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  • Tax Issues for Airbnb Hosts and How Many People Escape the Taxes
  • What to Do When a Tenant Leaves Behind Items at Your Property
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You'll see a castle, some huge mansions and other NZ real estate worth NZD 10 million. A particular favourite of mine was a luxury 4-storey townhouse in Auckland.

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1) The Worst Property Marketing Campaign You Can Do
2) How to Grow the Value of a House
3) Things to Avoid When Selling Your Real Estate
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Tax Issues for Airbnb Hosts and How Many People Escape the Taxes

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Airbnb has revealed the numbers of hosts it has in Auckland - and the income they generate from its service - for the first time.

In figures supplied exclusively to the Herald, the company says it has 11,300 active listing in Auckland 

In 2018, the typical host rented their home out for 33 nights, generating $4,760 income (those are median numbers, so half would have been above and half below).

Airbnb's numbers indicate even fewer hosts are paying the council's new targeted rate or "bed tax" than it thinks.

Earlier this month, the council estimated there were 8,300 Airbnb properties in Auckland, with 3,800 liable for the bed tax (hosts are exempt if they rent out their property for fewer than 28 days per year).

This morning it said it had only been able to track down and charge 1285 liable properties - or about one in three of its estimate. The Airbnb figures revealed today indicate the number of liable hosts currently escaping the bed tax is probably closer to one in five.

Waiheke Island resident Phil McNally, who lets a sleepout behind his $1.8m home, told the Herald his rates bill on had shot from $4,191 to $13,628 (an amount he is appealing)

Airbnb stats for Auckland in 2018
• Active Listings: 11,300
• Median income: $4,760
• Total income: $58.6m
• Inbound guest arrivals: 308,600
• Outbound guest arrivals: 436,000
• Median nights hosted: 33
(Source: Airbnb)

Airbnb hosts tracked and charged by Auckland Council, by nights booked 2018
• 180 nights or more: 157
• 136-180 nights: 73
• 29-135 nights: 528
• 29 nights or fewer: 527
• Total: 1285
(Source: Auckland Council)

Should Airbnb collect bed tax on behalf of the council? 

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What to Do When Your Tenant Leaves Behind Items at Your Property

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It can be tricky knowing what you're entitled to do with belongings that someone has left on your property (with or without your permission). The only thing the landlord can throw away immediately is food or perishable goods.  

If the landlord can contact the tenant, they should ask them to collect the goods. If the landlord gives them a reasonable amount of time, this may fix the problem.

If the landlord can’t contact the tenant, or the tenant doesn’t collect the goods, the landlord can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for an order about how to deal with the goods. 

The Tribunal can order for the goods to be:
  • disposed of
  • returned to the tenant, or
  • sold by the landlord.
The Tribunal can also order that the money made by selling the goods is used to offset any claims the landlord may have against the tenant.

The landlord must pay any excess to Tenancy Services. Tenant may claim remaining proceeds from Tenancy Services within one year of sale.

Have you dealt with that kind of situation? What was the outcome? Hit the reply button and let me know.
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