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Exciting opportunities in Southern Europe and also in the Middle East and Asia with two of the international industry’s top brands. Choice. We provide it.
  1. Blevins Franks - A Golden Opportunity.
  2. Peak Performance - Are your operating at yours?
  3. Globaleye - Leaders in Training and Development.
  4. From the archives - Living and working in Bangkok.

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A Golden Opportunity - France, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus...

Have ever thought that you might enjoy working abroad providing high quality advice to British nationals in the sunnier climes of Southern Europe such as France, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus?

This could be the golden opportunity you've dreamed of.

Blevins Franks is the leading international tax and wealth management adviser to British nationals living in Europe and is embarking on an ambitious plan to meet the significant increase in demand for high quality advisory services. The firm is seeking to recruit a small number of exceptional client advisers to be based locally in countries where clients have chosen to move such as France, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.  

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Time Management - Peak Performance


Are there particular days that are better suited than others to complete specific tasks? For example, are particular days in each week that actually suit you (and your clients) better than others, to have client meetings? Is there one particular day in the week when making telephone appointments works best? I happen to believe so…Read on...

GLOBALEYE - Leading the way in Training and Development

Globaleye’s Recruitment Director, Lewis Greene, has developed a strategy to ensure each applicant is prepared before joining.

“We hire professionals and therefore it’s paramount we treat them professionally and to help them kick start their new venture. Not only do we support the main issues but sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. For example, we ensure new candidates are collected by the Company Driver and delivered safely to our Head Office.” He continues, “There are many onboarding services we provide which I tailor for each candidate, this could range from supporting flight costs, car rentals, accommodation and other group benefits. This is to safeguard their trust in not only myself, but more importantly the company that they’ve committed to.”

Globaleye have resource with in-house Legal and HR so some of the complicated questions that need to be asked when moving overseas are dealt with swiftly. This also demonstrates the breadth of expertise that naturally Clients can benefit when they too are part of Globaleye.

Each candidate will have the benefit of enrolling into the 3 month training and development programme which targets key areas of engagement and ensures a fast-tracked successful career.

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From the Archives -
Living and Working in Bangkok

Although there can be many distractions, there are lots of opportunities for financial advisers who are prepared to concentrate on work. The city has a large and diverse selection of expats who operate within a range of industries: Engineering, IT/Computers, Teaching, Hospitality, etc. A key challenge to financial advisers is finding a way to track down where the expats work – many of the telephone lists doing the rounds in Bangkok are out of date. So make sure to keep working on your LinkedIn connections and always ask for referrals. Click here to read on.. or email us at

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