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The weeks are just flying by ... time to start planning for 2014 and beyond?

Well, why not check out our new "Hot Jobs" section; your next challenge may be there! Enjoy the read.

1.    Expat Living - Kuala Lumpur.
2.    Successful Selling - Integrity.
3.    Candidate Selection - Know their past.
4.    Successful Management - The 3 "I"s.
5.    Cape Town - Job of the Month.
6.    Spain - Mark's suggestion. 
7.    Message for Gmail users.

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6 Hot Jobs

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Hong Kong

Spotlight on Kuala Lumpur

KL has always been one of Brian's favourite cities in Asia. Relatively compact, buzzing and a somewhat hilly city centre with many beautiful buildings including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and excellent shopping (over 65 shopping malls). It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the country, in terms of population and economy...

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Successful Selling #5 -

Financial advisers make money by selling ‘trust’, by being ‘believable’, through having ‘integrity’. Of course, if you can fake that, you’ll make a lot of money. Well, for a short time anyway...

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Candidate Selection Rule #3

It follows that if a person is a product of their past, then you need to know all about them.

Again, this follows from the previous rule, but the common error is to allow your interviewee to select out, and present you with, only those things which they feel are relevant...

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The 3 "I"s for Successful Man Management

The latest in the series - 3 simple but effect points about managing sales people, running sales meetings and delivering presentations... 

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Job of the month -
Cape Town

A wonderful opportunity for an experienced international Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager to work with a wide range of HNW clients in and around the beautiful Cape Town area. 

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Mark's Choice: 

An opportunity that really caught my eye recently was for Financial Advisers to join a niche, family-run IFA business based in Southern Spain. In particular, I am impressed with the significant untapped potential offered in its client bank of affluent ex-pats. New and existing advisers are provided with a high volume of clients to work with - something very few companies can offer and a great opportunity for new joiners to hit the ground running. 
The client has 2 offices, one in Estepona Port on the Costa del Sol and a new office recently opened in Al Gorfo, Alicante, in partnership with a Real Estate Firm. The company’s main business is Portfolio Construction and ongoing Fund Advice but has the full range of financial services and products to provide bespoke ‘Holistic Financial Planning’ services.
In my opinion, this would be ideal for an experienced advisor, who has already taken the “journey” of building a client bank successfully and is now looking to work in Spain, but not wanting to start from scratch; one who is keen to build long-term relationships based on sound professional advice rather than seeking to make a quick buck. 

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