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Upcoming Event for JULY: Come Celebrate!
Join us for the 3rd Anniversary of Evening of Short Stories and Unboxed Voices! at Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker on July 8, 2013, 7:30pm-8:30pm at Think Coffee @ 1 Bleecker Street,  (on Bowery)
We will be featuring stories by Heidi Kleister, Gwen Deely, Mitch Levenberg, Stella Milnes, Keith E. Johnston, David Mitnowsky, J. Anthony Roman, Kat Chua, Richard Ploetz and Alanna Finn!

Coming to NYC this Summer
Our 2nd Annual Short Play Festival!
Featuring plays by
Heide Arbitter, Leila Buck, Kat Chua,
Erica Ciccarone, Keith E. Johnston,
Heidi Kleister, David Mitnowsky,
Sahar Muradi, Lexy Nistico, Omar Perez, and Richard Ploetz
Directors include: Rasa Allan Kazlas, Heide Arbitter, Kat Chua, Keith E. Johnston, Mino Lora, David Mitnowsky, Lexy Nistico and Dina Vovsi

Festival A: July 26, 2013 @ 7:30pm & July 27, 2013 @ 2pm
Festival B: July 27, 2013@ 7:30pm & July 28, 2013 @ 2pm
The Kraine Theater at 85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003 (btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenue)

Tickets $18, ($15 for seniors and students with ID). First come, first serve.

Performances by J. Anthony Roman, Anthony Beck, Alex Correia, Adrian Corrie, Patricia Dillon, Kimberly DiPersia,  Joe Evans, Alanna Finn, Priscilla Flores, Michelle Foytek, Joseph Garel, Victoria Grazioli, Eon Grey, Diaka Kaba Hill, Katie Hyde, Elijah Johnston, Jennifer Lawson, Mindy Matijasevic, Robert Milnes, Catherine Montemarano, Sahar Muradi, Omar Perez, Richard Ploetz, Evan Roufeh, Yarden Shoval, Nancy Sinacori, Temesgen Tocruray, Katharine Tool, Vestas Walker and Jessica Willamson.

*Those noted in purple will be joining the UV team for the first time! Welcome!
Reflections By Rachel Castillo                                        

In February 2011, the day before I was to read for the first time in the Unboxed Voices short story series, my uncle Herman died of heart attack. I remember that day clearly, finding out at work, hearing the strain in my father’s voice, holding the responsibility of informing my cousins that their father had passed away unexpectedly.

In the midst of that day, I remembered that I was to be in Brooklyn the following night to read a short story about growing up in Hell’s Kitchen in the 50s/60s. My first instinct was to cancel; no way could I pull it together to not only finish editing my story but to read it to a small intimate crowd in a cozy little lounge. My mind was too busy replaying the last few times I had seen my uncle, wondering how my grandfather was feeling having to now bury his second son, and my cousins, so many states away trying desperately to get to Connecticut while a storm raged in Kansas City.

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, two things pulled me to show up the following night. The first was my dear, sweet, kind, brilliant friend and co-worker Katherine Chua, the founder of Unboxed Voices. She works hard to create spaces where artists can come together and share their work, be themselves, make each other laugh, push each other to be better. Who could let down a person like that (plus, that face, who could let down a face like that??). The other pull was my Uncle Herman. He was, to put it lightly, a spirit on fire! Nothing, and I mean nothing, was impossible to my uncle. If a normal person took 2 hours to get from Danbury, Connecticut to Midtown, Manhattan, my Uncle took an hour and 15 minutes. Who had time to waste a whole 45 minutes! When I was induced with my son, who showed up at the end of my first day of labor to my complete and utter disbelief?? You guessed it, my Uncle Herman. Because of that spirit, I knew that I had to read my short story the following night. He would have wanted it no other way.

Reading that night, just as it has continues to be every time I participate in an Unboxed Voices event, was and is therapeutic. Let me clarify, I don’t mean therapeutic in a medicated, pay someone to listen to me kind of way. It is how, I believe, we were intended to truly heal, reenergize, therapize; in community with laughter, words, imagination, re-telling, and remembering. It is what I don’t have enough of in my life and what I am grateful for to all those who work so hard to put together Unboxed Voices opportunities for myself and others. Getting a chance to get lost in the stories of others: semi-nude joggers and nudist colonies; unrequited love; urban childhoods; sleep-away camps; helps me to step away from sometimes seemingly insurmountable challenges: finances; work; relationships; motherhood; and what sometime feels like the rat-race of life.

The recent Unboxed Voices Anthology is yet another one of those opportunities for which I am grateful. Seeing my story surrounded by the smart, haunting, hilarious, and rich stories of others helped me to feel a part of a community of people who also find writing and sharing to be an essential part of their being. If you haven’t picked it up…please do. And when you do take your time reading it; enjoy it; savor it. I choose those words because that is how my Uncle Herman saw life... as something worth enjoying and savoring… even if he did it a bit faster than others. He was definitely there the first time I read for Unboxed Voices..and I know he hasn’t missed any of the Unboxed Voices shows that I have read in after that. Who could blame him… he has great taste….

Unboxed Voices Anthology: Volume One
A compilation of 18 stories and 4 poems that have been read at one of UV's Evening of Short Stories in the span of UV's first 2.5 years. 

Available for purchase ONLINE or at all UV events. PLUS, win a chance to get it for FREE just for attending our events. 


Thank you THINK Coffee
on Bleecker!

We look forward to continuing to our Evening of Short Stories in the Fall of 2013 at THINK Coffee at 1 Bleecker Street (on Bowery) every second Monday of the month!
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