Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best for personal success and growth in 2019. 

My goal for 2019 is simple... I want to help you succeed in property ownership & investment by interviewing real estate professionals and sharing their insider secrets. 

And best of all, I don't want anything in exchange. :)

So to start it off on the right foot, I want to tell you "20 Easy Tips to Protect Your Home While You're Away (#3 is a Must!)"

Police statistics says:  “The day you are most likely to get burgled is Saturday followed by Sunday, Friday and Monday. The most common hours of the day burglars strike are around 2 pm - but they appear to hit the most from 11am-4pm”.

 1. Thieves are scared of being caught. Display basic stickers that say “Security Cameras Operating”. This trick will make burglars think twice before breaking in. 

Post these stickers near your most obvious and accessible entry points like your front and back door, as well as side doors of your garage. You can even buy a pack of stickers if you haven’t been able to implement your security system before your next trip.

 2. Do not post on social media your “travel dates” or that you are currently away. Otherwise, check that it is only visible to “friends” list.

 3. If windows are curtained for a few days in a row, it may indicate that nobody’s home: there aren’t so many people who like to live without sunlight. So when you leave your property, make sure you don’t completely curtain your windows to create an illusion that you’re home.

 4. Consider a home security system that allows you to view live video remotely from your phone so you can see what’s happening in real-time. This small investment is well worth your peace of mind!

 5. Contact your postal delivery service provider and put a hold on newspapers and mail. It is a clear sign that no one is home if your mailbox is full.

 6. Leave a key with a friend or family member.
 While you can put a hold on newspapers and mail, you can’t predict when random flyers or forgotten online orders will be left at the front door. 

By having a trusted friend or family member stop by every day or two, you can avoid unexpected deliveries being left out and also have normal routines (watering plants, bringing rubbish bins to the curb) carried out.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to compensate them for their help! :)

 7. Make sure valuables (both inside and outside the home) are not visible from the street. 

 8. Check pathways and entryways are well lit at night, preferably with motion sensors.

 9. Ensure doors are solid and in good condition and fit tight in their frames. 

 10. Let neighbours on all 3 sides know when you will be away, ask them to clear mail and deliveries.

 11. Secure sliding doors with secondary locks or a dowel in the track. 

 12. Secure windows with stays as well as locks. 

 13. Check if you have to notify your insurance company that you will be away and the home will be unattended. Make sure that your insurance covers that kind of risk and it covers valuable items.

 14. Remove secondary keys that may be stored around the house. 

 15. Unplug all unnecessary appliances (except those on timers, of course) to protect your home from an electrical fire or power surge. This goes for the big stuff, like TVs, but also for your toaster, your coffee maker, and other small appliances.

 16. Lock up grills, bikes or outdoor valuables. 

 17. Secure pet entrances. 

 18. Move any ladders and tools into a locked shed or garage.

 19. If you have a house, don’t let burglars think no one lives there. Take care of the lawn in summer and keep the path clean in winter.

 20. Hire a House Sitter. One option that covers many of these tactics is to hire a house sitter. Whether a family member, a friend, or a house-sitting service provider, having someone actually stay at your home to care for and keep an eye on it is a great way to ensure its safety – especially if you’re taking a longer trip.

21. Don’t leave rubbish bins out days before or after the regular pickup.

Enjoy your well-deserved holiday break!

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P.P.S. I will interview property professionals in the coming weeks and send you the little-known tips. Stay tuned to learn more!

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