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Our next event will be Ode to Poetry at Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker on April 15th, 7pm-8pm. More Details below. 
Roman History 
by Lexy Nistico

Unboxed Voices is thrilled to announce that on MAY 5th we will be having a collection of works presented by New York based author and playwright J. Anthony Roman. At the Lower East side venue, Culturefix, he will be sharing a collection of his short stories, but more importantly, he will be giving us a little preview of his new play Locombia. UV spoke with Anthony to get insight on what to expect from the evening of readings.

So tell me a little bit about your new play Locombia.
Well, it’s not really so much of a play as it is a collection of 20 short stories and poems.  It encompasses my trip to Columbia in 2011.  I escorted my wife down there for two and a half weeks.  Those two and a half weeks turned into 5 weeks.  This piece is sort of a narrated slideshow of the trip.  It is narrated by 5 actors and is roughly over an hour.   
You ended up staying in Colombia for 5 weeks?  Was this because of certain circumstances?
Yeah, without going into too much detail because the play covers some of that.  Essentially, I couldn’t afford to go back home.  But the stories cover this.
Was there anything in particular that sparked your desire to write this play?
I like to write whenever I travel, even if it is just a paragraph.  The intensity of this particular situation helped me write. When I first started writing it, it wasn’t meant to be for public display.  I wrote one piece, then another, then another.  As I was writing, I noticed an entertainment value to it. 
What are some questions or thoughts you're hoping for audience members to walk away with after seeing Locombia?
Well the collections primarily deal with economics.  It looks at the similarities of being poor in a 1st world country vs. a 3rd world country.  It explores the indignities of being poor and how other countries mimic the imperialistic nature of the United States.  Life is so dictated by economics and we just accept it as a way of life.  We embrace it in how we deal with one another.  Poverty and class are big issues; we’ve been dealing with them for generations.  Locombia is not meant to have any solutions to these issues, but rather it is a flag in the storm of what’s going on currently. 
What exactly does Locombia mean?
It’s a term that the natives use to refer to the absurdities within their country.  For example: there’s always heavy amounts of traffic in Bogota because the construction is never properly planned.  Some of it has to do with corruption.  So the traffic is always heavy and horrible.  That’s when people would say ‘Only in Locombia.’
What work can we expect you to be presenting during your evening with Unboxed Voices?
I will be sharing 2 or 3 pieces from Locombia.  There will also be 5 of my short stories read that night.  Each one focuses on the city we live in, so the audience will be getting an evening of NYC stories.  3 of the pieces are fictional and 2 of the pieces are firsthand accounts.  Of those two pieces one is more comedic while the other one talks about the struggles of dealing with the theatre industry.  Each story will be read by a different person.   
Thank you to J. Anthony Roman for giving us a sneak peek of Locombia and his other work.  Don’t forget to join us on May 6th for an evening where we will have a preview of Locombia as well as the following stories:
  • “The People in the Bushes”- read by Lee Kaplan
  • “Strike Parties”- read by Keith Johnston
  • “The First Time I Walked my Roomates Dog/My First Sexual Assault”- read by Nick Amadeus
  • “The Circle Over Central Park”- read by Jedidiah Clarke
  • “The Motherfucker Who Stole my Actress”- read by Rosal Colon
Join Us Sunday, May 5, 2013, 7pm-8pm at Culturefix
9 Clinton St., Lower East Side, btwn Houston and Stanton
$8 Suggested Donation at the door. Proceeds will fund the production of Locombia
April 15, 2013, 7pm-8pm at Think Coffee
@ 1 Bleecker Street, (on Bowery)
Join us for an evening of Ode to Poetry, featuring Roberto C. Chavez, Priscilla Flores, Antonio Lyons, Robert Milnes, Stella Milnes, David Mitnowsky, Lexy Nistico, Edie Nugent and the one and only Rachel Rear!

May 3, 2013, 7pm-8pm at Think Coffee
Evening of Short Stories featuring Rose Fontanella, Monica Hope and Robert Shattuck. 
A Note from David Mitnowksy: 
I haven’t seen our new venue yet. Think Coffee. I always think coffee at least 3 or 4 times a day, so in the vein of pessimism and believing that transitions are always difficult, this on for me this seems painless so far. But I do miss our other two friends Linger Café and Bar 82 already.

When we first started out, we went back and forth from Linger to Bar 82. Somehow our evenings worked perfectly in both places, even though they couldn’t be less similar. Linger, (as most of you remember) was a small café on Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn. You walked in and it reeked of Poetry and Short Story reading. We had to set up our little area in the back with the microphone and speaker, kick a few people out of the way and deal with temperature control and sometimes bugs from the outside. Ah, The outside! -where one could pace nervously reviewing their lines from the monologue they are about to perform and smoke-if one still smoked. Being a Brooklynite, I loved the proximity to home, but most of all, I liked the casualness and comfy couches and the feeling of a 60’s coffeehouse.


The proximity of Bar 82 was a boon for me as well because, being a last minute Johnny, I could still be at work at 6:15 finishing and editing my short story because I wouldn’t have to leave work until the latest 6:35 to be on time. When you walked into Bar 82 it reeked of beer but that’s just because it was a bar. The back room where we held our evenings was a small and intimate theater type venue. You really could not help feeling like you were “performing” there mostly because well, you were on a stage with big lighting and a microphone. So many people commented on that when they got up there noting that “wow, I can’t see any of you!”  On those nights where the place would fill up, you really felt like something great was happening and you were very happy to be part of it.

Transitions can be difficult, but I feel hopeful and excited about our new venue. We already have a spinny logo representing our new home on our website- thanks to the talented Nick. But I will always miss our old friends 82 and Linger.
Summer Short Play Festival 
Submissions for our 2nd Annual Summer Short Play Festival has come to a close and soon we will be announcing the playwrights who have been selected to be part of the festival. Check out last year's participants!

Unboxed Voices Anthology: Volume One
is a compilation of 18 stories and 4 poems that have been read at one of UV's Evening of Short Stories in the span of UV's first 2.5 years. Available for purchase ONLINE.

Good-Bye and Thank You to Bar 82
We are sad to announce that in light of Bar 82 closing at the end of March 2013, Unboxed Voices’ Evening of Short Stories will be moving venues. We are DELIGHTED to announce that we have found a new home at Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker, on the corner of the Bowery (aka 3rd Avenue). 
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Joseph Webb available for theatre workshops, private tap lessons and as well as private and group meditation instruction.
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