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● 5 Golden Rules of Investing in Stock Market During a Recession (Facebook Live)
● VIDEO: Top Mistakes NZ Investors Make When Buying & Selling Stocks
● Banks Don't Support 3rd Party Payments (POLi, PaymentExpress/Windcave)
● Should You Invest in Gold or NZX 50 index Fund? (Chart Supplied)

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5 Golden Rules of Investing in Stock Market During a Recession (Facebook Live)
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Today on Monday, April 20 at 8 PM 

1) Key Strategies Help You Thrive During Market Downturns
2) How to Avoid Common Mistakes
3) Where We are in the Stock Market Cycle

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Top Mistakes NZ Investors Make When Buying & Selling Stocks
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Watch now on YouTube my live chat. We discussed what's happening in the NZX stock market and different investment strategies to adopt.

● How You Can Avoid Common Pitfalls in 2020
● Top 3 Tips That Everyone Must Implement Today
● NZX Stock Market Outlook Over the Next 12 Months

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Banks Don't Support 3rd Party Payments (POLi, PaymentExpress/Windcave)
You probably heard about the New Zealand launch of the US stock market trading platform STAKE. However, did you know about the security concerns with POLi Payments used by the new stock trading platform STAKE? 

ASB Bank -

ANZ Bank -

Although POLi Payments stresses that security is a high priority for POLi, concerns remain regarding exposing the user's banking credentials to POLi, and liability for fraudulent transactions.
Should You Invest in Gold or NZX 50 index Fund?

🕑 3-minute read

QUESTION from a Reader to Mary Holm (finance journalist):

Why do you always get it wrong with gold? I would have thought by now you would realise your mistake. Last Saturday you put a chart of gold in your column. Interestingly, it was in US dollars. We don't live in the US!

It is hard to believe someone who is writing a financial column could make such a basic mistake as not doing the exchange-rate conversion!

Over the past 12 months, as at writing, shares are down 18 to 20 per cent, gold is up 44.75 per cent. That's a difference of some 64 per cent. Hard to believe someone can be so wrong. 

ANSWER by Mary Holm (finance journalist):

In these trying times we all get a bit testy occasionally. And I take your point — perhaps the gold chart should have been in NZ dollars.

But, as I was trying to point out, during the period the correspondent was looking at there had been a big drop in the kiwi dollar versus the US dollar. So a lot of his gold gains were in fact currency gains. The chart removed that effect, and looked at just what happened to gold itself.

What's more, everyone always quotes gold prices in US dollars. If you look at the Markets page in this section of the paper, you'll see gold listed in American, not kiwi dollars. And on the radio they give the gold price in US dollars, often without even labelling it as such.

But okay, let's look at the New Zealand dollar story — although not over 12 months. You can't conclude anything over such a short period. How about the last 20 years?

According to, over that period, up to last Wednesday:

• The price in US dollars has risen 524 per cent.
• The price in NZ dollars has risen 401 per cent. 

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This week's graph gets around the currency issue by showing what would have happened to a $100 investment made in April 2000 in gold priced in both US and kiwi dollars, as well as in the NZX 50 share index including dividends. All numbers are before fees and tax.

Not only do shares win, despite the recent plunge, but you can also see how volatile gold is, zooming up after the global financial crisis, but then plummeting.

If you think about it, over time we would expect average share prices to grow more than inflation. They represent ownership in companies coming up with increasingly better ways to produce goods and services.

I'm not so sure about gold. Sure, it's useful — in jewellery, dentistry, electronics and computers, medals and statues. But there's always the threat that someone will come up with great substitutes for any of these.

QUESTION TO YOU: Do you invest in gold - and why?
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