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Holiday tips:

When stuffing a turkey, place the stuffing in an empty onion bag first and then insert it. You'll find it'll come out easier and hold together better.

Freeze leftover coffee in ice cube trays to be used as browning agents in gravies or as a liquid in spice cakes.  Also great for smoothies! Once cubes are frozen, remove from tray and place in a brown paper bag before returning to the freezer. (Note:  Storing ice cubes in paper bags makes them less likely to stick together.)

If you find it difficult to read the raised markings on your measuring spoons/cups, paint a strip of red nail polish over the measurements. Sand them lightly and the numbers will stand out clearly against the nail polish.

For those jars that are completely covered up with a large label, simply tear a strip off vertically down the entire label.  Now you can see exactly how much of the contents are left in the jar.



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