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Unboxed Voices is a NYC production company that features new and seasoned storytellers, actors, writers, playwrights, musicians, comedians, and other performers. Our mission is to provide opportunities for all to unbox their creative voice.
UV in May


Aaron Leventman, Alanna Finn, David Mitnowsky, Erin Harrington, J. Anthony Roman, Jermaine A. Ford, Keith Johnston, Lynn Johanson, Michael Shames, Mike Bencivenga, 
Mitch Levenberg, Remington Elizabeth Moses, Sheila Rinear, and Tom Block!

Our first ever Youth Playwright series will include plays by  Berenice Flores,
Danielle Bonet, 
Jacob Roger-Gordon, Kari Luna, Leah Shifrel, and Paul Jorge. 

July 24th-27th at The Kraine Theater, 85 West 4th Street
More details will be available on our website and our FB Festival Page

Youth Playwright Profiles!
Kari, 16 
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
What inspired you to write your play? 
A conversation I overheard on the train inspired the relationship between two characters and I continued building from there. 
What do you do when you are not writing plays? 
When I'm not writing plays I'm listening to music, learning new languages, reading, studying theatre at school, or spending time with friends and family. 

Bernice, 16
City College Academy of The Arts

What inspired you to write your play?
I was inspired by grief and being afraid of letting go of loved ones. I have lost loved ones, but I was never able to say my goodbyes. I also talked to people who have lost people they care about and still can't let go of them. I wanted to write a play that can be a tribute for the people I have lost as well as the people others have lost. In a sense I wanted the play to help the audience say goodbye to their loved ones and help them understand that it's okay to move on and that saying goodbye to their loved ones does not mean that you will lose them forever because you will always have them in your heart.
What do you do when you are not writing plays?
When I'm not writing plays, which is rare, I like to watch movies, listen to music, watch videos, run around New York City, read books, go to the park, hang out with my family/friends, go out to eat and relax.
Paul, 16
City College Academy of the Arts

What inspired you to write your play?
What inspired me to write my play was the experience that one gets when they arrive to a new place. It’s going into a new environment that has a different atmosphere than what somebody is used to. It’s sometimes good or bad. What also inspired me was whether somebody would let this new environment change them. I got the idea for this play while being inside an airport, where there are so many different types of people. 

What do you do when you are not writing plays?
When I am not writing plays I like to sometimes draw. Most of the time I like to read.

Jacob, 15
Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
What inspired you to write your play? 
I was playing my favorite video game and I realized that it portrayed a certain faction in a good light so I wanted to see what it would be like to portray the same group in a bad air.

What do you do when you are not writing plays? 
Doing homework, hanging out with my sisters and friends, watching GOT(game of thrones) every AMC show there has ever been, and reading published plays.
More Upcoming Events!

(2nd Monday of the Month)

Monday, June 9, 2014
Evening of Short Stories 
at THINK Coffee at 1 Bleecker Street

 Join us for an evening of stories by
Ruth van der Grinten, Donna Finn, Julia Strayer, and more!

Monday, July 14, 2014
(Celebrate our 4th Birthday!)
(last Tuesday of the month)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
at THINK Coffee at 1 Bleecker St.
Sign-up at 7:15pm for 5 minutes with the mic! Musicians, Poets, Comedians, and galore are welcome!  FREE to ALL!
Featured guest:
Featuring music by Artem & Antonia!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Featured S.U.V. 
(Supporter of UV)
Think Coffee
Although we have been at Think for a year we still learn about Think and their relationship to the community. Here are a few words from Think:
We are mindful of the world around us, and one of our primary goals is not only to serve great coffee to our customers but to appreciate the coffee farmers whose hard work goes into every cup. Coffee is grown across the globe, and, in our opinion, no single coffee purchasing or certification system can be expected to work equally well everywhere. Whether it is a small family farm in Nicaragua or a Brazilian plantation or a cooperative in southern Ethiopia, each has its own economic, social and political climate. That’s why we go to origin, to see first hand where our coffee comes from, to bring you as much transparency as we can.... 
We also believe that, while certification systems (like Fair Trade) benefit farmers in general, the particular needs of individual farmers cannot always be met by a universal system. That’s why, when we see an individual need, we work to develop projects that help the people who grow our coffee beans.
Featured N.U.V. (NEW to UV)
We met Ciara Santos at our April Open Mic. We were blown away by her words and the fact that it was her first time sharing at an open mic.

Here are a few words from Ciara: 

Where are you from?
The Bronx
What do you enjoy writing about?
I enjoy writing about my life experiences and stuff I'm going through.
How did you hear about UV?
I heard about UV from an old friend. 
What made you come back a second time!?
I came back because I beleve I have something to say and a story to tell. I may not be a public speaker but I know people relate to my poetry. It's what I live for.

NEW to UV in May:
Lindsay Gebhart, Stephen Policoff, Marissa Dooley, Tracey Berg, and Mfoniso Udofia
Letter from UV Founder, Kat Chua
As some of you may know I am an alum member of the CAT Youth Theatre, a program at Creative Arts Team,  an after school program for young people to create original theatre. Members meet weekly during the school year. Most important, there is no audition or tuition and members are invited on a first come, first served basis. I was a member in 1996-1999. 
18 years later I still walk the halls of CAT: ... 3 years as a youth theatre member, ... 12 years of being a CAT teaching artist, ... 3 years of being the Associate Program Director for the Community Action Theatre Troupe, a drama-based literacy program that services middle-school students in Bushwick Brooklyn and the South Bronx, and NOW I am a Program Director for Middle Grades at CAT. ALL the while continuing to work with the YOUTH Theatre in some capacity. 

I am asking for your help to reach my goal of $1000 to help to the CAT YT stay free for its member. PLUS, your donation come with a prize:
$ 20 Shout out on my FB page!
$ 50 Shout out on my FB and Instagram with a special thank you note!
$ 100 Online video shout out!
$ 200 I will knit you a hat
$ 250 I will write you a short song on the ukelele and play on the interwebs
$ 300 I will bake you a Filipino desert

Donate here.

I have spent more than half my life at the CAT because I believe deep in the marrow of my bones that this work and this community is the engine of progress.
UV Talent Database
We have added a new addition to our online presence and a new way to say thank you to all of the talented folks who have shared their work through UV. We now have the UV Talent Database!

Do you have a story to share?

Do you have a talent we can celebrate and enjoy?

Let us know if you would like an opportunity to work with us. We are always looking for seasoned and new storytellers, actors, writers, playwrights, musicians, comedians, and other performers.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for all to unbox their creative voice.

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