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Unboxed Voices is a NYC production company that features seasoned and new storytellers, actors, writers, playwrights, musicians, comedians, and other performers. Our mission is to provide opportunities for all to unbox their creative voice.
Monday, February 10th
Evening of Short Stories 
at THINK Coffee at 1 Bleecker Street

 Join us for an evening of stories by
Priscilla Flores, Ari Vernon
and Nassib Saad
Music by David Mitnowsky
We are looking for Magicians, Burlesque Performers, Jugglers, and other unique acts for our
Variety Show on March 8th
at Parkside Lounge

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Father-Daughter Duo
Of the many amazing things that UV has experienced the Milnes Duo was an unexpected delight. Since 2010 the father-daughter duo of Bob and Stella have been joining us once a month for our Evening of Short Stories. Rain or shine, Stella sick or not sick, the two are a staple part of our monthly event.
We would like to share Bob and Stella with the world because they are super awesome people. Here are some questions they answered (separately) about their time with UV: 

How did you first hear about Unboxed Voices?
Stella: I remember hearing about it in 2010, when Kat began organizing the readings and spreading the word.
Bob: From Stella Milnes, my daughter, (poet/writer) and Livia Pantuliano, her mother. But I had heard about Kat Chua- teaching artist, long before that, from Livia and Stella.
What was your first impression? Has that idea changed for you over time?
Stella: I was deeply impressed by UV since the very start. The first time I went to a UV event, I knew I was in the right place with the right people. I love seeing how large it has grown with so much support and creative collaborations.
Bob: I was so happy to find such a welcoming creative bunch of writers, actors and musicians, presenting their work on a monthly basis.
You have both been coming back every month together, why have you decided to share this monthly experience together?
Stella: Going to UV with my dad has been a very enlightening experience, in ways I had never expected. We’d attend the readings together, and afterwards we’d have discussions about it. This was also around the time I had discovered that my dad had tons of beautiful poetry hidden away in notebooks that he had kept throughout his life.  After collecting and looking over them together, this led to him sharing some of his own old and new poetry at a UV poetry reading. We share ideas for new poems by email—sometimes we even text first drafts to each other. So, in a way, UV helped me realize where my poetic genes came from!
Bob: I don’t think I would’ve ever read any of my own poetry in public, or acted, if it weren’t for Kat and UV. The experience has only grown in my mind to a much larger creative circle of artists and endeavors. UV is the tip of the iceberg! Well we are both artists. I’m totally thrilled and amazed to see and hear Stella perform her work in public: it’s always a surprise. I consider her a collaborator. And we both get so much from the experience. I owe it to her and her mom to have discovered UV. But mostly because I love Stella to bits. 
What would you be doing the second Monday of every night if you didn't have UV?
Stella: Wait…are you suggesting a world without UV!?
(Real answer: I honestly have no clue. Spending that extra hour writing, I’d hope.)
Bob: I’d be hunting to find something else creative, or a performing situation somewhere!!
Lastly... What's your favorite drink at Think Coffee?
Stella: Well…their coffee, of course! I always buy a cup when I’m there. Can’t resist!
Favorite drink? Their Black Tea of course! 

Come and listen to Bob play music at our March 8th Variety Show and come listen to Stella's poetry on April 14th for UV's Ode to Poetry. 
Up Coming Events 
More short stories nights
(2nd Monday of the Month):
March 10
April 14
May 12
June 9
July 14

Now Accepting SUBMISSIONS  for short plays for UV's 3rd Annual Summer
Short Play Festival
4th Annual VARIETY SHOW!
Join us for an evening of entertainment and mayhem! Saturday, March 8th,
(also Kat's birthday!)
7:30pm-9pm at Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002
Event is Free

Spring 2014
UV is on the run!  
A fundraising run that is!  Unboxed Voices is excited to announce that they will be hosting a fundraiser walk/run in the spring.  We will be sending out further information real soon.  Make sure to get your sneakers and spirits ready!  

Unboxed Voices Anthology: Volume One
A compilation of 18 stories and 4 poems that have been read at one of UV's Evening of Short Stories in the span of UV's first 2.5 years.

Available for purchase ONLINE or at all UV events.



Do you have a story to share?
Do you have a talent we can enjoy?

Let us know if you would like an opportunity to write and read your original story at our Evening of Short Stories.

Oooo! Maybe you have short play...

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