You will learn: 

● EVENT: What You Need to Know About New Taxes, Landlord's Data Security & NZ Commercial Market
● NZ School Rankings (You May Want to Avoid Grammar Zone Properties)
● Property Auction Stats 
● World Happiness Reports 2019  
● Record High Prices for Apartments
● 3-year Mortgage Rates are the Lowest You've Seen
● Rental Growth is Outpacing Property Values

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Auckland Property Investors Association (APIA) is doing a Keynote on 9-April about new taxes, data security and commercial market. If you can not attend in person, then APIA normally uploads a video reply on their website.
The keynote speaker is Amanda Watt, Director of Shortland Chartered Accountants Limited. She will talk about:

● Tax development - recent and coming changes to note;

● Personal and portfolio impact - how these changes will be felt at the coalface by investors including opportunities and pain points; 

● The way forward - Amanda Watts's overall investment philosophy in these changing times. 

● Landlord's guide to data handling, security & disclosure (the speaker is Vijay Nyayapati, a data security expert)

● How residential investors can branch into the commercial market (the speaker is Mark Kirkland, K3 Director)

You can learn more and RSVP on
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Year-long data analysis that reveals there are no significant differences in NZ school performance between schools of different deciles. Low deciles equal top schools in rankings, according to research by the New Zealand Initiative think tank.

Will you still pay extra for a house in the top decile school zone? 

CoreLogic March 2019 report showed that the number of auctions in Auckland is going down (72% in 2015 vs 14% in 2019). It's just another sign that you should ask for a discount. 

● NZ took the 8th place in the World Happiness Report 2019 (published by the UN). The same rank as last year. Overall in about a third of 156 countries happiness has moved in the opposite direction two income.

Countries don't always get happier as they get richer. In America, people are less happy despite a growing economy, and in the UAE happiness has risen despite falling wealth (link to the full report).

Take the world's two most populous places. Incomes in both India and China have about doubled in 10 years, but levels of happiness have diverged.

● These 3-year mortgage rates are the lowest you have seen. Keen to seal the deal? NZ banks would allow people who had less than 60 days to go to pre-book the low rate even if the special was due to end before their fixed term was up.

Anyone tempted by the lower rates should contact their bank or mortgage broker to find out how much it will cost to break their fixed term.

You should be prepared to make a quick decision. The quoted rate is only valid for that day.

● The average asking price for NZ apartments is up by 21.4% (excluding Auckland) and Auckland is up by 14.6% (record high!).

Head of Trade Me Property Nigel Jeffries said the total number of views on property listings climbed 10 per cent on the year prior and this increased demand was pushing prices up.

“With interest rates at an all-time low and some predicting they could fall even lower, a growing number of Kiwis are looking at getting a foot on the property ladder.” 

While I don't rely on Trade Me Property Price Index, it is still something I take into consideration. The asking price is showing me the mood of the sellers and how positive they are.

Rental growth is now outpacing property values. CoreLogic senior property economist Kelvin Davidson says: “Since the start of 2018, rents have been outpacing property values, and in the year to February 2019, the rise in national rents (5.6%) wasn’t far off double the increase in values (3.0%).

“Either way, gross rental yields have begun to tick upwards again and, although they’re still low (3.3%), that will start to look more appealing to potential new investors in residential property.” 

P.S. Last month I wanted to increase the rent of my property in Mangere East, Auckland and my tenant simply moved out. Don't always base your decisions solely on what you read in the news.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good house, must be in want of a boat  —​ or that’s how the usual story goes in New Zealand, anyway. 

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