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August 2014
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End of Life Notice for EL/VU3500 and 4500 DVI + USB 2.0 KVM Extender Systems
Dear Valued Customer,

Icron Technologies is announcing formal End of Life (EOL) of its EL/VU 3500 and 4500 DVI + USB 2.0 KVM extender systems effective August 14th, 2014 due to a significant price increase on a critical component as well as challenges to maintain logistical commercialization. All versions of the 3500 and 4500 Series, including Icron branded, unbranded, private label, and embedded options, will be discontinued within the next 12 months.

We do offer the EL/VU 5100 as an alternative DVI Video + USB 2.0 KVM extension solution, available in the same form factors as what you purchase today and include the ExtremeUSB® suite of features such as transparent USB extension, true plug and play (no software drivers), and compatibility with all major operating systems.  

The affected EOL part numbers for the 3500/4500 include: 00-00269, 00-00270, 00-00271, 00-00272, 00-00273, 00-00274, 00-00275, 00-00276, 00-00279, 00-00280, 00-00281, 00-00282, 00-00289, 01-00331, 10-00189, 10-00190, 10-00197, and 10-00198.

This is not a comprehensive list, so please check with your account manager for more details and to discuss which replacement option may be best suited for you. 
Purchase orders for last time buys of the 3500/4500 will be accepted until February 16th (six months) with final shipment by August 14, 2015 (12 months). Our standard 2-year warranty still applies along with ongoing technical support on a reasonable commercial basis.
 EOL KVM Extender Model Alternative KVM Extender Model
EL3500 DVI + USB 2.0 EL5100 DVI + USB 2.0 
EL4500 DVI + USB 2.0 EL5100 DVI + USB 2.0 
VU3500 DVI + USB 2.0 (unbranded)
VU3500 DVI + USB 2.0 Turnkey PCBA
VU5100 DVI + USB 2.0 (unbranded)
VU5100 DVI + USB 2.0 Turnkey PCBA
VU4500  DVI + USB 2.0 (unbranded)
VU4500 DVI + USB 2.0 Turnkey PCBA    
VU5100 DVI + USB 2.0 (unbranded)
VU5100 DVI + USB 2.0 Turnkey PCBA

To place last time buy purchase orders, confirm product availability or to discuss replacement model options, please contact your Account Manager directly.

Alternatively, you can seek assistance from Icron Inside Sales at / +1 604 638 3925, or check our website. We thank you for your support and look forward to continue serving your USB and USB + Video extension needs!


Icron Technologies Product Management Team  
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