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Monday, October 14th, Evening of Short Stories 
at THINK Coffee at 1 Bleecker Street

 Join us for an evening of stories by
Heide Arbitter, Nayanda Moore, Stella Milnes, and Lexy Nistico.
Music by David Mitnowsky.
By Alanna Finn

I should start by telling you that I am not an actress. So, you can understand my confusion when I received an email from Kat Chua, the Director of Unboxed Voices, asking me to audition for a play in UV's Second Annual Short Play festival. Against my better judgment, I said yes. And, well, after a painful 5 minute audition and a bad case of sweaty palms, I somehow got the part.

After the initial excitement of landing the role, Kat emailed me the script. The part called for a 20-something female in a relationship with her long term boyfriend. UV participant,  J. Anthony Roman, was cast as the boyfriend. I thought, “How hard could this be for someone, who was, in real life, a 20-something female in a relationship with her long term boyfriend?” Answer: pretty fucking hard. I would be one of just two people in this “short” play. Short can feel very long when you don't know what the hell you are doing.

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November 11: 
Featuring short stories by Janis Holm, Melissa Fernandez,
Trish Hicks and Joseph Garel.

December 9:
Featuring short stories by Lexy Nistico, David Mitnowsky, Nick van der Grinten and Kat Chua. Plus a surprise guest!

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March 10, April 14, May 12, June 9, July 14
An Evening of Music
Join us for an evening of original music
by David Mitnowsky.
November 16, 2013, 7:30pm-9pm
at Stage Left Studio
214 West 30th Street, off 6th Ave., NYC

Spring 2014
UV is on the run!  
A fundraising run that is!  Unboxed Voices is excited to announce that they will be hosting a fundraiser walk/run in the spring.  We will be sending out further information real soon.  Make sure to get your sneakers and spirits ready!  
Unboxed Voices Anthology: Volume One
A compilation of 18 stories and 4 poems that have been read at one of UV's Evening of Short Stories in the span of UV's first 2.5 years.
Available for purchase ONLINE or at all UV events. PLUS, win a chance to get it for FREE just for attending our events. 


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Let us know if you would like an opportunity to write and read your original story at our Evening of Short Stories.

Or perhaps you have a talent you'd like to perform at our
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Yes (continued) 
By Alanna Finn

Rehearsals took place at Kat's house in Brooklyn. It was a long train ride to her place from work, spent reading over my lines until I got there. I will spare you, again, the painful details of the first rehearsal. I’ll just say it ended with a lot of apologies, mostly for my inadequate ability to act paired with my complete inability to remember my lines. I felt like this was going to be the routine: play practice, humiliation, and a grand finale of apologies to both Kat and Anthony.

But, Kat had other plans.

I apologized for the last time as the first rehearsal session finally concluded. Kat pulled me aside and looked at me quite seriously. Her eyes slightly narrowed in on mine. I was a bit nervous, she had my attention. I thought she was ready to replace me. She began to speak in a hushed, but threatening tone. "Do not apologize. Stop apologizing." I wanted to say sorry again, but I shut my mouth. Well, I didn't have much of a choice, I wasn't about to go against the director’s directions.

After a threat like that, you only have one option: not to let your team down. And that’s what it was; what we were: a team working towards the same goal.  Several rehearsals later, it began to feel like I was actually acting. The lines started to feel like my own words. The actions felt less like memorized awkward physical movements, and more like actual human interactions. I’m not sure if anything I did was acting, but it certainly felt like it was something.

The actual performance dates are more of a blur than anything else. I don't remember much about being on stage, other than that the lights were really bright. I remember more vividly the time I spent with Anthony backstage, in a cramped space coupled with lot of nervous energy. We would whisper our lines back and forth to each other behind the curtain just before it was our cue to go on. Right before we hit the stage from opposite ends of the curtain, we’d give each other a thumbs-up through the darkness. Because that’s what teammates do before game time.

As I look back now, I realize the time on stage was just a bonus, a small percentage of my overall experience compared to the hours I spent at Kat's house, and those small moments with Anthony backstage. It’s funny, I feel like while I was trying to learn how to be someone else on stage, I started to find pieces of my own self offstage.  It was never really about being in the spotlight; it was a culmination of what got us there. It was the work that went into something that started from absolutely nothing, Kat’s vision of what it could be, in her apartment in Brooklyn...and I feel like it turned out to be even better than we imagined. I often think, if magic exists at all in this world, it’s in there somewhere.

It's been a little over three months since the lights came up on the stage that weekend, and I still find myself continuing my involvement with UV. Since saying “yes” to the short play festival, I like to think I made some long lasting connections, and have said “yes” to more opportunities I would’ve said “no” to in the past. I recently sat next to Kat when I went to see Anthony’s original play production of Locombia (great piece of work, by the way!)  Just before the lights went down and the show started, she asked me if I would write about my experience with UV for this month’s newsletter. I am not sure if this really encapsulates my entire experience with UV, or does it any justice, I just know that I don't plan on saying “no” anytime soon, and I hope I continue to get the opportunity to say “yes”.
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