYC this Summer
Our 2nd Annual Short Play Festival!
Featuring plays by
Heide Arbitter, Farasha Baylock,
Leila Buck, Kat Chua,
Erica Ciccarone, Keith E. Johnston,
Heidi Kleister, David Mitnowsky,
Sahar Muradi, Lexy Nistico, Omar Perez, Richard Ploetz, and Najee Ritter. 
In Preparation by Kat Chua
As the weeks get closer to festival time the UV crew is in the midst of major preparations. From marketing, scheduling, and auditioning, we're keeping busy! I've worked along theater deadlines most of my life and it never gets old. I had a short bout when I was away from it, but I missed it. I missed the madness, glory, tears, and surprise.
And so here I am, in the company of 3 astounding people, who humble me at every team meeting. I can't believe how lucky I am; I get to have big ideas and build them into realities with this lot.

Featured S.U.V. 
Interview by Lexy Nistico
You might recognize our SUV of the month, Keith Johnston, from his various performances at Unboxed Voices events.  He has performed at multiple Variety Shows as well as an Evening of Short Stories.  He's practically family! His musical talents are beyond remarkable. From playing the guitar, congas, or even singing, Keith can really do it all. I sat down with him recently to get a little insight on how his musical career began.  

So Keith, just to start off, when did you first start playing music?
I was about seven years old. I was taking piano classes with my sister. But I really hated it because the instructor was so mean.  I kept asking my parents if I could play guitar instead. I didn't really have a desire to play guitar but I was just looking for any way to get out of taking anymore piano classes. One Christmas I found a guitar underneath the tree and it all started from there. I took individual lessons for a while and then I stopped lessons after few years and just started playing by ear.

You didn't like piano, but you seemed to stick with guitar.  Why is that?
I was incredibly shy. I was really petrified to talk to people. So when I got to play my guitar it almost acted as my voice. Playing music helped me speak.  Until I took an acting class later on in life which really help me break out of my shell.

After your youth, where did your musical talents take you?  
Next Month
July 8, 2013, 7:30pm-8:30pm at Think Coffee
3rd Anniversary of Evening of Short Stories, the event that gave birth to Unboxed Voices!
We will be featuring 10 writers from this past year who have all been given a theme to write a short-short story! Come and celebrate with us! Music by David Mitnowsky. 

Unboxed Voices Anthology: Volume One
A compilation of 18 stories and 4 poems that have been read at one of UV's Evening of Short Stories in the span of UV's first 2.5 years. 

Available for purchase ONLINE or at all UV events. PLUS, win a chance to get it for FREE just for attending our events. 
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Lend Me Your Ears...
Words from Kat Chua 

When I was 16 years old and looking to get into trouble I found myself lucky to have found the CAT Youth Theatre, a free weekly after school program that was more than just about acting. For me it became about understanding my place in the world and claiming that place. The CAT Youth Theatre helped guide me to ask questions about the world around me.

In partnership with my long-time friend Sanda Htyte, we are helping to raise a mere minimum of $1000 to help keep the Youth Theatre ALIVE and FREE.  Sanda and I met in the CAT Youth Theatre in 1996 and we were inspired to eventually work with NYC youths; Sanda is the producer for WNYC's Radio Rookies, a New York Public Radio initiative that provides teenagers with the tools and training to create radio stories about themselves, their communities and their world. I am the Asssociate Program Director for the Community Action Theatre Troupe, a drama-based literacy program that services middle-school students in Bushwick Brooklyn and the South Bronx.

Please help us raise much needed funds for this incredible organization!

Click here to DONATE to the CAT Youth Theatre

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